The gender wage gap uses bogus statistics | FACTUAL FEMINIST

White House Spokesman Jay Carney tied himself
in knots this week trying to explain this inconvenient fact. I’ll tell you what he said,
coming up. This week we heard, over and over again from White House, from members of Congress, and
from journalists, that women earn 23 cents less than men for doing the same work. Today,
Congress argued over a bill called the Paycheck Fairness Act, and that bill is premised on
this 23-cent wage gap injustice. Well let’s do a little reality check. First of all, no
competent labor economist takes the 23-cent wage gap injustice claim seriously. There
was an analysis of more than 50 peer-reviewed papers, commissioned by the Department of
Labor, what they found that the so-called wage gap is mostly, and perhaps entirely,
an artifact of the different choices men and women make—different fields of study, different
professions, different balances between home and work. Wage-gap activists will argue that
even when you control for relevant variables, women still earn less. Well it always turns
out they omit one or two crucial variables. So, why play this game? A colleague of mine,
economist Mark Perry, has been blogging for several months about the gender pay gap at
the White House. It turns out that the median pay for female staffers is 88% of that of
male staffers. White House Spokesman Jay Carney created a fire storm of protestors among reporters
because he tap dancing around this embarrassing fact. He insisted on the one hand that oh
no, women earned equal pay for equal work in the Obama Administration—and he dismissed
the the 88 % figure as being an “aggregate of everyone on the staff, from junior to senior
levels.” What he essentially was saying is that the 88 cent gap is no proof of White
House discrimination since it leaves out so many variables. Well fine, that’s right. But
they why does the President use the 77 cent figure which is misleading in exactly the
same way? Reporters pressed Betsey Stevenson, a member
of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, they pressed her about the bogus factoid.
To her credit, she quickly acknowledged that, “There are a lot of things that go into that
77-cents figure, and many things contribute to it, and that no one was saying she said
it was about discrimination.” Well, yes they are. And activists and politicians have been
saying it for years. It is not my claim that women no longer face discrimination in the
US. There is no evidence that I can see, or most responsible economist can see of systemic
wage discrimination against women, but of course there are still workplaces where women
are being shortchanged. But here is the bottom line: Women who are struggling economically,
or coping with gender bias they’re going to be best served by truth, careful research.
Not hype, spin, factoids, advocacy data. We’ll l all be better served by truth. The White
House, members of Congress, journalists and–everyone else should stop using the specious wage gap
statistic. Just let it go. I am Christina Hoff Sommers, and thank you for joining me.
Leave your questions in the comments section below this video and we’ll try to address
them in a future episode. And if you hear a statistic on women that strains credulity,
post it in the comments so my team and I can check the facts. Then subscribe so you can
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100 thoughts on “The gender wage gap uses bogus statistics | FACTUAL FEMINIST

  1. Times:  "Why we wear black" campaign. According to Times "1 in 10 senior leaders are women." This may be true but the campaign leads people to believe that it is a grand conspiracy to oppress women.

  2. If women made 77 cents to every mans dollar, then why don't companies hire only women!?
    It would save 23% of wage payment!

  3. Yes, multivariate analysis is always conveniently overlooked by the left (post-modernists.neo-markists,cultural-markxists mouth-pieces).

  4. A feminist is defined as a person who wants gender equality, but at this point its a big fuck you to men, and most feminists bring up the oh we were treated like shit back in the old days, when they werent even alive, and neither were the men they were talking to.

  5. I find this wage gap insufferable…… It's an utter lie to the utmost. The reason I'm seeing why most men paychecks are bigger because they work certain positions, have more training in said position and/or work more hours……

    And the same can be said for women. Also, what's the occupation??? The position and duties???? Cause I work in a hospital where women drs make the same as male drs

  6. hello your one of the feminist s i like i mayself am a egalitarian or i call it equalitarian i beleave everyone should be equal no matter what im tires of the actvists that are screwing up this world with both statistics and facts that basically would destroy our world if they got passed into legislation im all for opinions but when your being stupid i think you deurve sa boot to the head

  7. One of the biggest contributing factors to the Gender Pay Gap is the mantra that "Women Can Have It All" which is a myth that needs to die. I really can't understand the reasoning of women who demand equal pay…yet are equally happy to eke out as much as they can from our cushy maternity legislation. If we examine the detrimental effect on a woman's pay which emanates from juggling work life and home life under the pretence of "Women Can Have It All", then surely the Gender Pay Gap is just a self-fulfilling prophecy?

  8. The fact that one percent of the population hold ninety nine percent of the wealth doesn't seem to get a mention. It's such a social injustice.

  9. men are FAR more likely to die in the workplace, that must be a sign of gender discrimination.
    ooorrrrrr is it that men are more likely to fill dangerous careers?
    dangerous jobs tend to pay more.
    hmm, so lets equalize the workplace fatality ratio? Come on feminists, fight to get more women in construction and mining sectors. more women dead on the job for $$!
    yay equality

  10. I work in the college system have worked there for a while. EVERYONE of my bosses are women I make 79k they all are well above 110k. And I get my clothes dirty they do not. It's difficult for me to see the supposed wage gap.

  11. If there is no wage gap ( which I believe that there is none) why would all these people say there is one? What is their incentive?

  12. the lochness monster, the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow and the gender wage gap, these things are all alike..

  13. I personally agree with this 100%, but I just wanna hear what some other people say about the so-called "wage gap". I think that tumblr feminists/feminism are jokes. Feminism based on facts is a great thing though

  14. I agree that there are a lot of factors contributing to the wage gap and that it's not absolutely sexism. However, We still need an equal pay law. We need the law for protection and legal recourse in the event of actual discrimination.

  15. If the wage gap was favourable to women and detrimental to men, would the sisters be protesting equal pay on behalf of their brothers?

  16. Hello! I've long accepted that the wage gap isn't likely to be due to discrimination against women, in general, however, in Hollywood, the top 14 (I think?) earners are men. I've heard that the fact that men more often star in action films (usually the biggest sellers) mean that they earn more, however what other factors can affect the Hollywood gender wage gap?? Thank you!

  17. We need more people like her in this world. Nowadays everyone sees something on the internet and get all upset about these "facts" and none of them do their research to see if the statistics back them up. Thank you Factual Feminist for the useful knowledge and trying to help educate America

  18. You are so so so wrong, women face discrimination at every turn. The list of college scholarships restricted to women is a big as a city phonebook. Numerous government grants are restricted to women, countless companies advertise preference to women in awarding contracts. Countless companies advertise preference to women in hiring and promotions. Even in politics politician after politician proclaim their bias in favor of women. As for men, no college scholarships restricted to them, no government grants, no contract preference, no hiring and promotion preference. And non-existent is the politician promoting men in any form.

  19. I love this argument for its sheer absurdity. Going by history I'd say a pay gap would definitely have existed. I wouldn't even ask to see any data. But it certainly does not exist today. As someone who is about to start their own business if the pay gap was a real thing I would only employ women, that's a no brainer…. EVERY business would. Male unemployment figures would skyrocket!

  20. In over 30 years of working in IT… I have YET to see 2 people with EQUAL SKILLS who do "The Same Job". While I have seen many useless people with the same title, as someone who was quite useful. Think about the last time you saw 2-4 cashiers with long lines. Were they TRULY EQUAL? But they were doing the same exact job. This Wage Gap Myth is just to DIVIDE us into groups so we fight against each other while our overlords live off of our labor!

  21. I like CHS but I'd like her to specify the variables that are omitted when she says "those studies always omit one or two crucial variables", and give an example of several studies.

  22. To me, the beauty in a woman is divined by her intelligence , and to me, you are a very beautiful woman, and yes, nowadays I can't say that anymore, because I will be called a sexist, and chauvinistic pig by the feminists, but I grew up a long time ago, A time when it was considered gracious to pay a compliment to a woman, and as long as it was meant in a nice way, and not downgrading, it was received in kind, so from me to you, you have restored a very small part of me, and thank you, and may god bless (or are we not allowed to say that anymore either I wonder? )

  23. Still who the fuck cares even if men make 25 cents more than women its 25 fucking cents if women made 25 cents more than men, men wouldn’t be triggered as hell

  24. 94% of the workplace deaths are males. The numbers are very similar when it comes to both injury, and people becoming disabled. This is a number that feminists do everthing they can to avoid. Because it makes a bit of sense does it not? That the most deadly, dangerous jobs are paid pretty damn well? And those jobs are filled with men. Not because women are cheated, but because women are not even in the picture at all.

    For me i get a bit pissed off. Early on at one of my first jobs, me and another guy had to work wooden pallets, and other crap to the big grinder that ate that shit up. Sometimes things might get jammed up, and you have to turn off the machine, and go in: Clear things up, put straps around wood and yank it off with a fork lift… Just me.. And him. No female on the staff, despite me asking a time or two no female ever went with us to do it. They had the exact same wage as us: And title. But only if i threatened them with a gun i could get them to the job that me and my friend did.

  25. Good to know there are still some real feminists out there, who are for equal opportunities, and the personal responsibility and flourishing of both men and women! Instead all of these bitter, man-hating women who are fighting an illusionary "patriarchy" in a quest to attain more power and influence (over both men and women).

  26. Looooool im just scrolling through the comments where are all the women commentators gone?..not a peep..the truth hurts..looool there like 3 girls in the comments

  27. Agreed. Great video. Paying women less is illegal in most civilised countries as it should be. But there's no gender pay gap considering biology, choices etc. But…what about a non binary gender? if there's 42 genders that are non "male" or "female" …are they oppressed given in most jurisdictions there's no legislative protection for ppl who identify as "other". I identify as a black woman named "Shralondra" even though I'm a white male …no one will employ me…that's ain't fair…

  28. the average white woman earns much more than the average black man. Is this racism or sexism?.. you decide

  29. I worked in HR, specifically in employee Compensation, and never in my 42+ years did I see a material difference in pay between men and women performing the same job when accounting for experience. Furthermore, for the prior 30 years or so, women have represented 80% to 100% of HR staff members, including employee Compensation. If such a pay gap existed, they haven't done anything about it. The truth is that the gap is a myth, politically motivated, based on a simpleton's analysis of pay practices.

  30. Everyone of these left wing groups are nothing but a bunch of frickin lying scumbags. The feminazi's, peta, ACLU and on and on. They also call them democrats. If their lips are moving they're lying.

  31. This Christina Hoff Sommers is an amazing woman. She has several books you can find on Amazon. "War against boys" is one and "Who stole feminism" and a few more.

  32. Shut down "Wage Gap" discussions by pressing them on the far more outrages "DEATH Gap" in the workplace. All they should hear from us is:
    DEATH Gap
    DEATH Gap
    DEATH Gap
    DEATH Gap

    DEATH Gap

    DEATH Gap
    DEATH Gap

    DEATH Gap

    DEATH Gap
    DEATH Gap

    DEATH Gap

    DEATH Gap
    DEATH Gap

    DEATH Gap

    DEATH Gap

  33. Might makes more sense to call it an "earnings gap" instead of a "pay gap". Men earn more because they want to and are willing to do dangerous hard work. Women value different things in life like family and so forth. Men are willing to practically kill themselves to make money and sacrifice other things in life.

  34. So, the wage gap is true but it's because you have kids. But mother's are the only ones affected and not the fathers and thats not sexist at all that we have this disparity.

  35. So the aurgument is to women, is you make less because you have babies. I wish we could say that to ask the guys complaining about child support.

  36. You question is adjusted for hours, the pay and no kids. ladies in the same job feild as men, I heard still make less. Why is that?

  37. Men on average work more hours than women. This is the Gender Work Place Hours Gap.
    94% of all work place deaths are men. This is the Gender Work Place Safety Gap.
    80% of all homeless people are men.

  38. Feminists only want women to get paid more money without having to work the extra hours, the multiple shifts, and the extra jobs that men have to do to get paid more. That's not equality, that's special treatment.

  39. I really wish she was my mom.

    My mom loved using third-wave feminism on my dad, my brother, and me. My mom was manipulative, selfish, narcissistic, unfair, and while having so many privileges of being the wife of my dad who earned a lot so that she didn't have to work and spend as much time as she wants sleeping and watching TV during the day, she lived in the principle of victimhood and was constantly complaining about the way we counter her arguments by using facts and logic because she literally says "stop using logic because it is meaningless". Me, my brother, and my dad was constantly oppressed by my mom. And no, my sister was not treated any better. My mom used different tactics to manipulate my sister as well. The result was devastating. All of my siblings are in late 20's to early 30's and no one has a stable relationship. Academically, we are fine because my mom was really strict about that. I don't think any of my siblings are happy.

    I swore that I will never do the same thing to anyone else.

  40. Nurturing careers that are done in pajamas do not reach the equivalent of male dominated positions. Women were not oppressed from these positions, people aren't that special, they just flock to what our DNA tells us to do to perpetuate humanity.

  41. Women aren't promoted as much as men, or at least in civil service positions in the USG. I know this because I was part of an internal study on this issue. We were not able to control for other variables like "having a family," but I think most reasonable people would assert that women's careers should not be hurt simply because they have children. If you look at SES numbers, less than a quarter are women, when in in fact, women generally are more educated and enter the pipeline in equal numbers of men. I'm curious to know given the data, how you interpret these outcomes without assuming some institutional barriers?

  42. I had an epiphany, it doesn't matter if it's a lie. The uncomfortable truth is that women will never stop trying to take more than what is fair from men. They always err to destroy to simply get more. The west is done. Now islam is the only solution and answer.

  43. Thomas Sowell debunked the wage gap myth back in the 80's. You know, when you 2nd wave marxists feminists were first pushing it. It only took forty years for you women to admit you were wrong.

  44. Men face discrimination as well. I worked the Canadian government for decades. They still have opportunities foprwomen that they don't offer women. Yet women hold the majority of senior level jobs and are the majority in their work force.

  45. Excellent! So glad Ms. Hoff Sommers is bringing attention to the misleading gender pay gap narrative, among other SJ exaggerations. It is so easy to just buy into these Wokeist myths when being conditioned to them from a coordinated effort by legions of activists, politicians, news & entertainment media personalities.

    Always a bit skeptical at the high disparity, I used to accept that the pay gap must be fairly accurate. Fortunately, I was exposed to the reality by women like Ms. Hoff Sommers and Janice Fiamengo et al. And that's particularly important because in this culture of identity politics, exposing inconvenient truths must be made by members of the identity group to be given any credability.

    Even this hasn't kept them from being viciously attacked as self-loathing denialists of one form or another. I hope they keep fighting the social authoritarians bent on censoring them & picking apart the propaganda.

  46. To answer the question: Well if women get paid less why not hire only women??? Huh!

    Women are paid less by using loopholes. Yes, it is 100% illegal to pay a woman less just because she’s a woman. However, it is not illegal to pay her less if you consider her to be under qualified for the position or for needing to work fewer hours due to having a child. It is not illegal to pay your part time workers less than full time workers (hourly). Basically if Susan has a baby and needs to cure her hours, of course she’d make less by default, but it’s not illegal for them to also cut her hourly pay. To make this simple. She was making 10 an hour working 40 hours a week. That’s $400 a week. But now she needs to cut back hours due to having a baby. She she cuts back to 25 hours a week. You’d think she’s make $250 a week. But then her job cuts her hourly pay to $8. Now she’s making even less money. Of course they can do this to a man too but men are statistically less likely to cut back on work when having a child.

    Another example is claiming she’s under qualified or not as experienced. It’s usually because women are commonly seen as incapable of doing certain jobs as well as men. Thus, despite being completely qualified and sometimes even over qualified they are still paid less because they aren’t viewed to be as valuable as their male counterparts.

    You couldn’t just hire women because that would be discriminatory towards men. You could get away, theoretically with hiring mostly women but then you’d have to pay the few men their the same wage of the women unless you want to claim you’ve hired all incompetent women to do a job. It’s much easier to get away with hiring few women and paying them less under the false notion that they aren’t as qualified.

    It also doesn’t help that jobs scare people into thinking they can’t discuss their wages with their coworkers. Then no one knows if they’re being paid less or more than another for the same job. And it’s also important to remember that your experience is not everyone else’s and using your experience as a way to dismiss these issues doesn’t work.

    Personally I’ve usually always been paid MORE than my male counterparts but that’s mostly because they were fucking idiots lol. I’m talking basic hourly CS type jobs. I do remember going to an interview at Walmart (I needed some extra money) and my boyfriend worked their part time as well. I applied for the same exact job he was work (he’d only been there a month or so at this point) but they were gonna stare me off $1.75 less an hour than he started off with. I asked why and they said “that’s just our starting pay for everyone” and I told them that I know a guy who works here (my boyfriend) and he started off with more. They said they changed their starting pay. 2 weeks later my boyfriend was “let go” and they called me back saying they weren’t gonna go with me. Best thing to ever happen to us honestly LOL.

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