The Genius Behind Cartoon Boobs (Masterclass Parody)

(upbeat music) – Being a Cartoonist means getting to bring imagination to life. (upbeat classical music) I remember when the creator
of Spongebob Squarepants came to me, scratching his
head, and I said to him “This squirrel girl character, “she needs two big seashells
to show she has boobies”. Hello. I’m Oswald Ferntuttle,
and I draw the boobs on the female cartoon characters. Penelope Pussycat from
the Pepé Le Pew cartoons, I drew a line down the
center to signify cleavage and then I brought in the waist. I pioneered that technique. Boobs didn’t have to just go out anymore. Everything around it could go in. Interplanet Janet from Schoolhouse Rock. That was some of my most inspired work. Her boobies look like two tin cans but actually, they’re her nipples. The Teletubbies. They’re each one giant
flap of breast meat. And of course, my masterpiece,
Lola Bunny from Space Jam. Her hair’s so hot you can’t
help but jerk it to her. Because the human mind can
only suspend so much disbelief when confronted with
an image, it is my job, my privilege, to help
audiences distinguish between the boy characters
and the girl characters the only way the human brain knows how. Boobs or no boobs. Each character is different and I really have to feel them up. Close my eyes and imagine if
this cartoon were a sexy lady, what kind of boobs would she have that would make me want to boink her? Big bazonkas? Tiny tatas? Regular old C cup chesticles. Now, I’ve had some people
try to diminish my work by telling me that cartoon
characters don’t need to be over sexualized and
that gender is a spectrum. But, I’ve been in the
business for over 50 years now and I know that audiences
would be lost without my important work. Boy characters are normal,
and girl characters, they have boobs so we know
that they’re sexy and hot. – [Interviewer] So. – Yeah?
– [Interviewer] Do you draw bulges on boy characters? – Okay, a bulge for boy characters. Don’t be disgusting,
that would be gratuitous. Cartoons are for children. I don’t want boys growing up thinking that they have to have boners all the time. Your helmet’s great. These jugs are inconsistent. Are we doing Debbie Thornberry’s
or little Lizzie McGuire’s? Pick one. Just say one, it’s fine. – I guess Lizzie McGuire’s and– – Great. As an illustrator, it’s
important to come up with a style guide that you stick to. In my world, my characters
boobs always rise. They never fall. I’d rather have a girl up
to her neck in her knockers than dragging down some saggy honkers. I always draw areola on boobs. Even if I have to cover it in fur. I can always point out
where the areola is. It’s important to the
structural integrity. CGI. (laughs) That was a game changer. Suddenly I’m seeing double Ds in 3D. Really, really seeing them, you know? And they were able to
capture a level of bounce I had only ever dreamt of every night since I was a teen boy. (laughs) Adding boobs to pictures opens
up a world of possibilities. Kids, animals, inanimate objects. Boom, transformed. I add boobies to an owl. That’s a girl owl now. To a rock, that’s a sexy rock now. To a freaking toilet,
that’s a lady toilet now and I wanna (beep) (laughs) I’m Oswald Ferntuttle and
this is my masterclass. The guy who draws eyelashes on cartoons? Yeah I know him and he’s a fraud, okay? Ugh. He’s a fraud. – Hey, it’s Lily. If you like College Humor
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100 thoughts on “The Genius Behind Cartoon Boobs (Masterclass Parody)

  1. His brother, Hemrald Ferntuttle, a writer:
    “Cassandra woke up to the rays of the sun streaming through the slats on her blinds, cascading over her naked chest. She stretched, her breasts lifting with her arms as she greeted the sun. She rolled out of the bed and put on a shirt, her nipples prominently showing through her thin fabric. She breasted boobily towards the stairs, and titted downwards."

  2. Cartoon characters do need to be over sexualized, that's the whole idea of a cartoon, over stylizing to tell a story with mostly images. Your PC culture is ruining my childhood and I will throw down.

  3. Your commentary is not on point because bulges on males are not always visible enough in real life to be distinguishable enough in the “cartoon”, so to speak, resolution of detail. Breasts are almost always visible in women. My point is that drawing boobs on female characters is not sexist at any capacity.

  4. In the next Masterclass, we study the work of Oswald Ferntuttle's Japanese counterpart Hideo Ecchi. A man so influential they named an entire genre of anime and manga after him.

  5. Lmao the only way to tell my characters apart via gender is eyelashes. Bc they’re animals….. stop putting boobs on animals. It’s weird.

  6. Well he’s right about gender not being a spectrum, I’ll give him that, and you know what, if this masterclass was real, well god damn I might just have signed up it’s so funny

  7. “If this cartoon were a sexy lady, what kind of boobs would she have that would make me want to boing her?” Best. Line. EVER!
    Now I know what I really want to do as a living.

  8. It's a basic biological shape of women? Why did they have a segment comparing it to errections and saying "we wouldn't want boys thinking they should have errections all the time?" It's absolutely rediculous and they're just being petty

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