100 thoughts on “The Google Assistant can help you get things done over the phone

  1. Google quando vou ter uma assistente assim tão parceria oh meu Deus eu conheci ok moto x , me senti no futuro Ah coisinha linda bom dia Edna….. Fiquei como uma criança olhos brilhando…acho que é por isso que não larguei meu amado moto X 2 geração é amor sabe nunca mais vi um tão bom como ele na minha humilde opinião

  2. Honestly if i am working at the restaurant, and as soon as it said "this call is being recorded etc.. " I would hang up.

  3. is making a dinner reservation really that difficult especially when everything can be done online now without needing to involve humans anyhow??

  4. A better example would have been the individual desires to return something. As we know, being on hold for a half hour isn't fun. Just tried to clear something up with Spirit Airlines. SOON as you call, no "hello, please wait" or "we are expecting high call wait times" instead music played………I eventually hung up.

    Now imagine the Google assistant doing that task……they'd be a lot more patient than I would and likely would have finally gotten a hold of someone.

  5. Ok, so I really feel like the “This call will be recorded” is pretty out there. I would hang up tbh, it just feels dodgy to know it will be recorded

  6. I just can't believe all the AI comments. Talk about tooting your own horn. BTW, it's still easier and quicker to call myself. 99% of the time, a phone call is quicker than GA & texting. Example; time how long it takes to type this out yourself Then time yourself reading it. See, told ya.

  7. Announcing it's a robot defeats the purpose of it speaking like a human with the "umm"s and "mhmm"s. Why make it talk more "human" if it is announcing it is a robot. It's not like it's trying to form an intimate connection to the barista or whatever hahaha

  8. One obvious discrepancy here is the fact that the assistant itself still speaks like a robot. If you have the tech, why not use it.

  9. What's the point? You have to give Google all the details anyway; might as well just give them straight to the restaurant.

  10. I love the way it took as long for her to ask Duplex to book the restaurant as it did for Duplex to do it…seems like she could have cut out the middleman on that one 😉

  11. Tbh i don't think it should say it is a google assistant. Especially with all the spam calls going out rn it will totally get hung up on

  12. Except everytime I try to get my assistant to call anyone, she doesn't seem to find them in my contacts or there's duplicates x5 of everyone in my list so she's like "do you mean Jones, Matt?" no. "do you mean "Matthew Jones"? Yes. Do you mean "Matthew Jones at work?" NEVERMIND GOOGLE, I COULD HAVE DONE THIS MYSELF BY NOW! "

  13. One question, why she can`t do it herself? Why she needs to spend time for explanation what she wants to assistant. You have some middle man who books a table for you, he is not flexible because he doesn`t know everything and each discrepancy in a request he will approve with you. It is time-consuming. I suppose this service for people who wants to gain their status using some man to do something for them.

  14. The amount of talking she did with the assistant was probably more than what she would have required to make the reservations herself. Plus, not having to wait another 15 minutes for a confirmation.

  15. The google assistant calls to make a reservation, yet the person takes the reservation date on a piece of paper and not on the computer. smh

  16. Hey Google book a flight to hell. No. Google, increase my volume up to 6. Hey Google u can hear me flick mAh bean again

  17. Ok, so why does it sound human when it's making calls, but sound like an ai when she's taking to it??????????????????????

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