The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating

27 thoughts on “The Internet Goes Trick-or-Treating

  1. Sam here. Did you know that sketches are available on DROPOUT.TV a full 72 hours before YouTube? That means, by signing up for DROPOUT, you can watch sketches before anyone else! What's that? I'm… I'm a sellout? Well, I have to EAT, you know. No, I don't want half of your sandwich. Because it's egg salad, that's why.

  2. 0:16
    For some reason this reminded me of Eleven from stranger things when she had the ghost costume on.

  3. 2 things
    A. Why wasn’t MSN tagging along with vine….get it….no……ok……
    B. Where was…..ummm…. PornHub asking for a friend.

  4. I really want BuzzFeed to make a same video but like teasing collegehumor like I’m a serious Comedian or something

  5. Please make a second one with Tik Tok and make it an egirl or an eboy. And like in an ahegao hoodie

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