The Internet Is SCARY!

Previously on 3 Cool Aliens… Let me guess, you idiots crashed the ship again It wasn’t my fault, it was his fault You’re on your own gentleman How are we gonna raise money to fix the ship? Well.. we could get a job.. What if we start a band then? That’s genius! We just need the perfect domain name Let’s start rocking boys! Alright rockers, and if you did that correctly you’ll have…. Iron Man man, this is never gonna work, boys… we can’t play, we don’t have any good instrument… and we need a 4th member! yea, you’re right All legendary bands have 4th members.. Well, what if we post an ad? for what? Calling all musicians. Awesome, out of this world trio looking for cool 4th member, must be a musical genius, not scared of aliens and able to start immediatly What about the instruments? – Oh right Here, must provide all instruments – ok cool Who’s gonna wanna join a band with a bunch of aliens? We’re gross and scary bros… One new message We already got a reply from RockerBoy85? He says he loves our ad and he’s down to come by tomorrow Woah I guess the internet is just as gross and scary as us, huh? I guess so – ok cool, see you here tomorrow Make a left at the crashed spaceship, we’ll be in the barn. DUDE! Don’t tell him about the spaceship What are you crazy? It will scare him away Oh! you’re right – mmh, say something else Uhh… make a left at… your.. total hallucenation of a crashed spaceship? Perfect Guys, guys! I just crafted up a machine from the broken ship parts that plugs into our brains and will make us music masterminds! Woah, alright! – Oh, awesome! I-It truly is amazing that we could do stuff like this and still not know how to learn a simple Youtube tutorial *plugs in* – WooOAAAH H.. How do you guys feel? I feel awesome! yeah… ditto

100 thoughts on “The Internet Is SCARY!

  1. "All legendary bands have a fourth member"

    Me: TVXQ…..😭 (Jk, no one here probably knows Kpop. Just joking, no one even knows TVXQ anyway. Which proves his point.)

  2. HA!why does this remind me of #Riverdale especially the Previously on 3 cool aliens part🔥👌🏻😭😂


    Please donate my best friend is homeless and I'm trying to help her

  4. "All legendary bands have a 4th member"

    Primus: am i a joke to you?

    Also, I have the same Marshul amp too, works like a charm.

  5. why watching this in 340p while drunk feels just right?
    Thanks for saving my last brain cell since i deleted my youtube history and got my youtube feed full of really dumb millennial bullshit

  6. Не работают русские субтитры, но без них я понял что знаю английский

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