The Internet of Things 🎵

This video was made with support from Google’s
Making and Science. At the end of the song, head on over to their
channel and playlist for more inspirational science videos. Internet changed the game
Communication, changed the range How we learn, changed the brain
Health care, changed the veins Finding love, changed the date
How we food, changed the plate How we travel, changed the lane
Sharing photos, changed the frame How we play, changed the game
Entertainment, changed the stage Part of the culture, engrained
Live without it? Insane! We’re constantly connecting
Sending memes like data’s endless The dependence so tremendous
More devices than the census That’s person to person connection
It’s time for the next section Let’s think about the direction
Of the internet’s progression It’s the perfect place
For people sharing information The Internet of Things
Adds Things to the equation With sensors sophisticated
And non-invasive placement, woo! Things connect to the internet
And join the conversation Exchanging tons of data
From a plethora of objects And based on data harvest
Things take action, J.A.R.V.I.S That’s the Internet of Things, where things
use the net That’s the Internet of Things, where things
connect That’s the Internet of Things, where things
can sense That’s the Internet of things, where things
self direct, ha! For my #ScienceGoals
Use my lyrical flow To load your frontal lobe
With the scenarios below Your home senses when you’re home
And turns on Game of Thrones Senses you’re feeling cold
Ups the heat so you’re feeling coz Refrigerator talks to the grocery store
Running low on eggs so it ordered more Autonomous cars now on the road
Improving safety traffic flow Real-time resource usage data
Transferred to the cities Increasing our abilities
For utility efficiently The Internet of Things
Offers many possibilities But at the same time
Has its vulnerabilities Those who don’t get internet
Will they lose opportunity? Increasing the the divide
In Digital Equality? If everything’s automated
And users are complacent Then catastrophic failure
Chances in systems are even greater Crucial networks could fall victim
To unseen hacks Opening new alleyways
For large-scale cyber attacks The Internet of Things, many bennies,
Risks aplenty, far from perfect May be worth it or worthless
We’re feeling nervous! Futurama, ‘84,
What do you think’s in store? Share ideas, comment below,
Let’s see where this Thing goes Woah!

11 thoughts on “The Internet of Things 🎵

  1. IOT will enhance the accessibility and independence for those of us with a visual impairment or other disabilities. Some of these items already exist with geofencing with smart home activations, Uber requests based on calendar appointments, and emerging healthcare monitoring systems. The biggest downside in the current era of IOT involves cost to retrofit existing structures and equip oneself with these devices. However the day is comeing when I will be able to wear a wearable that recognizes my friends off of Facebook while walking around, a drone will automatically be waiting for me at the airport after getting out of my autonomous car, and Alexa/Cortana/Siri truly controls my home.

  2. Very cool – I am using your rap video to introduce a sales team to the opportunities presented in selling connectivity platforms. You are awesome!!

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