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so this is kiss messenger or Kissinger for short with this device here has pressure sensors to measure the pressure from your lips so you can experience the pressure of a simultaneous bi-directional snog yes that’s right yes but through the internet amensalism you can be separated by thousands of kilometers and kiss each other chaste and would you like to kiss me uh yes operating over the Internet in theory Aimee and I could be sharing our intimate moments on different sides of the world I am ready for your smacking lips upon mine only your so Moorish it’s quite sensual you can see how with someone that you have feelings for it is quite physical that I mean I’m quite surprised at the visceral feedback I can see myself letting go with my wife over a couple of thousand miles and feeling a sort of connection it is slightly strange how it’s actually moving nothing the pressure is sort of like moving around and stuff like pressure that you actually then feel on your lips yes I’m not experienced anything like that before well you’ve never kissed me before James so she’s right we have now a to the Internet hey second gold medal please Hey and the winner of the kissing Olympics and Williams to begin with we’re going to look at some gadgets that have stood the test of time and already achieved iconic status destination destination you have reached your destination

100 thoughts on “The Kissing App “Kissenger” – The Gadget Show

  1. if I had it. my friends would definitely borrowed it from me as in he borrows pendrive,headphones from me. than all the friend circle shares same saliva.

  2. Wonder if you can use this down below if you want tonne licked down there ?? Sorry if my message is crude !! But it had to be asked !!!

  3. Hey i think this is the one Howard from Big Bang Theory made? 😂😂 the episode when Rajeesh and Howard was making out using this device hahahahaha

  4. Who say he'll invented this?!?!?!?! 😱😱😛that's soon cool buy I can't kiss until it's teen like until I'm 15 yeah silly ik 😒😞

  5. Is this real? Have people gotten this sad? Went from eating tide pods to kissing our phones… WTF is wrong with the human species?

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