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  1. As as average joe im seeing the dire need for ventilation machines.
    In a life or death situation really need to think out side the box with ideas.


    We need medical hacks.


    Here’s a possible ventilation hack for the masses.  There’s air compressors that fill up with air
    right and disburse air usually with a hose and valve with trigger to let air
    out of compressor tank.


    I can see regular air compressors from hardware stores
    attached to splitters (you know like if you want to split tv cables (bad in the
    90s)  splitters, hoses, but the trigger
    that allows the air to flow to fill the lungs on the other end need some sort
    of trigger timer just enough to fill the lungs and stop, pause for however long
    (im not a dr) and then fire again. Or having someone assigned to sit and fire
    air wait fire air wait.


    Having one person manage firing air into lungs from common
    air tanks is better thanks millions of complications fatalities.


    This is the time for action. Otherwise we are going to be
    ruined trying to figure how how to create new machines, who’s going to get the
    contracts. This is not financial. Contracts will not matter we continue to hear
    we have machines that can be converted. That was last week.


    My mom had primitive idea or saw idea about face shields 2
    liter soda bottles for the plastic and possible stapled to something to go
    around head maybe cardboard.


    These primitive idea are not because of a failed anything,
    no one could possible prepare for something like this. We are creative. If that
    takes duct tape, scotch tape we will get it done. If I was a medical worker in
    that situation that’s what I would do. Usually I’m right.


    We need an outlet to share what’s working we need a 24/7
    broadcast of medical hacks what’s working what’s not. The public needs a
    resource for information. 2 hours of daily updates as is will destroy us.

  2. Take good care of yourselves. We need the Late Show back to full steam as soon as we all kick this nasty virus out… hopefully…

    Did I type three dots or I'm going on one of Trump's dot frenzies??

  3. He's a hypocrite and a sell out.
    Mob mentalities are weak.
    Don't be one


  4. Stephen, please ask your producers to add laughter soundtracks, it would help us, the viewers feel less lonely…

  5. Thanks Stephen, from Myanmar. I know you wont read this- but that doesn't matter. You are right we are all in this together – even if we hate that, it's true.

  6. "50 anxious pale states" LOL
    But the only reason the numbers are so low is because THEY'RE NOT DOING ENOUGH TESTING. B/c they FUCKED THAT UP SO ROYALLY.

  7. I would like to see the President of the United States make an executive order, ordering all retailers to provide facemasks to employees and customers. If you don’t have a mask you can’t come in policy. It is going to impossible to deep clean every day it will not get done. Masks at entry would be good thing. Maybe next time we’ll be little more prepared maybe preparedness inspections via health departments. No blame game. 1 Team. Places of Food = Mask must be required. Not everyone is going to have a mask. We need direction on how to make a mask with typical household items.

  8. A good requirement going forward is all public spaces/retailers/employers
    must be out fitted with ultra violet ceiling lights and lighting as required
    for during closed hours. Or whatever light will kill virus from droplets in
    air. Might reduce healthcare expenses and illnesses overall in future. ?

  9. Thank you all, for keeping the show on! It helps kepping the good spitits ❤️ Love from quarantine Portugal #westandtogetherfarway

  10. THANK YOU for putting this show together on Youtube.. with everything going on, you guys could easily send everyone involved home.. it is much appreciated that you do this. We need you right now!!! 🙂 much 💖 from Texas.

  11. i had this going in another tab and a few seconds into a complete parody i knew exactly what zenyatta race this was

  12. Hey Stephen, could you continue to do these daily videos. They do not have to be funny, it's just really nice to hear from you.

  13. I live in upstate ny, outside Letchworth State Park. This morning before 10 am, I saw 3 space shuttles taking off in the eastern sky.
    I know what they look like because I lived in Florida and took my kids to see a launch. The ones today were sky colored but the exhaust was fully visible.
    They are lying to us about everything!! There were other craft too but they seemed smaller. Their distance could have been farther away to account for that though. I saw all this with my birding glasses I keep at my window. They were plainly visible to the naked eye too, of course.

  14. We love you Stephen.. and again nice piano solo from John Batiste in the end, only downside was that it didn't play longer.

  15. People are looking after each other at the stores? Buying excessively and unnecessarily to stockpile items while others go wanting. Sorry, I don't think those extra big shopping baskets are for neighborhood cookouts and bathroom parties. I understand why you want to try and see something positive, but people aren't it right now.

  16. Where are you with the flowering trees in the background? Trees don't flower like that until mid April here in Pennsylvania. The last time I checked we are south of New York, and no flowering trees here yet

  17. 14:15 – "Now you may not know this, but I rely on you so much" … no, I realized that massively from watching the last-minute no-audience show of the prior Thursday. And more-so with the bath-tub Monday show, and somewhat the Tue fireside show. You DO take the audience energy in, and give it back. So, your soldiering on without that has struck me as heroic, … more-so given how awkward and difficult it seemed for you, in some ways. But each day, you got your bearing more: Mon to Tue, and then Tue to this sublimely excellent show. It makes me very grateful, … and sad to see you take hiatus, though surely you and your team deserve it. THANK-YOU for giving this your all, as you so clearly do, every time!

  18. Thank you Mr. Colbert. I miss my family in San Francisco. I'm stuck in Washington with limited resources and many people fleeing Seattle are passing through going into stores, wiping food out and yes, toilet paper. I'm kinda scared honestly and worry about everyone in general, but when I see people like you, it is heartwarming and feels good to know other people also have some humanity in our hearts. We are all affected by this. We are all vulnerable and we should care about our communities and the other people we share this planet with…. I am politically terrified at some possibilities that may lead us into the dictatorship I've been fearing would happen. This isn't looking good for true Americans. We may lose our country very soon. Trump is evil and though I'm not very religious as I am spiritual. I believe Trump is the Anti-Christ.

  19. Well said. The only politics in our little ghetto neighborhood are votes to see who buys the drinks this time. Most of the block here is prepared to assist each other as needed. We will never see any help from the government, so we take care of our own around here. The government can suck a fatty.

  20. You were our sanity before quarantine, you’re our lifeline now. Know that we’re howling and clapping out here in Covidlandia. Bravo!

  21. I love you but you're wrong: "There's been a lot of speculation that Bernie Sanders is going to drop out now." No, nobody is saying this except the big media who obviously aren't watching. Where the hell is Joe? Bernie has raised millions for coronavirus aid, giving daily video outreach calls to the nation, showing his stripes as a true leader who cares about his citizens. Why is the media actually so willfully turning away from reality?

  22. Rumpus Room head … He should be tried for being an accessory to murder … he denied, he lied and delayed …. leading to likely thousands to 10’s of thousands Americans dead. … He may end up causing more fatalities than the Viet Kong (57 thousand) …. Now that is quite a accomplishment …. and to boot ….. reducing pressure on SS & MEDICARE … Yep he is getting things done.
    Let’s talk straight ……

  23. Thank you Stephen, you keep us all entertained, even when isolated. I've also noticed though, and it's regarding all late night talk shows, that nobody is mentioning the forgotten people hit hardest by this. People on the street, people that are expected to be the toughest around while everyone else panics. That because they're out here that we're used the it. Except there is uncertainty, so when you say stay at home and don't go outside then what do they do, I love @Stephencolbert @trevernoah and @johnoliver but even they are not talking about that issue that's closest to the ones struggling the most to understand. Even if this gets overlooked I understand, I still love you guys and keep #stayingalive

  24. I think that it is imperative that everyone (every freedom loving human who has a brain and is USING IT!) do everything that we can to get the word out that the facts and evidence regarding this "epidemic" do not support the extreme measures imposed on us.
    The morbidity and mortality numbers on Covid-19 ARE BASICALLY THE SAME AS THE SEASONAL FLU.
    > Every year a certain percentage of the population (the elderly, those already ill with one or more issues and the immune compromised) will die with symptoms related to a respiratory illness i.e. pneumonia, COPD, etc.
    > I think this normal morbidity and mortality is being "cherry picked" and given a label by (1.) the Mass Media to maximize viewers and profits and (2.) the government to justify more control and elimination of freedoms
    > I think that one of the best routes that we have to stop this fear and panic driven agenda to justify fascism and martial law is to expose the lies and get people to wake up and start doing some critical thinking.
    > Some References:
    > Senator Ron Paul on Corona Virus:
    > https://www.unz.com/rpaul/the-coronavirus-hoax/
    > Stanford Professor on Corona Virus:
    > https://newspushed.com/stanford-professor-suggests-we-are-severely-overreacting-to-coronavirus/
    > E.R. Doctor Urges Calm on Corona Virus:
    > https://www.bizpacreview.com/2020/03/05/er-doctors-urge-public-to-calm-down-say-coronavirus-death-rate-greatly-over-hyped-894257

    5G Radiation and "Corona Virus" symptoms:



  26. Thank you so much for this Stephen! So freakin funny! I really needed that laugh. God bless you and keep you and yours well.

  27. Stephen Colbert for President! Filled with gratitude to the whole team for doing these three episodes. We need you now more than ever so looking forward to your return after the spring break.

  28. Bravo! You are still making me laugh. I'm on night 6 of isolation. We miss the old show, but are comforted so damned much to know we are not the only ones trying not to claw each others eyes out… sending love from Tofino BC Canada

  29. Damn Crowbert, you need an audience with a LAUGH SIGN in the room to light up, so people know when to laugh. Cause all of a sudden, you aint funny no more.

  30. Thank you, Mr. Colbert and all who helped put these shows together. You make it all doable with a spring in our step and a laugh in heart. You and your family be safe and take care.

  31. AWww, another guilty white liberal hiding in his mansion. Aint that cute. Wonder how many minorities live near him. Exactly. Cheers

  32. This made me laughed soo much thank you….btw did anyone else see the creepy figure walking behind the fence @14:35???

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