The Matrix 4 Will Reportedly Start Something Big

The red pill has been extended to us once
again, and it could mark the beginning of something major. In summer 2019, Warner Bros. announced that
a new Matrix movie was in the works, and since then, people have been wondering whether the
franchise might ultimately extend beyond the upcoming fourth installment. Well, according to a recent article in We
Got This Covered, the as-yet-untitled film will indeed blossom into a second Matrix trilogy. The article also revealed that, “[While] Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss
are coming back as Neo and Trinity for the new movie, it’s unclear as of yet if [they’ll]
return for the next two as well.” Of course, we should remind you that this
is all just a rumor at this point. Still, the possibility of a new Matrix trilogy
begs the question: Would it be worth revisiting the franchise for not just one, but three
more films? As has been widely reported, Lilly Wachowski,
who co-created the franchise with her sister Lana, isn’t involved in the upcoming installment. As Decider reported back in August 2019, she
hasn’t specifically stated why she’s not working on the fourth Matrix film, but it sounds like
she’s not feeling particularly inspired by the sci-fi genre at the moment. In fact, she revealed that, “My agent kept sending me stuff, and a lot
of science fiction. Great. It’s good stuff, science fiction. You get to talk a lot about a lot of subjects. There’s always fabulous subtext in science
fiction. Since my transition, I’m not really interested
in subtext at this time.” As you probably know, Lilly came out as a
transgender woman in 2016, and her sister Lana did the same back in 2012. And although Lilly sounds a bit disenchanted
with the sci-fi genre these days, she’s reportedly totally down with the idea of a fourth Matrix
film, even if she’s not involved in making it. In August 2019, she told Slash Film, “I like it when stories go out into the world
and then come back to you in different ways. I mean, that’s what storytelling is all about. I’m part of a bigger thing. I don’t have any ownership over stuff like
that, so whatever story anybody wants to tell, I can’t wait to hear. I hope [the fourth Matrix is] better than
the original.” Of course, improving on the original Matrix
is a rather tall order. In fact, one could argue that the first two
sequels didn’t exactly rise to the task. Meanwhile, franchise fatigue is a very real
thing, and it’s only getting realer. As you may recall, people were already growing
weary of the Matrix franchise by the time The Matrix Revolutions came out. Just look at the dismal reviews for that film
if you don’t believe us. But after two long decades away from Neo and
his cohorts, fans might be totally pumped to plug back into The Matrix…but whether
the fourth film is ultimately a worthwhile chapter in the saga remains to be seen. The hit-and-miss critical performance of both
the latest Star Wars trilogy and the prequel trilogy potentially serve as cautionary tales
about what happens when you create new franchise installments out of thin air. Sure, a studio stands to make billions of
dollars, but time will tell whether these latter entries ultimately dampen the legacy
of the original trio of films. As for the upcoming Matrix movie, Jonathan
Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II have been cast in super-secretive roles…and
it’s rumored that Mateen is playing a younger version of Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus character. If that’s true, perhaps we should all brace
ourselves for some sort of mind-melting, totally convoluted time-travel plot. Meanwhile, a new wave of characters does leave
the door open for more entries down the line. Only time will tell. Back in September 2019, Keanu Reeves weighed
in on the new Matrix screenplay in an interview with Entertainment Tonight: “It’s very ambitious. As it should be.” Here’s hoping the fourth Matrix doesn’t just
trot out the same ideas as its three predecessors. After all, the world only needs so many sensual
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100 thoughts on “The Matrix 4 Will Reportedly Start Something Big

  1. I sure as hell hope they don’t go crazy with CGI fighting scenes. I love the smooth crisp Kung-Fu of the original

  2. The matrix franchise was incomplete and all the true fans felt that. Especially with the backstory of the animatrix. If M4 went deeper into the sentinel uprising that would be great. There's still many Matrix stories to be told.

  3. Intriguing as in Neo finally wakes up realizing he’s still in the matrix and the humans trapped the AI into the matrix were that can’t escape. The creator explained all this to Neo. So Neo is Ai along with everyone else and trapped in the matrix by the real hymen’s.

  4. I think the matrix franchise is one of those where a prequel actually makes sense. I know the next one isn’t one but still

  5. Uh, let me guess, they eventually have a child. The kid gets captured, so the are off to the rescue while someone from the inside is sabotaging their efforts.

  6. I'm excited about this I really enjoyed the trilogy dont know why people hate revolutions I really liked that movie!

  7. I think I'd still be pretty captivated with a whole new story and no Keanu. The Matrix is just amazing. Im excited at there being another "one". Idc The Matrix is too cool.

  8. I think they just want to expand on the matrix trilogy because they can’t think of new original movies to make. These days it’s either reboots/remakes or expansions of old films.

  9. We're tired of reboots and remakes. We're on the 10 fast and furious, I don't know how many transformers there are now, another ghost busters? Seriously? Another marvel movie please man. Another Rambo? They recycling the same candy ass movies. The critics destroyed war craft but I loved it. They praised infinity war I hated it! Time travel ruins everything man, if they're bringing that to the matrix, no thanks…

  10. Matrix 1&2 were great…..3 was very disappointing. If they can reproduce the same vibes from the first two, it'll work well. I won't hold my breath though. Going by the trend in movie making recently, Matrix 4 will be woke as fk.

  11. They're still the Wachowski brothers as I don't care to recognize them as transgenders cause it's all a facade to hide that they're really Matrix Agents.

  12. If people had issues with any of the Matrix movies, they are out to lunch. 99% of the crap that they crank out can't compare. Now, That doesn't mean that there weren't flaws in The Matrix (not any single movie). The biggest problem with The Matrix trilogy? It's creators. They are bad writers in my view. The biggest problem with Microsoft was Bill Gates. The biggest problem with Star Wars was George Lucas. All of those creators get way too much credit. Midiclorians? As for Microslop, Do I have to say anything? Their update killed my Bluetooth. I can't restore my computers. Restore results in a total crash. The Matrix is basically a cool idea (better than Lucas's loopy Force nonsense), but they went an started babbling about mulitple Zions. Just. Great.

  13. They were late until they released part 4 of the matrix and this was biggest mistake

  14. With sister* alright you take non science wayyy to seriously …. both are biologically not women, physically not women, scientifically to women…. channel probably wanted woody from toy story to be gay too

  15. I just took another look at my college degree, yep, its there, and I still could'nt understand any freakin thing out of this video. Nothing !

  16. The problem with action movies genre…is action. The original Matrix succeeded because it engaged the mind. It must have…like Bill and Ted would say…Whoa!

  17. VERY VERY MUCH!!! Unlike most majority I happened to love LOVE the entire trio and by no doubt I will watch this.

  18. I’ll see it because it’s Keanu & the Matrix, but why I’d want to see it is if they developed the story before the events of the Matrix. It would be neat to see how Neo became the archetype of the one. If Neo was a real human being in the beginning of the machine uprising. The animatrix had a great explanation, but it could be done in such a cool way on the big screen.

  19. The matrix producers who stole the movie story from the original Miss Stewart need to go back to her and apologize and ask her to write a sequel worthy of the first one. The first one was mind blowing the ones after were confusing I like kunfu but the stories made no sense as to where the storyline was going. I watch the interviews of miss Stewart and she is really taking you On a journey. She needs to write produce and direct the new movie!!!

  20. OH YEH!!! That's right?!!! They were the Wachowski brothers! I forgot all about that!!!! How weird… in several ways… esp, that they both felt that way! I don't know anything about them but i'm guessing they are like twins…

  21. Lmfao the brothers changed to sisters hahahahahahaha my god what the fuck

    I’m worried they’d make it some woke piece of shit. Like so many others movies have been

  22. The first Matrix trilogy was a commentary on modern society and questioned the nature of reality itself while remaining insightful, knowing and pointed toward a larger world…I cant wait until we get a hot pile of steaming woke trash to ruin all that!!!

  23. Time repeats itself
    It feels so much like the end of 1990's and the beginning of the 2000's.
    Not just the matrix
    I mean music,hollywood,the atmosphere in general is like going back to the classics and original stuff.
    I like this

  24. They will destroy the matrix just as they destroyed ghost in the shell
    They don't have the balls to enter new territory like this

  25. if they're doing another one then they're probably doing another three.
    makes sense Keanu isn't in it since he died and coming back as the one would likely change him.

  26. I wasn't fully paying attention to this – the Wachowski brothers are now sisters?!?
    The Matrix is real!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. If you've seen Seis8 from the Wachowski's "sisters" 🙄🙄 you can tell they wont be able to keep feminism and lgbtq themes out of it.

  28. Neo made a deal to have his and Trinity’s body reinserted into the Matrix, so that’s why Carrie and Keanu are back and not Morpheus.


  30. Sophia Stewart is behind all of this . This is all from her novel “The Third Eye.” These Wachowski people are frauds 👎🏿

  31. I’m glad Keanu is experiencing a big career resurgence but can we please leave Matrix alone? The original is a perfect movie, the sequels were either really good or decent. The Wachowski brothers aren’t close to being who they were all those years ago. There’s literally nothing else to do with The Matrix. I’m not interested in Neo and Trinity “passing the torch” either. We don’t need this. Give us SPEED 2 or a Johnny Mnemonic sequel or something but please not this.

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