37 thoughts on “THE MOST HATED PERSON ON THE INTERNET (Net Neutrality)

  1. Damn I thought you were the most hated person on the internet? Why do you kids sub to him and how do you stand watching?

  2. Idiotic people hating net neutrality I absokutly hate that guy that is trying to remove net neutrality I dont like that idea that we have to pay it makes everybody happy exept tge payers thats annoying
    I like net neutrality

  3. Your a mean one ajit pai
    You can reeeaaly go and die
    Your surely surely screwing
    You dont know what your doing
    Go away AAAA JIT PAAI
    ajit pai? More like A PIECE OF SH** PIE

  4. Pewdiepie: net neutrality… that won’t affect me… suck it America… nothing bad will happen to the E.U.

    Article 13: hold my beer 🍺

  5. for some reason the Net Neutrality argument brings to mind an incident that took place duing the Vietnam "conflict" when an Army Captain, after his unit had leveled a village was quoted as saying, "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."

  6. Repealing net neutrality means that if you need better internet you can pay more to get better packet. Of course if the company dont like you they dont have to offer you internet. But still you can go to other company. That is same as all other business. For example high end shop wont let you in if you dress like a beggar. So net neutrality is just a cover so that the goverment have more control of what going around the internet.

  7. 3:07 ??😑?? You pay extra to get into the lobby earlier but still have to wait for the other people too? I don't think that's how the airplane, internet analogy works, but ok.

  8. and now we have internet speeds that are the fastest our country has ever had…almost like those massive tech companies that were for net neutrality didn't actually have the consumers best interest in mind

  9. What a hoax this was. The internet is fine. It was a left or right issue. It didn't slow down anyone's internet. Hoax!!

  10. Si colocas titulo en español ¿ no es un poco raro que los subtitulos en español desaparezcan en el minuto 1:20 ? …

  11. I just LOVE the fact that for everything you talk about, you put an introduction to it before speaking of it. I seriously can't express how much I appreciate it. Yes, in case you were wondering, I didn't know what net neutrality is

  12. funny how Net Neutrality got repealed in dec 2017 and then 2018 became a huge year for censorship on these huge social media sites i wonder if its all connected

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