When google had started, no one could have
predicted that it would one day make everyone dependent on it. Such is the power of Google today that it
has given birth to many careers which involve monitoring the activities on it. And given that so many online businesses depend
on it, here is a list of some of the most searched for words on Google. 23. Bikini – Well, it is enough to say that
there are a lot of horny guys out there. And even some women. So it stands to reason that they would look
up the internet for some pictures of hot bods in beach wear. And since the trends of posting pics on instagrams
and facebook is really spreading like wildfire, the searches are really not disappointing! 22. BMI Calculator – And if bikinis are high
on this list, can BMI calculators be really that far behind? We all want to look good and that means staying
in shape. And while there are umpteen reasons for delaying
that gym regime, there is one thing that no one can really resist: finding out how they
measure in terms of body weight analysis. And thus, the search for BMI calculators on
google! 21. Scrabble word finder – Now this was one
search we did not think would be so common. After all, scrabble enthusiasts are not really
found everywhere. But turns out, that supposition is not really
true. While we are all aware of the number of games
that people play online, scrabble being one of the most popular ones came as a surprise. And what is even more surprising is that not
only do they play scrabble, they cheat as well by finding words online. All’s fair in love and scrabble then, is
it not? 20. Weather – Pretty obvious isn’t it? Everyone likes to travel and the one thing
they almost always check before going anywhere is the weather. And not just for travel, weather is probably
one of the most searched for keywords because well, everyone loves to know whether or not
to carry an umbrella! 19. Translate – This is another word that we
often use while on Google. Of course, it is usually preceded by and followed
by another language. And we are pretty sure all of us have used
this some time or the other. For example, if you speak Spanish and there
is that one word whose meaning you really don’t know in English, just google it and
it translates it for you. Pretty convenient right? 18. Maps – One of the worst things that could
ever happen to you is to get lost when time is of the essence, like say when going for
a meeting. So, what do you do? Just go to google and look at the map to ensure
that you don’t get lost on the way. And while there is a dedicated app on most
mobile phones for that which give you a live update, there is no doubt that searching for
the way before leaving is one of the most common things we do. 17. News – Who doesn’t like to stay updated
on the news. After all, that is the only way we will be
able to figure out what Trump did to make a fool out of himself, isn’t it? Of course, there are other important things
as well that you generally find out from news and so it really isn’t surprising that news
would be one of the most searched for things, is it? 16. Calculator – We all have bills to pay. And that too in a limited salary. That obviously calls for some complex permutations
and combination and hence, a calculator is needed. And why would you want to buy those clumsy
physical ones when the internet can give you a particularly convenient one? 15. Youtube to Mp3 – Well, why would you want
to buy music when you can get it for free easily? Converting videos on youtube into mp3s is
an easy way to get good quality music without paying anything. And well, when you really have so simple an
option, why would you ever go to itunes store? 14. Dictionary – Ever so often we come across
those big, heavy words which no one really understands. And the usual reaction is to go running to
a dictionary to figure out what it meant. But when the dictionary can come right at
your fingertips, why bother ruffling through the pages? That is probably why dictionary is one of
the most searched for words. 13. Restaurants near me – Cooking might look
like a soothing and peaceful task, but when you get down to actually chopping onions,
it doesn’t really seem like such a calming thing to do. But then, you can’t just blindly walk into
a restaurant can you? You need to figure out the cuisine, the quality
and the price before you actually make a decision. Which is why people often tend to search for
restaurants near them to figure out where they should head for a good plate of food. 12. Speed Test – Gone are the days when we needed
to hook a dial up connection to get on the internet. With broadband and fibre cable technology,
internet speeds are just amazing! But there are always moments when we feel
we are crawling on the internet rather than flying through it. And so, we need to check the speed of the
internet that we are getting. And that is where a speed test comes in. And given that it is one of the most searched
for things on the internet, it is safe to assume that the downtime incidents are more
common than we thought. 11. Cheap Flights – Thanks to the advent of
Facebook and Instagram, all of us have vacation goals. Be it getting a beach body or the Mediterranean
tan, we all love to post our fab holiday pics. But as always, money gets in the way of actually
realizing our holiday goals and so we often search for cheap flights so that we can actually
get close to realizing out holiday goals! 10. Horoscope – While most people make it a
point to be vocal about not believing in the stars, secretly we all sneak a peek at our
horoscopes to figure out if good things are going to happen to us in the future. And since it is easy to be caught looking
at horoscopes when you rifle through them in the papers, checking it on the net is much
safer! 9. Solitaire – The bliss of playing solitaire
on computers is something that can never be explained in words. It is the go to activity for anyone who is
bored out of their heads and yet needs to appear as if they are hard at work. We guess that that pretty much explains the
fact that solitaire is one of the most searched for words online! 8. Love Quotes – Movies have pretty much defined
what love should be and how courting should be approached. Looking at those hapless lovers finding poetic
words to woo their mates, it can often give an inferiority complex to real life lovers. But then, with the age of internet that we
live in, how can an inferiority complex be allowed to thrive? Everyday people can also sound like profound
poets and win over their loves by simply saying some really wonderful love quotes. And where do they go for that? Definitely not a poet, because it is all available
easily on the net. 7. Pill Identifier – Admit it, all of us have
sometime or the other snuck pills from the closet to get a high. Or to play doctor to some poor guy with a
minor illness. But how do we do that unless we have actually
studied for it? Simple, go online, identify the pill and see
what it does. And if the side effects include hallucinations,
all the better, isn’t it? 6. Bitcoin Price – Whether you know what it
is or you don’t, there is no doubt that you have probably heard of Bitcoin. And while it would really take too long to
explain what it is, let us just say that it’s a trading commodity and many people have invested
their money in it. And hence, they are very curious to know what
the current price is so that they know whether they are making a profit or running in loss. And since there are many potential buyers
as well out there, it obviously stands to reason that it would be one of the most searched
for words on the internet. 5. Currency Converter – Whether it is for a
foreign travel tour, or because of foreign earnings, we all need to know how much our
money is worth. And while the traditional way of doing that
was to probably go to a foreign exchange to figure out the rates and then sit with a calculator
to find out the actual worth of the money, the internet has made lives easier with the
currency calculator which can actually tell in real time how much your money is worth
in another country! 4. Funny pictures – Considering that almost
all our day jobs are really drab, all of us are on the lookout for something to make the
day a little bearable. And what better way to do that than by looking
at pictures which make you laugh? Be it a yawning cat or a crying baby, funny
pictures always make your day and that is probably the reason that it features among
the most searched for words on the net. 3. Add Reminder – Remembering things is something
that not all people are good at. Which is why the job of a secretary was created
so that those who could afford one, did not have to bother with remembering those appointments. But the internet provided us all with the
option of having our own personal assistants who send us timely reminders of the things
we have to do. And seeing that it is pretty high on the search
words of google, it seems that a lot of people have memory issues! 2. USA jobs – Trump or not, USA still remains
a pretty sought after place for people from all over the world to work in. And if they find work, we guess the Americans
also need to start hunting for work. That does become a pretty vicious circle,
doesn’t it? But be that as it may, hunting for jobs in
the USA remains a pretty frequent search on google. 1. Synonyms – We all like to sound wiser than
we actually are. And one of the best ways to appear as a polished
person rather than a commoner is to speak in a manner which no one really understands. And the easiest way to do that is to use a
better sounding synonym for a common word. And the fact that it is one of the most commonly
searched for words, it looks like everyone wants to sound more posh! This was out list of the most searched for
words on the internet. If you liked our video, do remember to subscribe
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