The OFFICIAL Top 100 Anime Of All Time (According To The Internet) Might Surprise You…

Hey how’s it going everyone it’s the Anime Man Ladies and Gentlemen, my beautiful ladies and my gorgeous gentlemen. It is finally fucking time I have kept you guys waiting for a very very long time But I’m so (prance prance prance) ?? I am so proud to announce that it’s finally here. Here is the top 100 anime series of all time according to international anime community now if you don’t know what this video is about that Let me do a quick rerun so about a month ago I decided to Embark on something that I’ve always wanted to know. I did a video where I showed you guys the top 100 anime series of all time according to the Japanese anime community And I wanted to know what the international community thought because a lot of you guys were like hey what the fuck. What Japan thinks that the top 100 is nothing like what the rest of the world thinks is the top 100? But I looked at so many other top lists on anime but none of them were very like.. solid there was no top list that I saw that really captured the entirety of the International anime community or at least the online international anime community So I thought I just make my own and so after a very very long time. I’m finally here to announce. What the International anime community thinks is the top 100 anime series of all time now I am not afraid to say that I think this is the most official we’ve ever gotten so this is probably the closest you’ll ever see to what the international community thinks is really the top 100 anime series of all time. Now before I get on with the actual list I want to do a couple of thank-yous if you want to just skip to the actual list then gone There’s the time stamp right there, so go check it out, but first of all I want to give a huge thank you to every single person who helped share the poll Retweet it write it up just Anything you did to actually like fill it in and like share it with people if once you did fill it in we got such A huge number and that’s mainly the reason why this video took so long because we had so much data to actually collect together Also a big Thank you to all my anime youtuber friends and colleagues you guys really helped out a lot to also share it and everything that you did and all my personal friends as well who helped share it on Twitter and everywhere. Super big help I also want to give an extra shout out to Jeff through mother’s basement C-dawg, Connor and Saul animation these three actually put the poll in a video to help spread it to their own Individual fan bases, so I’m gonna give an extra special thank you to you guys who did that for me I didn’t even ask for them to do that I just said if you could just share it like the poll on Twitter and everything then that’d be fine But they went out of their way to actually put it in a video for me super special thank you to you guys links to their channels in the description so check all three of them out and a huge huge shout out to the fucking MVPs of this entire poll The lovely folks over at Fying Colors Foundation. Now if you guys don’t know Flying Colors Foundation They are an anime NPO non-profit organization Which I got to be friends with through my buddy Gigguk or God again shout-out to you my boy the lovely dudes over at Flying Colors Foundation We’re actually responsible for bringing all of the data together to make it into a top 100 list and also even put together a nice visual representation of all of the information we were able to get out of this top 100 which I’m about to show to you guys So they made this. They put all of this together if it wasn’t for them this entire poll and project would not have been possible so big shout out to you guys I’ll leave their link in the description below as well, but enough dilly-dallying Let’s get to the actual poll. So here it is Joey The Anime Man and Flying Colors Foundation presents the top 100 anime series of all time. I’m so excited ’cause I’ve never properly looked at the results of this so here we go. First of all we have the overall stats here. We add 132 thousand participants, which is close to the population of Guam? That’s fucking insane, dude. I had no idea by the way how many people actually like… participated in this poll all I know is that I heard from the Flying Colors guys that it was a lot of people. I was not expecting 132.000 people with 634.131 responses or votes. Holy fucking shit dude ! And over 500 anime franchises. That’s pretty fucking awesome, dude I cannot believe that in all honesty that is… That is absolutely insane I think I heard from the Flying Colors guys that this is one of the biggest anime polls that has ever happened so Thank you to every single person whether you were a viewer of mine, or you’re not a view of mine Just happen to stumble upon this poll. Thank you so fucking much to all 132,000 of you guys Wow, that’s amazing! A few more stats here The top 100 anime took up 70% of all votes and the top 10 anime took up 18% of all… Wow so the top 10 anime took up a fifth of the votes That’s a lot of votes too Well that means four hundred-plus series were voted by 30% of you guys That’s a… that’s actually pretty good because that goes to show that there were actually quite a bit of variation in the votes So it wasn’t just like everybody was voting on the top 10 or anything I mean there was of course a large majority 80… 18% But you know all the other votes I… that means we’re pretty freakin close now the results you’ve all been waiting for here we go now. I was notified by the guys that it is actually like the moment I scroll down here is gonna show like from number one so I’m actually gonna scroll down to number one hundred first and work our way up. Make it a little more interesting so here we go. Alright here we go. Let’s start with the bottom 56 Wow Okay This is very very interesting, so just sliding into the 100th spot is Free! that’s already fucking different, holy shit. I know a lot of people were really salty In my top 100 anime series according to Japan that I skipped over all three like seasons of free that made into the top 100 But I… guess what? I guess free is just not as popular overseas because it just managed to get into the 100 spot with 1360 votes 100th place has 1360 votes That’s fucking insane. But I guess Free has fucking outlived all the other shows so far. Number 99 is Lucky Star So fucking happy Lucky Star made into 99th place 98 is Elfen Lied Very interesting, okay, Elfen Lied is still in there. Log Horizon at number 97. Very surprised about that I’m actually really glad that a lot of people like Log Horizon. Number 96 is Cardcaptor Sakura.Big different from the japanese top 100 because I think… the first season Cardcaptor Sakura was in the top 10 I think it’s like number 8 or something, but in this poll is number 96. I guess it’s just not as standout-ish as as What we hoped. Number 95 is Berserk? Was not expecting that Wow Berserk??? Okay, I understand the manga… But this is the top 100 anime so I’m really hoping when they say…when 1498 people wrote berserk Actually, no. Yeah, I think I think it’s actually the original 90s adaptation of Berserk not the 2016-2017 adaptations because if it was 2016-2017, then it would say 2016-2017 So this is the original 90s adaptation of Berserk, which I’m still very very shocked at cuz yeah it was good, but It’s above Cardcaptor Sakura. I mean hey, you know as a Berserk fan. I…I thought the 90s adaptation was pretty decent so I’m not complaining there but I’m just very surprised that it may even made it into the top 100. Number 94 is Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic I have not seen Magi at all so I can’t… I can’t say anything about Magi whatsoever But I know it is very popular so there you go 94. Number 93 is Hellsing Ultimate Absolutely no objections there, fucking love Hellsing Ultimate. Number 92 is the Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo That was another series I was not expecting. I mean it was good but I did not expect it to be that popular so that’s very very surprising Number 91 was Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Again very fucking happy Katekyo Hitman Reborn! was in there because it was in the top 100 Japan anime as well But it’s also in here. Number 91. Number 90: Yu Yu Hakusho fuck yeah, Yu Yu Hakusho is at number 90. Number 89 is Yona of the Dawn. I’ve never seen Yona of the Dawn I mean I’ve heard of it, but I was not expecting it to be there. Number 88 is Charlotte Now… I’ve such a love-hate relationship for Charlotte because it started off great, and it’s a Maeda Jun written series So you usually can’t go wrong with that? But Charlotte the tone shift at the end of Charlotte was just very odd to me, but yeah, holy shit Charlotte’s a number 88 okay. Number 87 is Seraph of the End, Owari no Seraph. Again I’m not surprised Owari no Seraph was just… There are so many fan girls mostly fangirls of Owari no Seraph I haven’t seen it at all so I have nothing to say on it But I know a lot of fangirls of Owari no Seraph were like: please watch Owari no Seraph and do a review on it so I’m not surprised that over 1,600 people voted for Owari No Seraph. Number 86 is a Akame ga Kill I mean… I know a lot of people gonna hate me for this, but I thought I Akagame ga Kill was garbage so but I can see why a lot of people did enjoy it. Number 85 going down is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Again, not surprising because it is a very famous, or you know infamous series for a number of reasons. I mean it’s good so 85 no problem with that. Number 84 It’s Hyouka… Now, I was surprised when Hyouka made it into like the top 20 in the Japanese poll I was not even expecting Hyouka to be in the top 100 of this because I know a lot of people who do enjoy it But there are also a lot of people who have never heard of it And I thought there would have been more people who’ve never heard of it so I’m very happy to see Hyouka in both top 100 of the International and Japanese poll Number 83 is ghost in the shell. I’m guessing just the original ghost in the shell’ not stand alone complex I personally prefer stand alone complex, but the original ghost in the shell is also good. Number 82 is Kuroko No Basket Haven’t seen a whole lot of Kuroko No Basket because I’m very picky when it comes to sport anyway especially basketball anime, but again I’m not surprised that Kuroko No Basket’s up here. Number 81 is Terror in resonance-Zankyou no Terror. Now again Zankyou no terror isn’t one of those shows that a lot of people know so… not surprising there. Number 80 is Natsume Yuujinchou. I’m very surprised that Natsume Yuujinchou is up here I mean it’s pretty high in the Japan poll as well, but also one here looks like Okay, I mean I haven’t seen Natsume Yuujinchou at all, but I guess it made it into the top 100 of both Japan and international so I guess we have to… start checking it out. Number 79 is the original Pokemon series Absolutely not surprise there. Number 78 is Akira. Again not surprising, but it is also surprising because Akira I believe was like 97 or 96 in the Japan list so it’s obvious that It’s made more of an impact overseas than it did in Japan. Number 77 is mushishi. Again very surprised It wasn’t the top 100, but I wasn’t expecting it to be this high up just because like Hyouka It is a fucking fantastic phenomenal series, but it’s one of the series that not many people have even heard of But I guess all the people who did watch it… or at least you know almost 1,900 people did say hey It’s fucking good. Number 76 is Dragonball. Now I saw a lot of comments actually saying uh Why wasn’t Dragonball in the top 100 anime series in Japan and come to think of it I was like oh, yeah, it isn’t in the top 100 anime series of Japan you’re right, but then I thought about it and I’m like it might be because at least in Japan most people are done with Dragonball. Most people are like: you know what, Dragonball is good But let’s move on, like it… It’s it’s kind of one of those shows where it’s like Oh, yeah, that’s show existent in Japan But obviously you know Dragonball is still very much talked about in the international anime community because a lot of people watch Dragonball, and it’s… you know It’s very difficult to move on from Dragon Ball And as you can see even though Dragon Ball is one of those anime that Even people who don’t watch anime know of it’s still at number 76. I mean I love Dragon Ball Don’t get me wrong Fucking Dragonball are phenomenal show I think also personally in… at least in Japan’s case the manga is a lot more well-known than the anime adaptation me personally I prefer the manga of Dragon Ball more than the anime so that might also be the reason why it wasn’t in the top 100 in Japan Number 75 is Another and number 74 Spice and Wolf Very happy about that. Number 73 is Fooly Cooley It just broke it… was only got two votes more than Spice and Wolf Wow, I mean I’m happy because I love Another . I love Spice and Wolf I love Fooly Cooly, so I’m very happy. Number 72 is Samurai Champloo. It’s another series I heard a lot of people say Why isn’t it in the top 100 in the Japan video? I mean we saw Cowboy Bebop, but I guess samurai Champloo wasn’t all that big. I personally prefer Samurai Champloo over Cowboy Bebop, I love both don’t get me wrong But I just prefer Samurai Champloo a little bit more so it’s cool to see Samurai Champloo off youtube. Number 71 is Monster. Now, this is another one of those anime that I believe… Was it in the top 100 in Japan. I think it was I think it was… But it’s cool to see that… Again it’s one of those shows much like (not) much like Mushishi and Hyouka where it’s like not a lot of people know it, but the people who know what fucking love it And I’m one of those people I fucking love it. Number seventy is Shinsekai Yori I’m so happy So many people like Shinsekai Yori I thought I was the only one who like Shinsekai Yori, but it managed to get to the number 70 spot So I’m happy about that. Number 69 is The seven deadly sins I’ve never actually seen Nanatsu no Taizai surprisingly. It’s one of those shows like Magi and like Kuroko no Basket where it’s like a lot of people know it and just had never really had the time to check it out But… hey it made to that number 69 spot so that’s pretty good. Number 68 is Baccano Again, I’m so happy people like Baccano!. No one talks about about Baccano! and it’s such a good anime I fuckin love it so I’m so happy it made it into the top 100 At a pretty high spot too. I was expecting but Baccano! to be a lot lower. Number 67 boom will stray dogs I was really surprised when I saw Bungou Stray Dogs so high up on the Japan poll I’m equally surprised that it’s also this high up in the international poll as well I guess I mean it was decent but I guess there are a lot of diehard fans of Bungou Stray Dogs Number 66 is Kobayashi’s dragon maid. Now this is definitely one of those series that made a much bigger impact in the international community than it did in Japan I mean you know Fucking Kanna was like a meme at one point right? And it wasn’t really so much of a meme in the Japanese community so… makes a lot of sense that kobayashi’s dragon maid will be up here. Number 65 is Code Geass season 2. Now that is a huge difference because Code Geass Season 2 was like in the… I think it wasn’t like the top 20 in the Japanese poll, so Code Geass is definitely one of those shows where it’s like It’s made its rounds, at least in the international community, but like people are kind of starting to forget about it. Number 64 is Sailor Moon I’m… pretty happy about that… like one of my favorite shows that I grew up watching And I’m glad a lot of people still think it’s fucking good There you go. Number 63 is K-on!. It was one of those shows that really define the whole cute girls doing cute things thing along with Lucky Star, but it’s really interesting to see the huge difference between K-on! at 63 and Lucky Star at number 99 So I don’t know what to make of that But it’s pretty interesting. Number 62 is Nichijou which was another series that we didn’t see in the top 100 anime in Japan But again it’s one of those shows that really stood out and was a really new addition to anime at least in the international community And I think a lot like Dragon Ball the manga for Nichijou is a lot more well-known than the anime adaptation So that might be the reason why. Number 61 is blue exorcist again… not surprising It’s one of those shows that really again made its rounds in the whole Thing of like it’s one of those shows that people start off with and don’t quite move on from so makes a lot of sense. Number 60 is Love Life!, okay I will admit I was not expecting Love Life! to be on this list at all I… I know that there are a lot of diehard fans of Love Life! I just wasn’t expecting there to be that many compared to at least Japan and again compared to Japan It is a lot lower to number 60, but I’m still even surprised it even made it into the top 60 in all honesty. Number 59 is Anohana Again-made a huge impact and I mean Anohana was pretty big in the Japanese in top 100 as well, so… makes sense. Number 58 is Inuyasha, again It’s one of those like… It’s like a dragon Ball situation where it’s like Oh, yeah, that existed, but a lot of people moved on from it. I mean you know, in Japan at least, but here It’s like still made a big impact, and I mean anything Takahashi Rumiko makes is fucking awesome: Ranma ½ , Urusei Yatsura, Inuyasha etc They’re all fucking great, but definitely Inuyasha is the most well known Takahashi Rumiko’s work. Number 57 is Wolf children. Pretty surprised about that But then again it is probably the most accessible Hosoda Mamoru’s film so that makes a lot of sense. It definitely did make a huge impact when it first came out. Number 56 is Howl’s Moving Castle Which I think is the first Ghibli film we’ve seen on this list, but I wasn’t expecting Howl’s Moving Castle Like there are so many other… I don’t want to say greater shows because Howl’s Moving Castle is a fucking great movie But I just wasn’t expecting Howl’s Moving Castle to be like that noticeable in the Ghibli franchise if you know what I mean like… when you think of a Ghibli film You don’t think of Howl’s Moving Castle straight off the bat You know what I mean, so… I’m guessing that with Howl’s Moving Castle being a number 56 It will… we’ll start to see more and more Ghibli films as we go higher up. All right here we go 55 to 11 let’s fucking roll out the big guns. Number 55 is High School DxD Why am I not surprised High School DxD is fucking up here god dammit! Number 54 is Food Wars, again… not surprising at all We’re getting to the series with over 3,000 now Number 53 is the ER princess mononoke, I told you we’re gonna start to see more Ghibli movies And hey breezes monologue is one of my favorite Ghibli films so pretty happy that’s up there. Number 52 is Bakemonogatari Thank the fucking Lord the Monogatari series made it up here dude I mean I was really happy when I saw Bakemonogatari in the top 100 Japan poll, but I was like Oh please.. I heard there’re enough people in the international audience that know how good the Monogatari series is Thank fucking christ. It’s up here at number 52 didn’t quite make it to the top 50, but hey I’ll take it. Number 51 is Erased .Now I’m so not surprised that Erased is up here We didn’t see Erased-Boku dake ga inai machi in the top 100 Japan list but Erased was such like a big series when it came out last year and uh? And and it stuck with a lot of people’s minds like it was probably a series that definitely did leave like some kind of memory. I mean you know, granted the last two episodes suck dick But I mean I can understand why a lot of people would think Erased is still worth putting on here. Number 50 is not, again, not surprised me Mirai Nikki. The queen of yandere was born even though there were so many yanderes before that but Hey, I don’t hate Mirai Nikki I didn’t think it was fucking amazing, but I can understand why a lot of people loved it I mean it was the series that started the whole yandere craze in the international anime community right so it makes sense. Number 49 is Psycho-pass I mean Psycho-pass was like… I think it was like in the top 20 in the Japan poll so makes sense it’s up here. Number 40-I think that’s supposed to be 8 Bit of a typo guys. Oh 48 is Naruto Shippuden… again another anime series that wasn’t in the Japan top 100 Poll because it’s one of those series that Japan was like yep that existed Let’s move on, like… not many people are talking about it now in Japan especially in Japan Nobody is talking about Naruto No one’s even talking about Boruto in Japan right now like that is a series from the past. Naruto much like Dragon Ball is one of the series that still a lot of people are talking about in the international community and a lot of people who do watch anime or don’t even watch anime watch series like Naruto Shippuden Dragon Ball and never quite move on from there So it makes a lot of sense Naruto’s up here. Number 47 Which I’m very very surprised about and very very happy about is the Monogatari series second season. Now I know the Monogatari second season is very highly rated on sites like Myanimelist so Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be in the top 50 though, but hey. We’ve got a Monogatari series in the top 50 Fucking take it. Hell yeah, it’s a good day for a Monogatari fan. Number 46 is Durarara!!, again not surprised I mean we saw Baccano! so I was Expect, fully expecting Durarara!! to be on this list. Number 45 is Death Parade I’m pretty happy that Death Parade is actually up here I thought it was fucking a phenomenal series So I’m absolutely not complaining that death parade is on here I just didn’t think it was like that well-known it’s one of those, again, series much like mushishi and Hyouka and all of those where it’s like the people loved it loved it but a lot of people haven’t seen it, but hey I guess I got that wrong. A lot of people know death parade. Number 44 is Clannad Which is the first season of Clannad. Very surprising actually because I’m expecting Clannad after story to be on this list But I wasn’t expecting the first season of Clannad to be on here. Number 43 is Kill la Kill Totally makes sense. Number 42 is Bleach. Again, another series much like Naruto Shippuden Dragon Ball that we didn’t see in the top 100 Japan list but one of the series that keep a lot… this was an anime series that a lot of people started off with. On 41 is Fullmetal Alchemist-the first Fullmetal Alchemist, I’m very much expecting for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood to be somewhere on this list I’m gonna guess like somewhere in the top 10 number 40 is Ouran High School Host Club. Now I’m not surprised about Ouran High School Host Club I mean almost every female anime like….. viewer in the international community has seen Ouran High School Host Club and a lot of them fucking love Ouran High School Host Club So… I mean, look. Personally I didn’t enjoy Ouran High School Host Club at all, but I was very surprised Ouran High School Host Club is this high up. Number 39 is Fate zero. Fate series is such a big thing Both Japan and international, not surprise there. Number 38 is Soul Eater, again another series much like bleach Dragon Ball, Naruto that has existed in Japan but no one’s talking about it But still talked about internationally. Number 37 is Toradora. Very surprised about Toradora being up here I mean I know a lot of people loved it, but Wow, okay. Number 36 is Mob Psycho 100 I’m pretty happy Mob Psycho 100 is up here. Personally speaking it is the best anime of 2016 in my opinion, I thought it was anyway So good to see a lot of people also agree. Number 35 is Dragonball Z. Oh okay? So the first Dragon Ball was like the original Dragon Ball. Wow okay, and then DBZ is number 35 That’s very surprising I would have thought for sure DBZ would have been like in top 20 at least But I guess people are starting to lose touch with DBZ I really have no idea. Number 34 is noragami, again… not surprised at all It’s much like the same, you know… group of fangirls like Ouran High School Host Club mostly female that love Noragami So I thought it was decent-not great, so I’m very surprised it’s this high up. Number 33 is Clannad After story Oh, okay. I was hoping Clannad after story would have been a little bit higher but I guess It’s not as good as what a lot of ones think cuz I mean Clannad After story was pretty high up in my anime list so It’s kind of interesting to see that there is such a big variation from Myanimelist versus You know this poll, so I feel this poll is a lot more legit than Myanimelist I mean, I know that’s a bold statement to say and I’m probably gonna get fucking flanked like crazy in the comments about it But with the whole reason again why I did this poll was Because sure there are a top 100 that you see on my anime list and other sites But they’re only limited to one site whereas not everybody uses Myanimelist surprise surprise So this kind of covers for everybody else. Number thirty two is KonoSuba, pretty happy about that. Number thirty one is Black butler, again not surprising. The whole Noragami Ouran High School Host Club thing their beginnings of Black Butler So it totally makes a lot of sense. Number 30 is Angel Beats? I am actually very fucking surprised that Angel Beats is above Clannad After story I thought for sure it would have been the other way around I mean they’re both fucking amazing You know Maeda Jun is a god but Wow, I didn’t think Angel Beats would have been that high up and of course number twenty fucking nine is Sword Art Online You know what I’m at least happy that Surprisingly, it’s actually a lot lower than what Japan put it I think Japan put it like somewhere closer to the top 20 whereas in the International Sword Art Online just barely managed to scrape over The top 30, but I’m still fucking pissed that Sword Art Online is still above Clannad After story Fucking hell, but what’s more interesting is that number 28 is Hunter Hunter 2011 wow really Hunter Hunter 2011 is this low? I thought for sure would have been a lot higher Like I was expecting Hunter Hunter 2011 to be in the top 20 So that’s kind of interesting and again number 27 is Madoka Magica. It was number 3 on the Japan top 100 but 27 on this one. Number 26 is Neon Genesis Evangelion-well that’s kind of closer to where Japan put NGE on their list so kind of makes sense. Number 25 is of course Yuri!!! on ice because yay,Yaoi Number 24 is Re:zero Oh wow I’m surprised Re:zero is this high up, was Re:Zero… yeah Re:zero was on the top 100 Japan poll as well But this is a lot higher. Number 23 is Spirited away. Oh, there we go. There’s the fucking other Ghibli film that I was thinking of like I was like okay We saw Princess Mononoke, and we saw Howl’s Moving Castle, where’s… where’s the Academy Award winner? But there it is number 23. Number 22 is JoJo I mean again much like Kobayashi’s dragon maid Jojo was like a fucking, it became a meme, like it existed so much longer Then before the first anime adaptation happened I mean I did a video on Jojo like a couple of years before the anime adaptation. Here you go, there’s your motherfucking JoJo’s reference right there ladies and gentlemen we did it we did it Internet. Number 21 is Gurren Lagann, again You know it’s a classic I mean, when we think mecha anime we think MG or Gurren Lagann so there you go there it is Number 20 is Haikyuu!!. Again, the females are just dominating this fucking list right now We had Yuri on Ice!!! and fucking Black butler, Noragami and Ouran High School Host Club And now we have Haikyuu!!. Gintama is at number 19 Which is very interesting because I believe Gintama was number 11 in the Japan poll So it’s still well-known definitely in the international community, but number 18 is assassination classroom I can kind of get that like it was such a Non Sean and Sean in anime if that makes sense like I really fucking enjoy an assassination classroom So I’m really happy but number 17 is Hunter Hunter, like the 1999 Hunter Hunter because the 2011 Hunter Hunter is in number 28. That blows my mind in all honesty I thought it would have been swapped up I wasn’t even expecting the 99 adaptation of Hunter Hunter to be on here But the fact that both the 99 adaptation and the 2011 adaptation are in the top 30 suggests that there are a lot of people who root for Hunter Hunter. With Hunter Hunter and Yū Yū Hakusho, two big Togashi manga up on the top 100. Wow! Number 16 is Cowboy Bebop Again, it’s one of those anime that even non anime fans know not surprise there. Number fifteen Tokyo ghoul ,again this week They’re standing on to the territory where it’s like. Yeah, of course You know if you think logically then of course it would be there and number 14 is Naruto I thought Naruto or Naruto Shippuden would have been in the top 10 But I guess not, that’s very surprising. Number 13 is Fairy Tail I thought for sure Fairy Tail was gonna be in the top 10, Dude. Whoa!! Okay. Now. I have no idea what’s in the top 10 anymore because number 12 is No game No life Which I again thought was gonna be in the top 10 and the number 11 is Koe no Katachi-A silent voice. A silent voice is number 11 Does that mean we’re gonna see Kimi no Na Wa up there? Okay The fact that Naruto and fairytale are not in the top ten and Koe no Katachi is in number 11 is blowing my fucking mind right now. Okay now I really want to know what the fuck is up in the top ten so here we go ladies and gentlemen We’re about to find out what the International anime community thinks is the top ten. Let’s go. All right We got four to ten right here and number ten is One punch man Okay, I totally forgot about One punch man. That makes a lot of sense actually. Number nine is Code Geass Okay, well we saw season two in the top 100 so season one is also happy Oh wow that means both the international community and the Japanese community Both think that the first season of Code Geass is in the top ten. Okay. There are lots of Code Geass fans I finally understood that now and then we have your lie April at number eight. I mean I think Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso was in the top 20 in the Japan poll, but it’s number eight. Okay I really like your line April, but I wasn’t expecting it to be that popular Holy shit! Number seven we have one piece of course. It’s the big series that is still in the top five and is still being talked about today, and you know what I actually really like One piece So I had absolutely no problem with it being up here number six is a big surprise to me Steins gate I thought for sure that a lot of the younger generation would have never seen Steins;gate They’ve probably heard of it, but they’ve never seen it But I’m really glad actually that Steins;gate is up here, that… That goes to show that steins gate is still a very popular series after all these years Number five is Attack on Titan. I thought that would have been much higher up actually I mean it’s high up It’s fucking… you know number five But then we have Death note at number four I thought death no would have been in top three for sure… for sure I mean I have a pretty good idea of what number one is because it’s that anime I’m sure you also know it’s like oh yeah,it’s that one , but I thought Death note would be number two or number three for sure. Wait! Now I really don’t know what is number two and number three. Here we go. Number three is Kimi no Na Wa Oh…OK! That’s a.. Wow! Kimi no Na Wa is bigger than Death note Really… really wow… really? Okay, and number two is oh my god, of course Boku no Hero Academia Why did I forget fucking Boku Hero dude? I’m an idiot. Of course it’s fucking Boku no Hero Academia and number one is of course That one anime that every international viewer will not shut the fuck up back, and it is of course Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 18000 but almost 2,000 votes more than Boku no Hero I mean, you know what, if I were to say that I was surprised I wouldn’t be I was actually really shocked about the fact that Death Note wasn’t even in the top three Oh, there you go ladies and gentlemen That’s… that’s… that’s what… that’s what the international community is the best anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Boku no Hero Academia and Kimi no Na Wa are the top three. Alright here’s a little bit more bonus content for you guys so the folks over at Flying Colors have done a little bit more digging and analysis with the data, and they have figured out the top anime through the years so 1986 is Dragonball. 1988 is Akira 1989’s Dragon Ball Z, so…. Dragon Ball really fuckin’ dominated the 80s. The 92 is Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Princess Mononoke Cowboy Bebop, One piece Yeah, the 90’s as well are all anime that would war fuckin north And then we have Inuyasha on 2000, Spirited away, Naruto, Fullmetal Alche… This is where the Fullmetal Alchemist sustained the kickin around 2003 and 2004 Oh, yeah So that the big guys Coming in in the early 2000s with One piece, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach then 2005 is fucking Mushishi! Now we’re coming into the golden era of anime so 2006 is Death Note Gurren Lagann, Black Butler and then Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, and then Angel Beats, so it’s like the 2005 to 2010 It’s like really fucking… like you can see how anime has really been built during that golden era 2011 steins gate Jojo, Attack on Titan and said yeah This is where the new the next step comes in with Attack on Titan and then your line April, One punch man Boku no Hero Academia, and then Kobayashi’s dragon maid. So so far Kobayashi’s dragon maid is the most popular of this year? I mean… I can definitely see that This year especially has kind of been struggling in terms of anime and even last year like if it wasn’t for Boku no Hero there isn’t really a whole lot of anime to talk about from last year besides like Mob Psycho 100 and Re:Zero We’ve even got a top anime genre so within the top 100 anime franchises 58% of votes Were action and 48% of votes were comedy wow there’s a lot of action comedy 32% are adventure, 19% are drama and 14% are school so the most popular genre combo was action adventure comedy which is basically every single shounen: One piece, Naruto, Bleach, Boku no Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Most of the Shounen series are that So Shounen just fucking dominates the International anime community Ooh,we also have a top 10 affinity, so we like this anime, wait you like that anime too? So okay, so this is basically like just going to show like people who like this anime also like this anyway. Surprisingly, there are a lot… not a lot of people who go from Naruto Shippuden like people kind of go from One piece and Boku no Hero as you can see to Naruto or Fullmetal Alchemist so most people… so as you can see there most people end up at Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, but not directly from Attack on Titan or Naruto Shippuden or… Tokyo ghoul we kind of just kind of go like a loop around. Most people who end up liking Your lie in April also like Kimi no Na Wa and people who like both of those end up at Koe no Katachi. That makes sense. That’s all It’s all, you know… packed in, to like… different types of genres and again, like it makes a lot of sense that people go from Death Note back and forth between Attack on Titan and then the people who like Attack on Titan which is a lot more of the gory kind of stuff end up at Tokyo ghoul which is the more gorious stuff. That actually makes a lot of sense now that I look at it. Wow that’s very very Interesting well. We even have the top ten studio so Bone Studios is actually the number What… wait. Oh yeah, because they did Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood of course. Okay, that makes sense, I was like wow why Bones studios I mean Bones Studio are good, but Madhouse is yeah I was expecting that… I thought a A-1 would have been number one for sure. Sunrise, of course they did all the shounen stuff Studio Pierrot is number five and Kyoto Animation is number six. I thought Kyoto Animation would have been a lot more. White Fox is really high up Toei-that makes sense. Comics wave films? Oh well, I mean literally Comix Wave films is up there because of Kimi no Na Wa And then Wit Studio. Okay that makes a lot… that really… that lineup makes a lot of sense except for Comix Wave If Kimi no Nawa wasn’t number three Comix Wave I don’t think would have been up there We even have the top ten licenses so Funimation is whoa… Funimation fucking dominates. 211.000 votes Viz media… Sentai Filmworks… Aniplex…NIS America I don’t know what NIS America did. ADV films, okay? Walt Disney Studios. Bandai. G kids. Manga entertainment. Wow Crunchyroll isn’t on here? Wow, that’s very surprising so… there you go. Funimation is fuckin’ Dominating. Oh here’s some fun stats. There were 15 plus ways to say Howl’s Moving Castle Oh god! Howl’s, Howl’s Castle, Howl’s Flying Castle, Howl’s Living Castle, Howl’s Magic Castle Mooving Mouving castle, Howl’s Moving Castle Howls Movie Castle Howard’s Moving Castle Howell’s Moving Castle Howel’s Moving Caslte with one L. Howels Moving Castle no apostrophe Howling Moving Castle Howlings Moving Castle and Howll ‘s. Wow that is like a perfect picture to describe the Internet’s lack of fucking diction and spelling. If this doesn’t prove to you to fuck and run a spellcheck in anything I don’t know what will. Cuz this is probably the main reason why it took so long for this video to come out if everybody had just fucking written Howl’s Moving Castle a quick Google Search is all it takes to get you to spell it correctly Oh and last but not least is of course the meme answers never knew that was an anime you also voted for Cory in the House of course Joeysalads Why Harry Potter. Okay. Tom Sawyer no boy? Oh? Tom Sawyer’s adventures, really? The Fresh Prince of Bel Air of course. The devil on G-string I think that’s a hentai. The diary of M…The diary of Anne Frank okay the Lorax Of course and the Magic School Bus. Wow! Surprisingly there weren’t a lot of book and Epico entries There you go. That also perfectly just describes the internet. Thank You internet! Thank You! Thank you for meaning the fuck out of this Poll as usual but there you have it ladies and gentlemen that was the top 100 anime series of all time according to the International anime community, what did you guys think please let me know in the comments And if you haven’t seen my video on what Japan thought was the top 100 I think it’d be kind of fun to watch this video, and then watch the top 100 Japan series and kind of compare and contrast What people think there were a lot of things that surprised me a lot of things that didn’t surprise me? But I think the biggest thing that surprised me was just the number of people that participated so again Thank you so much to every single one of you who participated in this we did it internet We actually came together and actually did something and I think that’s the thing that I’m the most fuckin proud of throwing your likes Throwing your dislikes if you saw your favorite anime. Oh, you didn’t see your favorite anime Let me know what you think should have gone into this top 100 if it wasn’t there Let me know what you think doesn’t deserve to be in the top 100 if we ever end up doing this again Then I hope we get something a lot more interesting and a lot more… I guess just bigger than this I mean this was already fucking huge with six hundred and thirty thousand votes Let’s try and aim for a million votes next time. I think that’d be pretty fucking littie but again Thank you to every single person that helped out with this poll Thank you to the folks are flying calls foundation for making this video possible and Thank you every single one of you who made this huge project possible I won’t even be fuckin mad if this video does fucking terrible because you know what we did something cool We actually brought the anime community together somewhat, and we made something fucking cool, so Video guys now you know what the anime community the International anime community and the Japanese anime community Thinks is the top 100 anime will this change in the years to come Maybe we’ll have to kind of see but anyways guys Thanks for watching, and I’ll see in the next one like a pepper teepee enjoy subscribe for more Nanette banda and keep watching anime

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    I am however rather disappointed that the To Aru series didn't get anywhere on this list because even if you hate the anime pretty much everyone agrees Railgun S out of the lot was actually freaking good. The fact Railgun S couldn't even break into 90's is rather disappointing. I'm also shocked Hetalia didn't make this list either as I know for a fact it has a very loyal following.

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