The Oscars: Fashion Hits & Misses

(upbeat music) (crowd cheering) Okay. (crowd cheering) The Oscars were last night. Yes. (mumbles) (laughing) To break down the fashion hits and misses Bevelations star Bevy Smith. (crowd cheering) Style Guru and author Lloyd Boston. (crowd cheering) And, the very shady Robert Verdi! (crowd cheering) Alright let’s get started. Cynthia Erivo. (crowd cheering) Oh come on now. I did like this. Erivo has arrived. Yes! Now, look at what we’re seeing here We’re seeing Versace, which we love. And we’re also seeing you know, a body-ody-ody. Yes. Let’s not forget about. She looks really good. And I hear she’s a cross-fit fan. Yes. A big cross-fit fan, But that’s the “f-word” that no one wants to talk about. She’s got fitness, that’s eighty percent of this look. Now mind you this dress is dangerous, she don’t know if it’s stay on or come off. She’s not too muscular though. And I love that. She’s still feminine. She didn’t go all Tina Turner “What’s Love got to do with it” movie, right? Yeah.
Very beautiful. Very beautiful.
Very smooth. I liked this better than her first dress. Oh, than the second dress. Than the performance dress. Yeah. Ah, yeah. Vampiry? (laughing) Robert, what do you say? I love! I love it! And I think, what I love about Cynthia is, that she hits the carpet knowing herself. She really knows her body, she knows how to work a dress. I didn’t know her before last night! No?
Really? She has, she’s almost an EGOT, all she has to do is win an Oscar, and she will have an Emmy, a Grammy. Okay, don’t stab me! (laughing) Sorry. I’m just saying Wendy, she’s a big deal. And she starred in “Color Purple”, so she really gained all of her success. She was in “The Color Purple”? She was in–
The musical. She was in The Revival, the “Revival Color Purple” on Broadway, the second time around.
I love your glasses! Brooklyn, Style Eyes Optical. I love!
Can y’all get back to the Red Carpet? Sorry!
(audience laughing) So the thing I love about Cynthia Erivo, is that she is tiny, but she wears clothes impeccably well. Is she tiny? Very!
Super tiny. She’s about five feet if that. Really? But she knows how to work a dress. She knows how to work a dress! She knows how to work the red carpet. Yeah, she looks great! (crowd cheering) And she should’ve won for best song, so that we could’ve had this picture immortalized for life. ‘Cause she didn’t win last night? No, she was nominated for two Oscars. That’s okay, she’s got a whole other year to make more movies. Yes, she’s got more to come And then she’ll be back next year Alright, Scarlett Johansson, Bevy? What do ya think? Scarlett Johansson, in this Oscar De la Renta with this deconstructed, corset, with these lovely silver strands,
So sexy! that looks like it’s about to fall off. I love it! And you know why it looks like it’s about to fall off? Because she’s a newlywed. And this look, says I am sexy and I’ve been having a lot of sex. (crowd hollering) Because she’s feeling it. (crowd cheering) She’s feeling it, darling! She’s feeling it. She’s a newlywed and she. You know what, she had some before she got to the awards ceremony, and she had some after she left. (crowd cheers) Please believe. (crowd cheers) The tattoos, are those real? Yeah those are real! Nuh-uh. That trails somewhere real nice I bet. (crowd laughs) You know Oscar De La Renta for many, many years. The house of Oscar De La Renta was known for older, kind of ladies who lunch. Yes. Frocks and dresses, but these gowns really speak to a new generation Tattoos though, they’re filthy on the back. Are we judging? We’re judging? I’m judging. Okay. I have tattoos too, I judge every time I get out of the shower. I’m like.
You do? Yeah, you know I got that thing over my tummy tuck. Right, right, right. Yeah, Robert? It’s a great, it’s a beautiful dress. She’s had a great season. It’s a hard fabric to wear, that silk charmeuse skirt. It could really reveal every lump and bumps. Skirt or dress? Dress. But I mean the skirt part of the dress. But I love, I love the look. I think she looks amazing. Janelle Monae, Robert? (crowd clapping) I mean, this was otherworldly, this is Janelle’s wheelhouse. She knows how to take the red carpet. (crowd cheering) That’s all I saw. Amazing! Like even when they swept the audience, the only person that you saw, in the audience shots, is her. 180,000 Swarovski crystals. She stole the show. She’s ethereal. She’s ethereal. She’s otherworldly. The thing I love most about the dress, is that without the hood, it’s just a pretty dress. (mumbling) As Aretha Franklin once said, beautiful gown. But with the hood, it makes it aversive. It makes it racy. And it pays hommage to good ol’ Grace Jones. Okay, in the eighties. Wendy, here’s an important thing to note, that hooded dress moment, really came out in the 1940s. So it was a very old-timey silhouette, that was made to look very modern. Speaking of old-timey, it’s a classic.
All you do is study fashion. (laughing) It’s my job to know all this stuff. I know, you know stuff. But just think about it. You said old-timey, but she went to a classic designer, Ralph Lauren. And we know, Ralph. Okay, go ahead. Ralph Lauren, this is like what? 600 of work on this gown. Extraordinary. She’s also very theatrical, sometimes costume-y. She kinda reminded me a little bit of another black icon. Remember Lena Horn, in “The Wiz”? Yes! You know, when she was giving you that moment. (laughing) I think that my glasses are gone. (crowd cheering) They look good. That’s a good look. You know what’s so good about those glasses? That’s a black designer out of Brooklyn, Style Eyes Optical. So right over the bridge in Brooklyn. Seriously?
Absolutely. She’s not going to Brooklyn, though. Send it to her. Oh, I was just in Brooklyn last night. I can’t travel no more. Were you? You should come visit. I live there. Dippin’ and doin’ it. (laughing) Now look at here. Charlize Theron. Lloyd, what do you think? Gorgeous. Simple. Sleek. Now, I know we have a back and forth about Charlize. That’s about a 1.5, maybe 1.75. I do a 1.5! Yeah, we’re right in the same brackets. Those look good on you. (murmuring) You know, they look a little something got to give on you. They look a little, Diane Keaton on you, right? (laughing) Well, when I have my Mardi Gras beads. Right, back to Charlize. Watch out, it’s gonna go down. Remember what we’re seeing here. I love that sleek, clean line. Yeah. I love that dangerous, off the shoulder. Once again, clean, soft hair. And again, that high slit. And she knew when to stop. She didn’t chunk it up with a lot of jewelry. And I love that she is wearing Dior. She has a partnership there, with the ambassador role. 16 years. Yeah, 16 years. Sometimes, it goes wrong. But this time, it went really right. (crowd cheering) I think it’s hard to look this fabulous, when you always have to wear one designer, when you’re obligated to wear one designer. There was a lot of this “it’s about to fall off” look. But I love all these curves in the gown, and everything. We are not used to seeing her look sexy. But she was nominated for the film “Bombshell” and she looked like a bombshell in this gown. Yes, yes she did. (crowd cheering) Alright, Sandra Oh. Robert, what do you say? Oh, Sandra Oh, oh no! Oh, my! Excuse me, I happen to like this dress. You like this dress? I felt like this was a little too costume-y. I was looking for the trapeze act, and the clowns behind her. (laughing) This was way. I like this! No, why? Because she’s small? Or what are you thinking? I think there’s a lot of ideas, it’s a big dress. There’s a lot of ideas. It’s a plunge neckline, it’s sequins, there’s a bow, the shoulders. Excuse me? For me, it was a sugary confection of a dress. There’s cotton candy sleeves. The bottom with all the rosettes, that’s what you see on a birthday cake. Those sparkles could’ve been on a wedding cake. It was too much going on. It gave me a cavity, that’s how sweet it is. It’s too sweet. Too sugary. Well, we discussed a whole bunch of other dresses, including a Maya Rudolph. Uh oh! Okay, wait, show the Maya Rudolph dress, please. That is Ms. Roper’s dress. (mumbling) Wait, wait, wait, hold on. Hold on, put the glasses on. Show me please. (laughing) See, the thing is. You can’t go wrong with a Roper dress. No, you can, but it’s not a red carpet. From the neck down. This is how you host a party at your house and look fabulous while you’re cooking. (laughing) You’re right. And she’s wearing a really comfortable shoe, which makes me really uncomfortable. She’s wearing a kid heel with that one strap sandal. You’re right. My thing with this, is that you can tell that she’s got kids at home, and she just barely wants to come to these things. Throw a dress on me, honey. Make it sparkle. And then she goes. And she does not have time for this. Yeah, if you’re gonna do this look, you gotta really do big hair, big jewelry, high heels, you gotta add sex appeal in other places. That’s why I said from neck down. From neck down, she looks great. But the rest of it, ah! No bueno, sorry. And then, she got on that stage, with the other girl. Kristin Wiig. Kristin Wiig. Kristin Wiig. Now, that was too much architecture for me. I don’t care that she got side-boob. A lot of men liked the side-boob. That’s a dress for a professional. That’s for Rihanna. Excuse me, excuse me. Point to make. (laughing) That dress is an amazing dress. (murmuring) Yeah, I think from the waist up, it’s great. Otherwise, it’s a Pelosi. (laughing) Yeah, waist up. Thank you for being here. For more information on my panelists, go to (upbeat music)

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