100 thoughts on “The Post tested Google Stadia. The input lag is horrendous.

  1. Watch 4 different videos and get 4 different experiences. Tested had zero issues, as well as other sites. This guy has nothing but issues. Endgadget said the issues she had leveled out after a few minutes and she was on 30mbps connection.

  2. Some one with Networking experience here.

    Distance = latency.

    so for those who don't get it.
    your distance to the server is what creates this.

    Example like in this video.
    he clicks to jump. almost 2 seconds later it jumps.

    this means the time it took for the packet to get sent to the server processed and then returned to you took that long for a SINGLE ACTION!
    creates a bad gameplay experience. because nothing you do reacts when you click it. it comes with a massive delay.

    so the ONLY 2 ways to solve this is.

    1)Re-invent the internet with new tech that literally makes distance irrelevant! that might be possible in the future who knows.
    2)put a google data center on every corner so everyone gets under 40ms to the server for a decent experience ( which would cost google trillions. to make and upkeep)

    so unless you live right next door to google data center. you will NOT have a good experience!

    also internet speed of upload and download have almost NO effect on how good your latency is.
    so them using fiber (i got fiber to) does not matter.

    for gaming you want to be as CLOSE to the server as possible!
    the best ROUTING to said server as possible (least access points from you to said server, the more direct your connection is the better)
    and STABILITY! you don't want your internet to be unstable and lose packets etc.

  3. literally no one of the professional gaming channels on youtube that reviewed stadia said there is input lag. now we have washington post that says there is. most probably the asian guy watches too much porn at work and his old computer is messed up. this video is such a joke

  4. I'm not saying Stadia will ever be great, however most reviewers are missing the point. In its current version it is a paid beta. I guarantee Stadia will have a relaunch of sorts, in 2020 when the free tier becomes available. So this video really should be title "Beta software performs like beta software". Now if it is still this way when the free tier comes out, and more people are trying to give it a chance… Then by all means, roast the hell out of it. But until then, just remember it is a paid beta

  5. He's not using the Google stadia controller is the first thing on top of the fact it's a big standard office key board and not even a gaming one. Some people just want clicks honestly did he even show the chrome cast game play or how it was with the official controller they sent him

    Its not even day one and people are already burrying this service before ifs even launched

  6. I don't see an issue with game streaming with this latency, as long as it's playing something like a card game, a turn based 4x game, a visual novel. Anything where latency doesn't really matter. If it had been marketed accordingly, people would not have the absurd expectations of the service. Game streaming is a great idea, but Google has set its consumers up for disappointment by overpromising, when it's a neat idea that is well suited for a more limited market that what it's targeting.

  7. That clip where is pushing the space bar will be such a meme when Stadia actually make their platform better and make it the next big thing in gaming …Poor guy !

  8. Called it, Google tried but game streaming isn't ready with todays piss poor broadband infrastructure. Well, in North America anyway.

  9. You were not supposed to play with keyboard lol. It's not fully optimised for keyboard and mouse yet. Play with founders edition.

  10. The input lag is terrible even when i run a vpn through russia then washington then to south korea then spain then to california…..who da thunk?!

  11. It’s not because u switched to mobile, it’s because u aren’t using the controller…are your problem solving skills really that basic?

  12. cloud based everything: slowly giving up any control and ownership of social and cultural heritage in the name of profits. if even one of these services decides to halt access to something they can effectively erase something from human history.

  13. Lol and people expect streaming to become the next big thing, reminds me of when people thought mobile gaming would change gaming as we knew it 😂

  14. lol ppl need to chill out. Stadia is gonna take some time, you want it perfect out from day one. I have no doubts the adjustments will be made for this to work with minimal lag.. im more concerned the pricing model wont change. I wish XCloud could stream directly to a TV instead of only mobile .. i can hope

  15. Oh well, it's totally worth it to be able to get the premium subscription to play a free to play game or to be able to buy year old games for full price

  16. "If you're planning on playing on a 720p or 1080p screen, Stadia will eat up a lot less data. Playing on a 720p screen will use around 4.5GB per hour, while a 1080p screen will use 9.0GB per hour. So 30 hours of 720p gaming will use 135GB of data, while 1080p will use 270GB."
    That's a no for mobile gaming. Data cap on mobile carries is 21GB/month before throttling occurs. Due to no Net Neutrality, carriers can throttle you legally. Until Google offers cell service, I'll pass.

  17. NVIDIA gamestreaming tech (geforce now) is light years ahead of this crap (been trying it for free since 2014) and i still would not pay a dime for that service.

    Do google CEO lives in another universe? Doesnt he know how current technology communication works?

    Or he is assuming we are a bunch of dumbdidoos who buy any branded crap?

  18. I'm glad I cancelled my pre-order 2 weeks ago. I wanted to believe but my doubts proved true. Maybe in the future when we 1Gbps+ internet is normal..

  19. They're on a fiber-optic line it looks like too is my guess. I expected there to be lag… but not this bad tbh. Google just needs to sell a ARM based Android console that runs certified games but also lets you do anything else if wanted.

  20. Yikes! Yea, I personally did some game streaming on my own home network via Remote Play with Steam, PS4, and XB1 and while the experience wasn't terrible, I didn't like the input lag and occasional freezes. I much prefer just using a local device where games run natively.

  21. Turning off Vsync in any game will reduce input lag tremendously. Geforce now FPS games were unplayable. After Vsync off its great.

  22. I've heard people having input lag with gigabit internet, I'm sure lots of us in PNW with less than 300mbs gonna have lots of issues.

  23. I currently stream a lot via Geforce Now and my experiences are fantastic so far. Don't know what Google is up to but Nvidia got that thing right.

  24. Streaming games will never be a thing as long as they don't build datacenters across the street for everyone's house. I feel the latency even when streaming in-home!

  25. The input lag could be influenced by so many factors that it's unreasonable for Google to expect a casual customer to find out what the issue is on his own. The majority of potential users don't even have a reliable and fast internet connection to begin with. Looking forward to more opinions and reviews and Google's first statements.

  26. Are Google fanboys downvoting this video? It's sometimes har to know what the thumbs mean. Maybe i should downvote just because this is WP.

  27. Remember OnLive? I paid £1 for a trial account, and it was the worst experience I'd ever had playing a video game. It was so bad that I consider that meagre £1 to be the best value I have ever spent as it taught me a valuable lesson: don't march on Moscow in winter.

  28. "It's kind of like streaming music or video"

    Yeah, except you charge for each game, individually, ON TOP of your monthly fee. Crash and burn, Google.

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