The Reason The Mandalorian Has Reportedly Lost Disney Millions

Baby Yoda giveth, and Baby Yoda taketh away. CNBC is reporting that Disney’s failure to
have toys based on The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda available for the 2019 holiday season
has resulted in a loss of up to $2.7 million, despite the fact that action figures and plushies
are available for pre-order. “Because of all the secrecy that was surrounding
the series before it came out, Hasbro was unable to make Baby Yoda merchandise in time
for the holidays.” The loss was a calculated one though. The Disney+ series’ creator, Jon Favreau,
has recently revealed that he was moved to implore the House of Mouse to keep Baby Yoda
a secret up until his reveal at the end of The Mandalorian’s first episode. He was inspired by a conversation he had on
the set of Disney’s live-action The Lion King remake with star Donald Glover, who pointed
out that these days, audiences are used to knowing pretty much everything about every
hot new property before it’s even available to the public. Since the element of surprise has become so
scarce, Glover reasoned, it’s become a commodity. As an example, the actor pointed to the recent
works of pop superstar Beyoncé, who has been known to drop albums online with absolutely
no prior notice. Not only have fans eaten them up, but the
surprise nature of these releases has sparked as much or more discussion than any expensive
marketing push could have; in addition, the surprise drops have the added advantage of
being, you know, free. Favreau, rightfully sensing that he had a
breakout character on his hands with “The Child,” decided to apply this strategy in
advance of The Mandalorian’s release. It’s safe to say that it worked; sure, Disney
could have easily included Baby Yoda in the show’s marketing, and the cute little bugger
may very well have taken the world by storm in similar fashion if it had. But The Mandalorian, the first ever live-action
TV series set in the Star Wars universe, had already built a strong buzz just for being
the first of its kind, and by virtue of being the most high-profile original offering available
at the launch of Disney+. Favreau and the Mouse House basically gambled
that all eyes were going to be on the series in any event, and that gamble paid off; little
Baby Yoda’s reveal at the end of that first episode melted hearts, sure, but it was also
a stunning surprise that we’re pretty sure no one saw coming. “This is what was causing all the fuss?” For one thing, it was only the second time
in Star Wars history that another member of Yoda’s mysterious species had been introduced. For another, it was an insane plot wrinkle,
instantly altering the trajectory of the titular bounty hunter., fans were just blindsided
by all of that cuteness; if they had known it was coming, it still would have been cool,
but the fact that it was a complete surprise made it the kind of “holy crap” moment that
generates buzz on the level that no mere marketing can accomplish. Look, $2.7 million is a lot of money by any
stretch, and the question has to be asked: did Disney make the right decision, or should
the studio have cashed in using a more conventional marketing campaign to introduce Baby Yoda? Now that we’ve posed the query, let us answer
with a hearty laugh and the assertion that yes, the Mouse House absolutely made the right
choice. First of all, it stands to reason that including
Baby Yoda in the marketing push for The Mandalorian may have set Disney back a comparable amount
of cash. The show’s shooting schedule may have had
to be shuffled around to make sure that certain shots would be available for marketing materials,
different one-sheets from the ones we got would have to have been produced, and additional
funds would have to have been shelled out to advertising types to develop a marketing
strategy for the little tyke, just off the top of our heads. Second, the fact that toys weren’t available
for the holiday season doesn’t mean that those who want them won’t purchase them when they
are available. Heck, when Baby Yoda plushies showed up for
pre-order on Disney’s online store, the allotted number initially made available sold out in
a matter of hours. Disney was prepared for the character’s popularity;
by the time Baby Yoda action figures and toys are widely available between March and May
of 2020, everybody who wants one will be able to get one, and that basically means literally
everybody. Finally: $2.7 million may be a lot of money,
but to Disney, it’s freaking pocket change. This is the studio that released Avengers:
Endgame last spring, and that flick made $2.7 billion. The movie was one of six Mouse House releases
to make more than a billion bucks in 2019. Its theme parks and merchandise generate billions
in revenue every year; Disney+ picked up 10 million subscribers on its first day. Disney is doing just fine. No, we’re thinking that the approach to Baby
Yoda’s marketing was absolute genius, and it’s all down to a pleasant conversation that
Favreau and Glover had, discussing Beyoncé on their coffee break. Now, if Queen Bey’s next surprise video would
feature a dancing Baby Yoda, we’d really have something. We’re pretty sure we’re the first to have
that idea; we’ll take a nice fruit basket as a thank you or $2.7 million. Whichever is easiest. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “The Reason The Mandalorian Has Reportedly Lost Disney Millions

  1. Such a bullshit term. If you have £10 and can't find it you LOST it, if you did not get £10 when you could have then you missed out on it. It's this kind of terminology that corrupts and encourages greed and selfishness.

  2. Not to mention not having a follow up show ready to go following the Mandalorian, and Disney plus subscriptions have plummeted.

  3. Actually really smart. I’m betting when the toy actually comes out it will sell out. Not sure if the toy will come out before the name reveal. So the anticipation is going to be crazy.

  4. They did the right thing. The buzz is what brings more people in to the show (even many first timers to star wars!) and builds up exciment among the fans and give a priceless reveal to the producers , creators and writers about what works and what dosen't and leads them to the direction of how the property should continue in next seasons. No way 2.7 million is worth more then a satisfied fandom that the mandalorian now has shaped us to be. For the first time in a long time my heart has the experience of seeing a united community that instead of calling each others things for either liking or not liking- the sequel trilogy- we are now back to discussing lore and theory crafting and everybody's in on it. I would rather put it in the terms that in this case: Disney indirectly spent an extra 2.7 million in getting a bigger, priceless buzz around their show. And it was worth every dollar since it might have saved the franchise.

  5. Bad analysis, the successful secrecy created buzz, which make sure that the Disney+ launch went well, which it did, due mainly to the buzz around Mado and the Child. A few millions of plush toys is insignificant to the power of Disney marketing. Had Disney made baby Yod plushies, CNBC would have criticized it for selling out for a few millions when it could have created more buzz for itself had it kept it a secret, blah blah blah. The only thing for sure in life that that Trump is Christian God's chosen one, and the impeachment is a liberal sham for Trump is the most law abiding person ever.

  6. They simply lost yet another chance to make millions like they have done ever since Disney got a hold of SW and hasn't had any idea how to handle the toy market. We still don't have 6 inch black series figures of classics like Momau Nadon, Tessek, Oola, Cad Bane, Savage Opress, Aurra Sing ect cause Disney just knew fans would prefer wonderful figures like Rose, DJ, Holdo ect. Yup! Disney's strategy to not cash in on Baby Yoda was a success like the lady on this report says. I guess she's a genius just like Disney has been.

  7. The loss of profits on a baby yoga doll is a drop in the bucket. They make over 3 million dollars a day in Florida alone.

  8. Nothing to do with the fact that they have actively encouraged piracy by releasing their service in a limited area with their flagship show being one that millions the world over would want access to? Yeah that wasn't a dumb decision at all that lost them millions in subscriptions from people who couldn't access the service but have now downloaded for free the one thing they would have subscribed for.

  9. $2.3 million is a rounding error for Disney. Let’s not call that a “loss”. Disney will make billions on these franchises.

  10. Chinese new year is around the corner, hurry up. By the way, storyline of Mandalorian is shit. I only hope it leads to a more serious story for ss2.

  11. Disney has irrevocably broken Star Wars, and all you dingbats racing to hammer your little cocks onto the "subscribe" button for Disney+ have conveniently forgotten that you HATED Disney three months ago for what they did to Star Wars. You people are idiots. Do not give Disney more money to drag out the death of this brand. Let it die so it can go to someone who will treat it properly.

  12. I'm not gonna make a cringey comment so I'll keep my words at fair, business value and quality at the very best to which I can do so.
    I do think they plan on making toys for every single character in the show, that is of no doubt.
    Secondly, baby yoda in the time was how do I put it…Not a known market, it was a must to be held back for one reason and that reason being, everyone would've just thought it was a "Baby" "Yoda"
    My guess is, john wanted the character to have a little more respect than just merch, he wanted the character to have story rather than just be a plush toy.
    To adults, this should be taken as GOOD news, it means john only cares for the best of real quality, as for money he is probably fine with losing an episode for the show, it just means more hype for the next installments for the show, he wants people getting interested in the SHOW, see…Disney plus isn't important, it's failing as it is because they're taking a whole goddamn year to obtain the rights to several of their OWN movies, that is a shame unlike any other…Mucking up merch in movies is bad, not full filling the end of a deal is so much worse, it's near damn it to robbery and criminal even.
    Now, sure disney plus might say they're doing fine…But we've seen lies before.
    It's about the quality to john not quantity, now as for the repercussions, my final guess is things are gonna become a lot more interesting for the show before baby yoda finally sits in our houses, examples… a baby cast in beskar, flying in a jetpack with the darksaber, or how about we embrace some peter pan, no jetpack…A flying baby yoda cast in beskar meanwhile dha werda verda plays in the background and a hundred mandalorians do battle crys for their righteous leader and crusade…Following the words of their mandalore, as for toys, separately sold additions to said merch, baby yoda is probably gonna be the star of the show for a long time, either way 2.7 mill is only a dime of an episode so not too much of a sacrifice especially if what john is wanting is quality.

  13. It's still possible they could have made the toys and Secret the plush dolls of Yoda, and been able to sell them for the holiday season. Maybe they just didn't know how big baby Yoda would be.

  14. Rolled through Disney yesterday wearing a baby yoda shirt I found online and people were constantly asking me where I got it and if they could buy it then and there. They’re gonna sell lots of baby yoda merch regardless.

  15. “I lost millions of dollars when I didn’t invest in Bitcoin when it was worth next to nothing!”

    See how stupid that sounds? I never had millions of dollars to lose, I did miss out on an opportunity to make millions of dollars however, still not the same thing.

  16. That moment when the Youtube people make just as much sense as the actual News reporting on shit. I'm guessing they both went to Devry University and majored in Journalism.

  17. I'm calling b***** it's not up to Jon Favreau to Market everything he's putting out a wonderful product and if you say Disney says they're losing millions of dollars again that's b*****

  18. Make some Mandalorian Lego sets. Easy money $$$ A small set with Baby Yoda, his carriage and Mando with his rifle would be an easy seller. Come on y'all!!!

  19. Good since the mandalorain is losing Disney money they won’t make season 2 therefore I don’t need Disney plus anymore

  20. I like the fact that Favreau put the importance of the show before making money off of merchandise. Favreau proved to me the content of the show comes first. I really respect that.

  21. Oh well, Maybe they should have given hasbro more money because honestly even the ones they made dont look that great.

  22. “It was only the second time in Star Wars history another character of Yoda’s species was introduced.”

    Master Vandar: Am I a joke to you?

  23. You know what guys i can tell the CEO crap bob iger told them not to put out any baby yoda toys which is the stupidest and selfish thing he and "his company" has ever done. PULL YPUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR FLIPPING BUTT BOB IGER!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡 WHAT THE CRAP ARE YOU THINKING ??😡😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😤😡😠😠😡😡😡😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😡

  24. Good decision. I had the expected holy fuck moment when I seen The Child. Had another holy fuck moment when I seen Moff Gideon had the dark sabre. Well played, Jon and Dave. Well played.

  25. Only 2.7 millions?? I dont believe it. They always make the same ammount of money with merchandise than they make with the movies.

  26. If Disney “lost” money on missed revenue, then the Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker “lost” Disney BILLIONS, as they both should have been bringing in at least Avengers End Game numbers, but have failed to do so.

  27. They made 2.7 million dollars off of reruns of 1950 Mickey Mouse they didn't miss it at all. Not to mention all the money they make in 1 day from all there parks

  28. That's a lie. Mandalorian made them so much. I literally bought Disney + for this show. I hate disney do much but they own star wars so what can I do

  29. Honestly I think Disney probably MADE more money with the move. It was the shocked hype about "the child" that made me subscribe to Disney+. If I'd known about the child in the marketing, I would've done what I'd planned to do orginally – wait for the whole season to air, get the 1 week trial, and then binge and dump the trial before I paid. Instead I shelled out 2 months of subscription fees to watch it as it aired. And I guarantee I'm not the only one. Now that the show is over, I'll drop my subscription until Season 2 comes out…but I know I'll be watching it live because I love the show so much, and a lot of that love does come from the surprise of the child, and how unexpectedly fantastic he and Mando work as an adopted father/son duo. As a Baby Yoda fan, if they create good merch, I'll totally buy it. I got a couple awesome bootleg shirts because the merch Disney was putting out was uninspired looking. But if they come out with cool designs, I'll totally shell out more money for it. Disney won't lose a thing (and keep in mind…they'll be ready for Season 2 child merch in 2020 and have a whole additional marketing push around it. All to say, Disney won't actually lose out on that money, it'll just be collected a little differently and on a different timeline. I think the successful launch of Disney+ as a platform is worth far more to them than a couple million dollars.

  30. First of all, you underestimate the power of the baby Yoda, try 200 million potentially. Second of all, THANK YOU! FINALLY A DAMN SERIES THAT I DON'T ALREADY KNOW THE OUTCOME OF 4 MONTHS IN ADVANCE THEREFORE STOP WATCHING IT. TALKING TO YOU WALKING DEAD SHOW.

  31. They only reason it’s lost money is they haven’t released all the merchandise. That’s where the money is. I have spoken.

  32. Disclaimer: even though the child is called "Baby Yoda" that's actually not Yoda himself. Yoda died in his 900s of old age. However, I theoretically believe that the kid could be a Grand son of Yoda.

  33. The Mandalorian is 10x better than 3 Latest Star Wars movies combine. They got money because of Mandalorian and Baby Yoda and they lost money because of 3 stupid, woke, sjws movies… Dont blame The Mandalorian.

  34. The missed out in that point in time but now have momentum to make POTENTIALLY more in the near future. A calculated risk that they have to capitalize on.

  35. If they had made the toys beforehand, the hype would have been severely lessened because it would have been expected. They absolutely made the right decision, and this video is pointless.

  36. Whoever wrote the title and content of this video has no idea how to use the term “loss”… they imply that they didn’t break even, which obviously they did. They also don’t mention the millions that the show has made without these figures. They didn’t lose the money, they simply missed a chance at it. And finally: 2.7 million is pocket change for Disney btw

  37. The show didn’t loose anyone any money Looper, you show yet again why I hate this channel. It’s a projected losss, meaning they didn’t loose anything, they just “lost”what they THINK they could’ve made and it’s not even the shows fault, click bat

  38. This series, is the only good thing Disney has going for Star Wars at the moment, thanks to Favreau and Filoni. Here's hoping they take over SW fellow fans.

  39. 2.7 mil is pocket change for Disney plus it’s not like they lost 2.7 mil it’s just that they didn’t make an extra 2.7 mil

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