The Silver Build MINI – February PC of the Month

this video is sponsored by Squarespace I've been using Squarespace to host the channels official site and merchandise store for about two years now and compared to building a site from scratch the difference has been PC and console the clean UI makes it easy to create and customize content embed YouTube videos social media posts and add new items to our store a simplified all-in-one platform means you never have to install patch or upgrade anything and I can tell you firsthand there 24/7 customer support is better than most tech companies in the PC space they'll tell them I said that Squarespace has everything you need for your next domain website or online store head to for a free trial and when you're ready to launch and go to slash bit wit to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain what's going on guys welcome back to the channel so for February's PC of the month I thought it would be a great opportunity to rekindle an old flame of mine see back in October of 2016 I put together the silver build which till this day ranks as one of my favorite systems I've ever put together mainly because of its stunning good looks like system like owner as they say so I figured what better way to pay homage to this beautiful machine than by making a miniature version of it that's right the silver build is getting its very own mini-me and not only will the system be significantly smaller and ten times more adorable but it'll be sporting modern high-end components that go well beyond the performance of its full-size predecessor I've said it once and I'll say it again people size does not matter not that I need to live by that statement by now I'm sure you guys are dying to see the rest of the hardware behind me you know I'm kind of covering up some of the good stuff so why don't we swap places really quick and take a look at the parts will be using for today's build our processor is the Intel Core i7 8700 K which is still the fastest gaming CPU on the market but since we have two more cores and four more threads than the 6600 K we're replacing this will also make a killer chip for heavily multi threaded workstation applications which is pretty sweet we'll be pairing our CPU with the asus rog Strix z 370 i gaming this guy is loaded with all the features you could ever want on a mini ITX motherboard but let's face it I would use this thing even if it didn't have a socket just to have those sexy silver heat sinks I take that back it should really have a socket you know what's nice about the corsair dominator platinum everything speed reliability and oh look more silver yes this is the same 16 gigabyte ddr4 3000 kit that I used in the original silver build and I'm doing so again in this one without shame to honor Papa silver I'm sticking with an EVGA geforce card but we're upgrading from a gtx 1070 to a 1080 TI this card alone is probably worth more than the rest of the parts for this build combined now let's move along before it gets awkward Oh too late lucky for me the EVGA 1080 Ti has dual 8 pin power connectors just like the 1070 we used before it meaning we can reuse the custom sleeved extensions that n source made for the original build can you still feel your legs ladies and gentlemen or have your pants gotten too tight one caveat of the 8700 k is that it tends to run warm especially when over Clarke so here we have a corsair h 100 ib 2 all-in-one liquid cooler like our ram we're borrowing this part from the original for its high performance and color scheme now when i was choosing the parts i overlooked the fact that our case only supports s FX and s FX l power supplies and this is really the only decent one i had on hand the corsair SF 450 if i was planning to use the system long term I would definitely upgrade to at least an SF 600 especially if we plan to overclock our CPU and GPU but for the purpose of this build this should service just fine now this build would not be a proper successor without the Noctua redux fans and their silvery aesthetic so on the right we have a pair of NFS 12 b's and beside them to our ace which are the cutest 80 millimeter fans I've ever seen just adorable for storage we have a single samsung 250 gig 960 Evo m2 nvme SSD a tried and true option that really is the best choice because you're too poor to afford a 960 Pro finally we have the Lian Li pcq 37 as our beautiful canvas for today's build with its full aluminum chassis and tempered glass side panels this thing is sick get well soon and that is our Rockstar lineup of hardware for today's rig the total cost of the system ranges between oh god the pain Y and your 401k with that said folks it's time I leave you momentarily to go off and assemble the silver old 2.0 mini well the builds done and what did we learn we learned that this case is very particular about which GPUs it can actually fit length is pretty much not a problem it can fit full-size GPUs even extra long ones height however is a bottleneck for example you might notice we have the original gtx 10:17 here that's because we could not fit the 1080 TI inside it just would not work it was way too tall the cooler was just at least a centimeter or so too freakin high even this card hardly fit I had to bend one of the corners of our side panel mounts where the threaded hole is just to get it to fit and even then it barely scraped by after getting the card in I was sure that the worst was behind me but no turns out because the cooler is just a little too high for this case with the 8 pin connectors particularly the cable sticking out here don't allow the side panel to close so here we have an open frame system now since I'm not planning to use this system for anything I don't really care in fact it'll probably get disassembled within the next month or so but even still if I was using this as a daily driver or something like that I might even consider leaving the side panel off one because it's incredibly quiet all the Noctua fans even the 80 millimetres are dead quiet see I said quiet not silent because you can still kind of hear them but they are really quiet and there's really not a ton of airflow going to our GPU right now in fact I don't know if there's any airflow going to it other than its own fans on the cooler because you do have the option to install to 120 millimeters on this metal plate underneath the card if you so wish but I did not but I'd imagine even if you did mount some fans down here the GPU especially a large one like this one would block any airflow going to the rest of our components so for that reason I would probably use this in an open-air configuration anyway apart from everything that went wrong in the lower half of the system I am really happy with how it turned out even though the Corsair logo on our radiator is upside down that kind of size I could have flipped the radiator but then the tubes would've been all cramped and bunched up on the left side of the case and it just wouldn't worked out well of course like most movies the original tends to be the best and there were a few compromises we had to make shrinking down to a small form-factor case for one there's no room at all for an LED strip no where that makes sense anyway we could put one on the glass panel but that would be dumb there's also no denying just how perfectly that silver end through evolved ATX case from fantex matched the overall color scheme of our first build and here we get more or less a plain black chassis however beautiful it is not silver and I wasn't gonna spray-paint it because that takes too long but again like I said very happy with how it turned out you guys let me know what you think and also stay tuned for part two and we test acoustics thermals overclocking benchmarks and all that fun stuff guys if you enjoyed this video be sure to toss a like on it before you go and feel free to subscribe to floatplane if you want to watch my content a week early without ads guys thanks for watching have a good one and I'll see you all in the next video

27 thoughts on “The Silver Build MINI – February PC of the Month

  1. Fixed the build. 2 x 90 Degree 8-Pin PCI-E Lay-Flat Adapter + 2 x NF-A12x15 underneath and a blower style GPU. Side panel back on, build complete!

  2. I had the same problem on this case's bigger brother (the PC-O10WX). Used 4 mother board standoffs to mount the side TG panel in order to gain the space for the graphics card. In my case, the jacket with the ports for the water cooling on an evga 1080 Hydrocool card stuck out just a little too far. I had not issues with a 1070 FTW card. Of course, you gotta pick your battles with custom PC building. But, the aesthetics of this series of cases is worth the headaches. IMHO

  3. huh watched 2 professionals build itx machines, one couldnt fit the case front panel back on, the other cant fit the glass window. do i really want to build an itx system…

  4. So, I am watching this video a year later(Feb 2019) but if you tried this again, what do you think about a 2060? It's silver and the power adapter is on the end of the card and might let you close the case.

  5. I have a z370i (that's the reason I wanted to watch this video) and I have a problem. When I turn on the pc, it sends me to graphics card information and then to MEGA TRENDS starting screen.. all that before going direct to the windows screen. I have a SAMSUNG EVO 970 m.2 ssd installed. I used to have a b360h motherboard and it booted in 5 seconds to the windows screen. Then I decided to upgrade to this z370i. Its frustrating how I need to wait for 15 seconds for the boot of my pc… any suggestion???

  6. before u start the build, can u actually build something u REALLY need to build ? for example build a desk which does not wiggle?

  7. The case is too big for mini itx. You should do a build with the Loque Ghost II. That is a small mini itx case that rocks. You can even get the Top Hat to install a 240mm AIO liquid cooling.

  8. What's with all these new fast forward videos? Do yourself a favor and stop making videos if this is your plans. Make a normal speed video or don't make any at all.

  9. Hey BitWit !

    Great ! You Music is Always on Point !
    This will be my next case Thanks for help me find my case ! 😀

    Great work !''

    Oh and For the problem with the cabels !

    Just Make a spacer !

    maybe a wooden or even a Carbon spacer ring unter the glas 😀

    I may show you if i can reach you 😀 Start Build February 😀

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