The Story of a Missing Duet Partner and Gas Station Chicken Wings – American Idol 2020

Waiting in the wings and hoping for any kind of connection are duet partners Madison Paige and Peyton Aldridge. What happened here? I can’t find a partner. What do you mean you can’t find your partner? He has not been up here. Not being able to find really bothers me, not having someone here to practice when we need to be practicing. It’s really frustrating. So did you pick a song by yourself? I picked for us. Obviously we needed to pick something. Who? Who is he? Peyton Aldridge. Do you want to go walk and try to find him? Yeah, sure we can. All right. We’re trying to find Peyton. We’re gonna try to find them together. We can’t find her partner. Are we sure he’s OK? What room is Peyton in? 526 Thank you. What’s he thinking? No offense, but he’s a man. You have to repeat things sometimes. No offense, but it’s true. There he is. Man. We’ve been looking all over for you. Where have you been? I’ve been in my room and chicken wings. That wasn’t part of the experience here. It was to come pick a song with your partner. She picked the song without you. Now you have to go catch up with everybody else. You guys are behind a little bit. Well, I went to my room to change. Then I was coming down. No, no. You just said you were got chicken wings. I did. I went to a store, got some chicken wings. All right, Homer, I’m not used to this. And I’m kind of pissed off because I had no ranch dressing. You can’t eat chicken wings without ranch. You also don’t go to a gas station for wings. Don’t know where you from in Mississippi. Not in Texas. Yes. Unified and fortified Madison and Peyton finally start working on their duet. Can I as you a question. Yeah. You want to play? He wanted to actually play guitar. No, I like piano. Version first. I think you guys have cool voices, but this is all about love. Thank you. After a productive rehearsal with the vocal coach, Madison and Peyton seemed to have found their groove. We practiced, we feel good. After a few hours of sleep, Madison and Peyton continue to work on their duet at the stage rehearsal. Rehearsal stage, it was, I mean, it was alright. But knowing alright won’t be good enough, peyton proposes a last minute switch. Returning to the guitar over the piano. I’m good with it. Whatever, you know, whatever makes it so, we both make it through. That’s all that matters. All right. With their performance rapidly approaching, anxiety rising, Madison has some serious second thoughts. Up next, the chicken wings. So I want to know, what were you thinking? What’s going on? But let me tell you about this. So I was in the lobby, didn’t see my partner here. Maybe because I wasn’t looking real hard enough. I went right beside the hotel because, look, you see this cauliflower, zucchini stuff. And they had chicken wings and I had to get chicken wings. OK. This is really what happened. I’m just gonna cut to the chase. We discussed that. Hey, we’re gonna go upstairs, choose our song and go change. Come back and practice. He’s like, all right, cool. Well, he didn’t listen. So he went missing for like 30 minutes. All right. So listen, we we’ve got you all schedule for another show. This is some priceless stuff, just not even right now. This is the duets part that we love so much. What are you gonna do for us? We’re gonna sing “Don’t you want to stay”. Let’s do this. Well, the opening was pretty much like buckshot. It was everywhere. I was fully prepared. Guitar went a little different than what we practice. Threw me off. Now the judges have to decide whether the American Idol road for Peyton or Madison ends tonight. Whatever he did it threw me off, and I’m not sure I’m going to be making it through. Horrible for her. That’s my fault. I screwed up. I think there are just too many changes and it’s a lesson learned. Listen, there are moments in life when it’s not going to work. This was not the greatest do it in life. Well, I just wanna apologize to you. You worked hard and I say I’ve been rehearsing this all day. Just got in the moment, just lost control. But I just to apologize to you. I appreciate that. And apologize to my family. But I think you all should give her another chance because it wasn’t right. We just, we can wait one minute. I think that was pretty good. That was huge. Two out of three. Madison and Peyton, your performance was not up to par. But we realize what you’ve done in the past. You’re very talented. Peyton, we’re very touched by your humility, your honesty. So my fellow judges and I have decided. To give you a second chance, you both go on through, OK? Thank you. It’s not on, my career is on, but somebody else’s, they had no control. And now feel responsible for it. Most guys will say, I’m sorry. I appreciate apology. I really do. You know, things happen and I live and I learn from it and I move on. I am moving forward. Thank you, Lord. But just it’s just it’s just crazy. She’s crazy.

100 thoughts on “The Story of a Missing Duet Partner and Gas Station Chicken Wings – American Idol 2020

  1. I think he is prepared to give up. He knows he can't do it. They shd give the chance to someone passionate and a fighter. They all have beautiful voices. But some aren't ready.

  2. They let Peyton thru and sent home the 2nd half of some real couple duets.
    Back to a REAL talent show, THE VOICE!!

  3. Send this guy home. People would kill for this opportunity and here he is thinking he's hot shit with total disregard for his partner. All over a dozen wings that he can get after the performance.

  4. I can’t stand with the guy…. cocky ….or what..he under estimated the girl….he’s not better than her….he tried to screw her at the last minute

  5. She sucks! Her vocals aren't great. He sings better than her . I'm sorry she t
    Threw him under the bus . Hope she goes home next round.

  6. They actually had a really good chemistry. I wish he would have engaged her more during the performance. She was blowing it up. Dang, did she throw him under the bus? (He was def the bigger person)

  7. These two will fall in love, watch. That was big what he did for her, she should know a good man when she sees one. Anyone know if they are single?

  8. One of the biggest mistakes in life is holding a grudge. He acknowledged he not only could've ruined his opportunity but HERS as well. It takes courage to admit ya f*$#ed up. I hope the next round is better for them both. Good luck y'all!!

  9. To me he sounded way better than her. If you can sing, you can sing! Without all the excuses. She’s still going home eventually because she’s against too much competition.

  10. I don’t know what part of Mississippi he’s from, but I can guarantee you that we do not usually get our fried chicken from a gas station. We either make it ourselves or go to Popeyes. 😂

  11. I wish the best to the both of them. You can FEEL how apologetic he is, and I think it’s gonna be enough to get him to clean up his act

  12. Now that the stinking virus has turned the world upside down, how is that going to impact the show? Especially now that my home state has been shut down.

  13. Some people just aren't meant to sing together… And he seems like a really nice guy she seems a little nervous and a little bitchy but has a great voice but I would not put those two together again

  14. I really want them to post the video of Olivia Ximines(I think I spelled that wrong) and the other girl, whose name has escaped me. Their duet was incredible

  15. I personally know peyton, and he is a very great person. He is a great father to his daughter and is very easy going. He is not cocky or selfish. So to everyone making their judgments based off of what you see on television, think before you comment.

  16. Why did I feel like that dude wasnt even really competing? But hey, love the modesty though, the truth is always where the love is. Happy to see them both go through but next time they better bring their A game

  17. I was upset, and felt bad for Peyton, but I'm really glad he humbled himself and apologized. He learned how serious this is.

  18. I think her voice was good but what the fuck are they thinking… how does someone who put no effort in make it thru? And others would kill for this chance and get sent home.. WTF !!! JUDGES !!!?!??

  19. This was so frustrating to watch. She was panicking and he did nothing but slack off like a loser. I don’t care how “humble” he is, he has to at least make an effort.

  20. They both have amazing voices, i mean just wow lol. I'm glad they got another chance, and we absolutely have to commend the dude for having empathy and humility in this situation… that certainly gave them grace from the judges. Very talented, looking forward to seeing them perform more! #TeamMadison #TeamPeyton

  21. He should have been kicked off and she should have been sent to next right. It is not fair to her. Bad decision made by judges. I am very disappointed. 😕😬😠

  22. Peyton needs to take some ownership. She told him to go ahead with the guitar, she could have said no.. So when things don't go right because you chose the guitar without rehearsing with it, don't cry wolf!!

  23. They both good singers n tbh the guy doesn’t deserve the bs y’all giving him bcuz he tried n at the end of the day he still took responsibility for what he did

  24. He’s awesome 🙏🙏🤣💯 not many ppl in life would ever do that on such a huge stage. You can see he was raised well CONGRATULATIONS TO HIS MOM🙏

  25. So was that apology sincere and/or to save his own @$$… We may never know. We'll see how he does next go round. Glad Madison got a second chance.

  26. He’s got a heart of gold though, you can’t deny that. At the beginning I was annoyed because he seemed like he didn’t care but then he seemed a lot better. I actually thought they sounded good together, some of the high notes were unnecessary but it was still good.

  27. His chicken wing story is bullish!t. We all know the real reason he couldn't be found, was because he was jerking off in his hotel room!

  28. I don't judge him for being in his room eating chicken wings. Some people deal with pressure differently. But in this case it's also his partners fate on the line. He should've not been as selfish, but if he hadn't said what he said at the end she would've not gotten through. I respect this guy for righting a wrong.

  29. He blames her for not being able to pick the song but it's completely his fault. They're so many people who want this and he's taking this as a joke. It's honestly an insult, but it's good that he apologized

  30. He needs to be serious and be ready if he really wants compete and make it. I think that kinda not good with the attitude…

  31. This girl is a power house. her vocal gives me Reba McEntire vibe. And Reba McEntire is no joke singing bird. I love Reba McEntire as much as Jennifer Hudson or Dolly Parton.

  32. Wasn’t too much a fan of her voice to much anyways she was pitchy the entire time through warm ups and the show despite being so familiar with the song

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