The Try Guys Bake Cookies Without A Recipe

– This season is all daddy. – What a confusing blend of flavors. – The Try Guys are back
in the test kitchen for Without a Recipe, The Series. Four weeks, four episodes,
four foods, no recipes. – Each week, we’re gonna be
focusing on a different food, cookies, bagels, ice
cream, and birthday cakes. – I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to make friends with the judges. – We have YouTube
sweetheart Rosanna Pansino and world renowned chef Roy Choi. – Stick around because Without a Recipe is gonna be all month long baby. (upbeat instrumental music) (cow mooing) – [Narrator] The Try Guys
are back in the kitchen for Without a Recipe. To kick off this season,
they’re baking cookies. – Everyone out there,
you’ve made a cookie. – It’s impossible to (beep) up. – Ahh.
– Oh my god. – Oh.
(mouth growling) – [Narrator] Each of
the Try Guys will have two hours to bake a cookie of their choice and present it to our panel of judges. – We’re (beep). – I tell you what, I’ve
never seen this ever. – Hi, I’m Rosanna Pansino, and I have the most popular
baking show on YouTube. I have baking since I was four years old. – My name is Roy Choi. I have no baking experience,
but I’m extremely judgemental. – Hi, my name is Reece. I’m the owner of Brady’s Bakery. We’re an online baking company. We specialize in cookies
and bread pudding. As long as you have good
quality ingredients, it’s kind of hard to mess up a cookie. – Just you wait. (laughing) – Once you have a base cookie recipe, it’s really easy to change up the extracts and the flavorings and the mix-ins. It’s all about the ratios
of sugar to fat to flour. If you’re having some fun in
the kitchen for the first time, and you’re making cookies, and you’ve never made them before, again it’s all about trial and error. Just have a really good
time in the kitchen, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes ’cause they’re gonna happen. – Without a Recipe is the
format that I developed for the Try Guys exclusively to allow me to win more videos. I’m definitely taking home at
least two of these episodes. I guarantee it. I’m calling I got cookies,
I’m calling I got cake. – I think I got the basics down. I’m really focusing on the creativity. I’m really leading with the foot forward of what can I do to get
alcohol in this item. – Look, we’ve done a
lot of cooking videos. I’ve been on a hot streak lately, but that was with a recipe. This is Try Guys Without a Recipe. Pies and bread, and I get
third place both times. Whole horse crap. – I don’t bake. last time we did this,
I did not do so well. Time before that, I
also did not do so well. – That is the worst food
I’ve ever tried in my life. – I’m not good at this. (upbeat music)
(cow mooing) – [Announcer] All right, bakers. Three, two, one, try to bake.
(bell ringing) – Go.
– Bake. – Today, I’m gonna be making cookies with peanut butter and chocolate. I will be adding some white
miso to my peanut butter to give it a little umami flavor. – Today I’m going to be
making a garbage cookie. – (laughs) No, no, what kind
of cookie are you making? – That’s what I’m calling it. Now in the past, I’ve
tried this technique. It didn’t work out, but
today I’m feeling good. I’m gonna be taking all of the things that I love and loading it
up into one monster cookie. – I’m gonna make something with alcohol, and I’m going to try my
darnedest to put things that have no business being
in a cookie into a cookie. And I’m gonna try to find
a way to put gochujang and miso into a cookie. Let’s hear this again. Korean fermented bean paste. I can say with confidence as a Korean, it does not appear in desserts. It’s the sauce you put in bibimbap. I bought this at the Korean market, and I have it in my refrigerator. – And I will be making my
father’s favorite cookie. My dad loves oatmeal raisin cookies. I’m going for that dad flavor this season, cinnamon raisin everything. My dad has eaten Raisin Bran every day for his life since I’ve been born. – Shout out to Don Habersberger. What up, Don? (cows mooing) – [Narrator] To start, each
Try Guy will have 40 minutes to prepare the cookie dough. – So for our base cookie recipe, I came up with a little acronym, FEBBS, flour, eggs, butter, baking soda or baking powder, and sugar. – I know that cookie dough has butter ’cause it makes-a me poop. I know it has egg because
you’re not supposed to eat raw cookie dough,
but I do it anyway. And I know it’s got sugar
’cause it’s oh so yummy. – As people in my family would say, “Get out of my room.” – So your first step
is we’ll cream together your cold butter, brown sugar, and granulated sugar together. I like to use cold butter
’cause it really helps with the texture and the density
of the cookie at the end. – I grab some almond
flour because I like nuts. – I know that they do
butter and sugar together. That’s where recipes start. That’s what I’m gonna do too. – That’s where recipes end. – [Ned] Two cups of fine pastry flour. – Gonna make two different batters, and then try something weird. I don’t know how much is
supposed to go in anything, so I’m just putting in a bunch. – I’m gonna put salted
butter in my cookies ’cause I like a good presence of salt. – To me, it’s don’t be afraid of salt. You definitely don’t wanna
oversalt your cookie, but I think salt kind
of cuts the sweetness, and really adds that salty sweet bite. – People don’t realize, you’ve gotta have salt in everything. In fact, I don’t think
there’s such a thing as too much salt. (Zach laughs) – All right, I’ve cut my butter. Gonna put it in the freezer ’cause it’s just something I see my father-in-law do when he bakes pies. Something about not letting your butter get too melted is like a thing. I don’t know what I’m doing, Eugene. – The next step you’re gonna do is you’re gonna add in
your eggs and your vanilla. Make sure to mix well until incorporated, but do not over-mix because
you avoid melting the butter and overspreading at the end. – [Keith] Okay, so I’m gonna use two eggs. – Okay, how many eggs? Two eggs. (lively orchestral music) – Two eggs feels good. – I put some water in the
eggs and the butter together. I realize that’s not right. – Wet ingredients first, and
then your dry ingredients. – It’s gonna all be together
at the end of the day, so. – Everything I know about baking, I know from what I fucked up
horribly in previous episodes. So I know that you’re supposed to do your wet and your dry separately. My eggs are not going in
until we’re really ready. – [Ned] Oh, and vanilla, obviously. – Will pumpkin-flavored
cream liqueur go better with miso or gochujang? One goes in Baileys. The other will get Kahlua. – Whoa, it smells like
oatmeal, delicious oatmeal. – [Ned] And oil, I feel like cookies have more oil than other things. – The next thing you wanna
do is add in your mix-ins. In this case, it was chocolate chips, so add in your chocolate
chips and just mix until incorporated. We put this into the wet batter. That way, you don’t run the risk of having chocolate chips be uneven
in certain cookies. – Now, I have so many
raisins to choose from today. Big golden.
– Golden raisins. – [Both] Little golden and big purple. – My dad loves Raisin Bran, and the number one signature
thing about Raisin Bran is it has how many? Two scoops of raisins. – All right, so time for the miso. Me so excited to see how this turns out. – Oh, can I use your cinnamon? – Yeah, hey it’s our cinnamon. (whimsical music)
– Thanks. – [Zach] Can I say, I think oatmeal raisin gets a really bad rap. – Same, (beep) same. But if you go in knowing what it is, you get a good oatmeal chocolate chip, with a nice flaky sea salt on top, oh you got Daddy’s favorite right there. – You call him Daddy? – No, but growing up, like
everything that was my dad’s was called Daddy this. The milk, he drank vitamin
D milk, that was Daddy milk. He had this coffee cake,
that was Daddy cake. – This is cream gochujang,
which is very spicy, fermented pulverized bean. – Oh, that’s really spicy. Oh, I made a mistake, I made a mistake. – Here goes.
– Ah, ah. Oh, oh. – [Eugene] Never seen
gochujang in desserts, so. – You know, I have actually
heard about white miso being combined with peanut butter before. – We got coconut flakes. We got almonds. We’re going nuts. Instead of chocolate chips,
I’m going to do M&M’s. Let’s get some bittersweet chocolate too. Sure, why not? – This feels really nice,
smells like oatmeal. Whoa, so sweet. – Pecans in mine. Yeah, we’ll add some peanut
butter and chocolate chips. That’ll be great. – [Narrator] 20 minutes in, the guys seem to have hit a wall. – I’m putting some salt
in ’cause it was so sweet. It’s boring.
– Your food? – Yeah. – What, chunky peanut butter? What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? Now, don’t get me wrong. I love chunky peanut butter, on a sandwich, all day, every day. But in a cookie?
– What is that flavor? – Ah, it’s so chunky. – Put a little allspice in there to try to make it a
little more interesting. – Craisins.
– Wow, look at that. Yeah, it’s a lot of stuff. – Full on cup of peanut butter. If you’re gonna put peanut in the name, gotta have peanuts as your game. – I cannot with confidence
say that this tastes good. And as you can see from the color, that is spicy red bean paste. – It tastes good, but it’s still just like not challenging enough. My daddy likes more salt than this, but I think I’m gonna
put flake salt on the top of the finished cookie. – Oh (mouth gagging). This might be totally inedible, but I’m just going for it. – So next, the final step
of the mixing process is the dry ingredients, your flour, your leavening agents. We do equal parts baking soda and baking powder and your salt. In this case, we also incorporated our cinnamon and corn starch. Then I put all of my dry ingredients into the wet all at once ’cause you don’t wanna overwork the flour. – I need baking powder or soda. – What’s the difference? – I never know. – The more, the merrier. They’re probably not that different. – [Keith] Let’s go with half a teaspoon. – Look how good mine looks. – [Ned] All right, I’m
mixing peanut butter into my egg mixture. I’m about ready to get my
butter out of the freezer. – That looks like something. – Set it, flip it, switch it. It’s getting slower and thicker. That’s a good sign. – Does egg make it stronger? Nothing wrong with eggs. – A half a cup of chocolate chips. Tastes pretty good. – Oh dear lord. Forgive me, for I am sinning. – I feel like I’ve done something wrong ’cause these are both so goopy, but I gotta get this goop into that goop. – What is this? What is this red stuff on my thumb? – [Narrator] Keith is about to consume Gene’s leftover gochujang
in three, two, one. – Oh, it’s so spicy.
– What? – Oh, what is it? What is spicy?
– What? – What is spicy on this table? – Did you put pepper in his cookies? – Why is my hands covered in pepper? Eugene, what are you doing with peppers in a cookie episode? – I’m gonna put some almond extract. – [Narrator] Uh oh,
looks like Zach is also going to make a mistake. – Oh, my god.
– No, it’s not good. – Oh, my god.
– Why did you do that? – It’s like spicy alcohol. Yeah, it’s alcohol.
– Oh, my god. – Really, why’d you do that? – I wanted to know what it tasted like before I put it in my cookies. – [Narrator] With 10 minutes left to go, things are not looking so
good for some of the guys. – [Keith] 10 minutes, okay. – [Eugene] Now, I’m getting
grossed out by what I’m making. – [Ned] I think I need more ingredients for this to be considered a monster. – Just to add a little more miso. I don’t really taste any miso right now. – [Keith] It’s going
in the fridge, oh shit. – All right, I’m gonna also chill mine. ♪ We are waiting for
our cookies to chill ♪ ♪ We are waiting for
our cookies to chill ♪ ♪ So we can put them onto the platter ♪ ♪ And into the oven ♪ ♪ And it shouldn’t matter ♪ ♪ Which one of us wins ♪ ♪ But we’ll figure it out ♪ ♪ But we don’t know what we’re doing ♪ ♪ Break it down, Zach ♪ ♪ Oh, we’re making our cookies ♪ ♪ Everybody likes some cookies ♪ ♪ They got butter and sugar ♪ ♪ Everybody gonna eat it yeah ♪ – Cookies. – Well, they should be about chill. (cows mooing) – Now that we have our fully mixed batter, it’s time to portion out the
dough into individual cookies. Be mindful about spreading
your cookies far enough apart. I like to allow two inches on each side. You don’t want the cookies to spread out and run into each other. Otherwise, you’ll wind
up with a cookie cake. – I’ll use the parchment paper. The best cookie sheets
are lined with butter. – [Keith] So, I’m just
gonna use a normal spoon. Okay, let’s do one platter at a time. – What a confusing blend of flavors. – [Ned] It’s very wet. Cookies dough is not wet. I’m just gonna lean into the idea that they look like monsters. You know, let them be globs. Let globs be globs. Let monsters be monsters. – I’m toying with the idea of the classic peanut butter crisp shaping with the fork stuff on the side. – I’m putting little
pretzels on top of mine, for hashtag aesthetics. – I can guarantee you
that no one in the history of the universe has ever made this dough. I mean like, one half is
miso, one half is gochujang, so it kind of represents
the fraught historical relationship between Korea and Japan. – Two minutes left.
– Two minutes? – All right, we got this. Come on.
– We got this. – Come on.
– All right, we got this. – I feel like I needed
to chill these more. Cookies are not supposed to be so wet. – (beep) I’m trying to make the taegeuk. – Oh, wow.
– Right? Other people might know
it as the yin yang symbol. – Okay, oh my god, my hands are so sticky, but I don’t
– Those are definitely bigger – have time to wash them.
– than these. You have 30 seconds. – 30 (beep) seconds, oh my god. – Wow, this is like
real cooking show drama. The timer’s counting down. Every time you watch those shows, you think that it’s imaginary, but this is real, like we have 30 seconds, and I don’t know if I’m
gonna be able to plate this. This is exciting. – [Announcer] Five, four, three, two, one. Hands up, bakers, hands up. – Whoo.
– Yeah. (cow mooing) – [Narrator] The cookies
have chilled for an hour. Now it’s time to put them in the oven. – Let’s start the timer please. Remember from childhood that
cookies, they cook fast. – Frozen cookies that I bake in my house, cook about nine to 10 minutes, and since these are just refrigerated, I think it’s gonna be more
seven or eight minutes. – Dude, I’m done. – My guess is 12 minutes. – 12 minutes, really, that fast? – I think they cook pretty fast. Maybe 25 minutes, I don’t know. – [Ned] I prefer a gooier cookie, so if I pull it out earlier than later, I’ll probably be more okay with that than it being really (beep) crispy. – I smell Korean food. – So far, I think I’m doing a thing. – They look like cookies. – They look like cookies. – We put our cookies in
at 375 for 14 minutes. We’re looking for a rise
until it’s a nice dome shape, a little bit of spreading,
and then a nice golden sun-kissed brown and a
little cracking on the edges. – Oh, look at them.
– Oh, oh, well, something’s immediately happening and that something is not promising. – [Keith] Huh, what is that? – I will say, I forgot to put any baking powder, baking soda. I don’t know if that’s a thing. I meant to, I didn’t. – Well, I did, but I only
put a little bit of one. – Oh, (beep) god, dude.
– Look at that. – They’re really melting.
– I’ve never seen that. – They are really melting. – I’ve really never seen that. – What is happening? – If your cookies are
spreading way too much, and it just looks like it’s
turning into a pudding, at that point, you probably know you have way too much butter
or just not enough flour. – [Ned] Oh my god, my cookies
are definitely melting. – [Eugene] Did you put too much butter in? – They look like pancakes. I think I put too much butter in. This is awful. I’m losing my ridges. – It’s like they’re peeing. – It’s been one minute and they are melt. Is that the caramel? That can’t.
– Super weird, whoa. – Gonna take all the confidence
from about 40 seconds ago and throw it out the window. We’re (beep). – I’ll tell you what. I’ve never seen this ever. (beep) – I’m sorry. (Ned yells)
– I’m sorry, Ned. I thought yours were gonna be perfect. – They’ve met. They’ve met and now they’re
married and they’re one cookie. – It’s like it’s crying glass. – (laughs) What is happening? – Ah, like a sheet(beep). – Looks like I’m making
meth in “Breaking Bad.” I’m leaving, I’m gonna walk away. There’s nothing I can do standing here. – Look at them, it’s getting even worse. No, they’re gonna be
squares by the end of this. – Do we have a cupcake tray? Ceramics, do we have
anything that can help me? – I’m making an emergency batch. I still have batter left over. – [Crew Member] No, no we cleared that. – We cleared that? I had leftover dough. I can make a second batch. Where is it? Who threw out my leftovers? Where is it, where is it? No, this could have been it. Why? Oh, my pants are covered in garbage. (metal clanging) – What’s crazy is that they are (beep), but they’re still just pure liquid. There’s so much just butter everywhere. Okay, we’re just gonna give it little dab, soak up the excess butter, oh boy. – They look nicer than
I thought they would, but I think they’re a little too fluffy. – How do your (beep) giant ass spicy douche bag cookies so good? – You did set out to make garbage cookies. I think you’ve done it. (laughing) I’d venture to say that’s a golden brown and a toasted marshmallow, like it looks more appetizing. You would never know there’s
Korean fermented bean paste inside of them. – I got my cookies.
– You got ’em? – [Keith] Yeah, they look and smell good. – [Zach] You know what, I
think Daddy’ll be proud. – You know Daddy’s gonna like it, loves when he creams his cookies. (laughing) We won’t use that joke. – Okay, I need to prep a baking rack and a knife and a whole
bunch of (beep) courage. Let’s do this, let’s go, go, go, go, go. – [Eugene] They look amazing. They’re way too big. – Ooh.
– Hot tray, hot med tray. – Hot cookies coming through, let’s dance. Here we go, hot cookies, okay. They don’t look as bad as they should. Remember, you just need
a dozen to present. – Just need a dozen. (lively music) Hey Ned, how’s it going? – Not now.
– Okay. – Okay, all right, all ready. – 12, yes, let’s go,
let’s go cookies, whoo. (coughing) Oh, god. (crew members clapping) What a rollercoaster. – And now it’s time to cut to some cute ole little baby cows. (cows mooing) – Today, we’re gonna be
judging you on four things, presentation, taste,
creativity, and is it a cookie? – For me, I like a really
thick cakey cookie, gooey center, firm exterior,
and lots and lots of flavor. – My favorite cookie is
a chocolate chip cookie. I just want these cookies to taste good and not be burnt. – Perfect chocolate chip cookie is still the quintessential cookie. (light whimsical music) – Judges, I present to
you a return to childhood, a cookie that uses all the
things that I loved as a kid, M&Ms, pretzels, caramel, and more. I hope you go gaga for my
little monster cookies. – [Rosanna] I really like
the presentation, very fun. – [Zach] Oh, he’s eating
it, he’s eating it. – Mmm. – [Reece] Creativity-wise,
I mean I like the fact that you put in some really
cool ingredients in there. – This could have been a hot mess, but it actually is pretty. – I definitely like the
M&Ms in the chocolate. I don’t taste enough salt. – I like that depending on where I bite, it taste different. (laughing) It’s a surprise every time. I like the middle, the
outsides are burnt though. – Did you use any sort of leavening, baking soda, baking powder in this? – Sure.
(all laughing) – [Reese] Cool. – This is a lot of butter. I mean, it’s just so soft. This is without breaking, it can bend. – Does it not look like the most delicious little yarmulke you’ve ever seen? (all laughing) – It looks like a state. – That looks like Australia actually. – Or Australia. – It’s like if a cookie
and a pancake had a baby, which is actually creative.
– We’re making babies here. – Thank you. – I mean, that is creative. – No, I’d buy this at a bake sale. Bake sale cookies are usually bad. – But didn’t you say bake
sale cookies are the worst? – I would if you’d wrap
these individually. – Tastes good. – Do most of your experiments
come out this edible? – No,
– Not his. – Definitely not Zach’s.
– Definitely not mine. I feel like a winner already. – I’m just not sure too much,
for me, if it’s a cookie. – So you don’t think
it’s a cookie, but to me, it’s a cookie, ’cause I
don’t know what else it is. (all laughing) – Judges, these cookies honor my father, Donald Habersberger, who
loves oatmeal raisin cookies. These are oatmeal raisin cinnamon cookies, also known as Daddy’s Favorite. (bell ringing) – First of all, right away,
the presentation is beautiful, and I love the sprinkle of salt. – [Rosanna] I can smell a lot of cinnamon.
– They smell delicious. They smell delicious. – Am I supposed to like it? (all laughing) – It’s oh. – What do you not like? – It’s a little deceptive. – I like all the flavors,
but it’s very dry. Maybe too much cinnamon. Cinnamon sucks all the
moisture out of something. – Well, it’s like the only
flavor I taste is cinnamon, just is deceptive because
you think it’s gonna be this super chewy soft delightful cookie, and it just kind of
crumbles in your mouth. – These were baked, correct? – Yes. – Okay, because they feel
like you took oatmeal, like soft oatmeal, and then formed them, and then sun-dried them. All of this is coming from a good place. It really is.
– It really is. I like the presentation, and
I like the ratio of raisins. Just the taste is the
one, that’s the one pill I’m a little struggling with. – People don’t eat cookies for the taste. They eat it for the number
of raisins or the look. Fathers often have a
very dry sense of humor, and I tried to capture that in my cookie. (bell ringing)
– As Daddy’s Favorite. – It’s a metaphor. – Yes, favorite.
(bell ringing) – I think the title is creative, I do like the Daddy’s Favorite.
(bell ringing) – Thank you. But you know, it’s a standard
oatmeal raisin cookie, with a little bit of sea salt on top. So, I think it’s pretty down the middle. – And is it a cookie? – I think it’s a cookie,
it’s just a deceptive cookie. – I would consider this
to be more of a cookie than the last one we saw because the look and the texture. It just lacks eating. (all laughing) – It feels like put a bunch
of saltines in your mouth. – Go to (beep) hell, man. It’s not that dry, (beep) you. How dare you (beep) pile on,
in my moment of weakness? But what if I market it as a health bar? – That would work.
– That would be better. – I would totally buy that.
– It’d be more on track. – Absolutely. – ‘Cause then you’re
like, “This is pretty good “for something healthy.” Does it speak Dad to you? – No, I would never feed my kid this. (all laughing) – But would your kids feed you this? – No. – Judges, I present to you my peanut butter chocolate crisps. As a kid, my favorite cookies to bake were peanut butter cookies. – Well, off the bat, it looks
straight up like a cookie, for sure on the crispier side. I love the sprinkled salt on top. – Very thin, I mean this a very skinty cookie.
– But it doesn’t budge though. – Look how thin we are here. I mean this is like paper thin. – It looks like you baked
before, in your life. – Ah, yes, yes I did.
– It looks really good. – Chewy in the middle,
crispy on the outside. There’s little bit more
crisp than I would like. You’ve got some burning. – Yeah. – It’s so close, it’s just the burning. – I think it’s a great cookie. I’d pay four dollars for this. – Wow.
– Whoa. – I don’t have any
– I can’t believe (beep) – criticisms, man. I think it’s a great cookie. I don’t know what the hell
they’re talking about. – I really wanna taste the chocolate chip, and it’s just kind of few and far between. Peanut butter’s a pretty strong flavor, so you can pretty much put
it in any kind of cookie. – I don’t know if I’ve
ever had a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie before in my life. Do they exist out there? – Yeah, I have one on my menu. – Oh, you do, okay. (all laughing) I told you I have no
qualifications for cookies. So for me, this is actually a big day ’cause this is the
first time I’ve ever had a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. – You never forget your first. – Never forget my first. – Is this a creative cookie? – I’ve given nothing but complements, but I don’t think it’s that creative. – Peanut butter and chocolate chip, to me, it’s pretty standard. – But judges, is it a cookie? – Definitely a cookie.
– Yes. – Yes, it’s a cookie. – [Rosanna] It’s a cookie. – Good job.
(all clapping) Nice work, Ned, bravo. – [Eugene] Judges. – Wow.
– Whoa. – I proudly present to you. – [Reece] Oh my god. – My Ying Yangs. I was inspired by creating
two different batters, putting them together as opposing forces, with some unconventional flavors. – I love this idea. I love the presentation. You know I’m a Gemini. There’s the sweet side and
then there’s the feisty side. – Oh, that’s a good
description of what this is. – Presentation is beautiful, like it really does mean
we were all like, “Ah.” That’s like an Instagrammable
fricking shot right there. – [Rosanna] This is huge. This is the size of a bagel. – It’s a strange cookie. (laughing) I’m not saying it’s bad or good. I’m just saying it’s strange. – Whoa, oh, oh my god, it’s so. Why is it so spicy? Oh my god. – Oh. – So judges, on the lighter side you have vanilla, pecans, Baileys that
has a pumpkin spike to it, a lot of miso, and then on the darker
side, you have chocolate, cacao, Kahlua, and gochujang. – Spicy chili. – I feel like we’re judging
two cookies here though. I feel like we got the pecan vanilla one, which actually I like. – [Rosanna] It’s very good. – And then you got the darker
one with the spice in it, still delicious, it’s just again, it’s like super cakey to me. – It’s strange. (all laughing) Presentation-wise, it’s extremely unique. Tastes pumpkin-y, but this taste bagel-y, and it tastes like a pumpkin bagel. (Reece coughing)
Pumpkin bagel. – I just got the spicy side. – With gochujang, it’s important to add a lot of aromatics to
balance out the paste itself. So ginger, garlic, green onions. – Cookie batter. – Cookie batter. – Very edgy because this
is pushing the boundaries of what is a cookie, creativity. – Baking two cookies into one cookie. Is it a cookie? – I thought the
presentation was beautiful. It’s just not to me, it is
very borderline cookie-cake. – I almost put gochujang
in as an experiment, with the expectation that
it might totally fail, but it’s not as strong. It actually baked out more
than I thought it would, but the heat is still there, which I still quite like that. – Well, thanks for all
your cookies, you guys. We’re gonna deliberate now and
figure out who’s the winner. – Okay, all right.
– Thank you. (cow mooing) – Now, it’s time to talk about
the guys and how they did. Zach’s Frankenstein cookie,
the thing that I didn’t like was also the same thing I loved. I loved how every bite tasted different. I like to be surprised, but I bit into a few
bites that were terrible. I didn’t like the cranberry. – I didn’t get any
cranberry, but I just think the presentation, it just
doesn’t like like anything. It looks a little sloppy to me. – But this looks like one
of the first cookies I made when I was five years old. This looks like– – It looks like a kid’s cookie. – It’s perfect for a bake sale. This one, for sure what stands out for me is the butter content. I mean that really brings
out a lot of flavor for it, that nice little hint of peanut butter really complements the chocolate. – It just stayed in the
oven a bit too long. And then, let’s talk about this oatmeal. – Granola bar, hiking buddy. It just crumbled though. It had nothing holding it together. – [Roy] The first ever sun-dried cookie. – Yeah (laughs). Well, our Ying Yang cookie. Very creative. I love the presentation. – I think the most creative
out of all of them. I like the pecan and the
vanilla side the most. – I mean ’cause Eugene did extra credit. He made two cookies, and I will say, this half was really balanced. I really enjoyed it, even
though it pushed the boundaries of what is a cookie. – Based on the cookie criteria, this is a pancake, that’s a granola bar, that’s a bagel. – Okay, but have we made our decision? – I think we do know number one. (dramatic music) – So there is a little
suspense because there almost isn’t a number three. There’s a 4A and a 4B. – We wanted there to be like a tie.
– We wanted there to be – for last place.
– a three. – You guys could also say that
they tied for third place. – There are no losers. There are two third places. – So we’re gonna start with fourth place, but just know in your
heart, you’re also third. – [Roy] Yeah, you’re also third. – With the other third. (lively suspenseful music) – Oh, my god. – Oh my gosh, I’m getting nervous. – This is 4B, 3B. – Are you kidding me? You loved it. What are you talking about? You all ate it, it was your favorite. – Whoo. – You had the cookie,
you put it in your mouth, and you loved it so much. You loved the flavors. You’d put it in a bake sale. – Stop yelling at Roy Choi. (Zach yelling) – Majorly a texture thing,
that it’s more of a pancake, and the cranberry, and
it was a little uncooked. – Oh, there are three (beep) cranberries in the whole dozen. I feel (beep) hoodwinked
so hard right now. – I loved some bites. – It’s a bit like an
audition room, I guess, when they say you did great. – Wow, whoa Roy. – Thank you, judges. – Very welcome, now
moving onto third place, which we decided was the oatmeal cookie. Now, this was because the
texture again is confusing, and it borderlined being a granola bar, wasn’t sweet enough, and very dry, and a lot of cinnamon. So splitting the hairs,
we decided that this one is a hair more of a cookie. – I don’t know what I’m gonna do. – I am so happy to hear that I
totally crushed Zach in this. Bottom two is not bottom one, so I will take third place. I am thrilled. I just cannot handle the thought of ever getting fourth place in
one of these competitions. – Now for the winner, this was actually a unanimous decision by all of us. The top two cookies were excellent. This cookie, the chocolate
peanut butter cookie, was incredible, excellent butter content, the flavors of the peanut
butter and the chocolate were absolutely superb. This one, creativity through the roof. The two flavors of cookies were fantastic. We loved both cookies, but for us, it was very unanimous that the
winner of this challenge is (hands drumming) the chocolate chip peanut butter cookie. – Yes, oh my gosh, wow. I’m not third place, I’m first place. – Wow, what a ride. – Congratulations, man.
– Thank you. – Congrats, Ned.
– You made a great cookie. – Thank you so much, wow. – Thanks judges today
for eating our cookies, for giving us your wonderful thoughts. This was just the first episode. We got a whole season coming at you. We got bagels, we got ice cream, and we got cakes. – And you bet your buns,
you’ll see a little bit more of Daddy’s Favorite.
(bell ringing) – Make sure to subscribe to The Try Guys Without a Recipe. ♪ Without a Recipe ♪ (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Next week
on Without a Recipe. – Oh, shit that looks like a bagel. – It’s the Jewish national food. It’s our thing, man. – Am I gonna get salmonella? – [Zach] No. I don’t care about most things, but today, this matters to me.

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