The Try Guys Take Lie Detector Tests (Again)

– Of the three of us, who do
you suppose is the best at sex? – Oh my God. (laughter) – [Man] Three years ago, the Try Guys took a lie detector test. Today, we are back in the hotseat, and we are going to put
our friendship to the test. – Oh my God. – Ned, are there secrets
that you’re hiding from us? – Don’t think so. – That’s a lie. – Oh boy. (action music) – (Man) Joining us again is
John, the polygraph expert. John, how are you doing today? Wonderful. – Do you love your dogs more than my baby? – Would you murder Zach to
keep working with Louberger? – Do you think you ever cheated in a “Without a Recipe” episode? – (John) There’s no way any
of these guys can trick me, and I live by the motto
“Liars go to Hell.” – Okay, we’re having fun. We’re having a good time. – (Man) Are you planning
on telling the truth today? – (Man 2) Yes. – That’s a lie. (laughs) – Off to a great start. – In real life I do lie. I think it’s essential to the
health of any relationship. What is this measuring on my body? – Blood, sweat, and breathing. – Zach, do you think that
you’re a better dog owner than Nedward? – I think that we could raise Bean. They could not raise Bowie, yes. – True. – Okay. (all laugh) – Who do you think is the
most handsome Try Guy? – I love how he has to look at us. – Refresh your memory. – Yeah I’ll go with Eugene. – True. – Zach, are you now officially a Tiktoker? – Yeah I’m a Tokker for life, bro. – Ugh. – God. – No, you gotta ask me again in a month. – I think it’s gonna go fine. I’m a open book. John, do you think you can
be able to tell if I’m lying? – Very easily. – Is fried chicken still
actually your favorite food? – Yes. – True. – Do you think you are
the most handsome Try Guy? – No. – That’s a lie. (laugh) – Do you think that you’re better than us because you’re better
at showing up on time? (laugh) – I mean in that regard,
yes, I am the best at that. – But like, as a person. – No. – That’s a lie. (laugh) – Do you think you’re
the smartest Try Guy? – No? – That’s a lie. (laugh) – Last time I said I
wasn’t that good at lying. Still pretty bad. [Female Producer] – I think I’m a little less nervous now. – That’s a lie. (laugh) – What secrets are you hiding, Ned? – Do you ever let Zach watch Wes alone? – True. – Look at that, look at that trust! – Wow. – Look at that trust. – Thanks man. – Did you think Yale was worth it? – Hmmm, yeah. – True. – Do you think you’re the
most handsome Try Guy? – Oh. I think Eugene’s more
attractive but handsome? Yeah, I think so. – He believes that to be true. (laugh) – I think I’m notoriously the most secretive Try Guy. I like to think of myself
as very honest, brutally so. But I also have a lot of
things I don’t like to share. Come out and squeeze the juice, boys. – The man with all the secrets. Gonna peel back the layers
of that beautiful onion. Let’s start with the soft fall. Do you love your dogs more than my baby? – Yes. – True. – Do you think you’re the hottest Try Guy? – Yeah. – (John) True. – Do you think my hair looks good? – It looks better, yes. – (John) True. – Do you think it looks good? – Yes. – (John) Not true. – Would you rather spend a
day with Keith and Becky, Zach and Maggie, or Ned and Ariel? – Probably Zach and Maggie. – True. – What the *beep* is wrong with you? – Leisurely activities. – But they’re always
calling each other “baby” and talking about their tummies. – Well they are the most annoying when it comes to being affectionate. – They talk and they say “baby
that will hurt your tummy” all the time to each other. It’s crazy to say that in public. (Zach laughing) – That’s a different question. That’s like who’s the
most annoying couple. – Okay, who’s the most annoying couple? – Zach and Maggie. – Okay, great, there we go! – That’s saying something, too. – Are you actually a Gryffindor? – I think so. – True. – What does your
Pottermore result say, Ned? (laugh) – Well, I took it multiple times. – What about the first time? – The first time was a Gryffindor, but I did take Pottermore
once and I got a Hufflepuff. – No further questions. – Do you think my ankles are actually hot? – No. – Tell me that’s a lie, John. – It is a lie. (Zach laughs) – Thank goodness. – Keith, Keith, Keith. Do
you actually like our dogs? – All of them? Maybe need to be specific. (chuckles) – Do you like Zach’s dog? – No. – True. – Do you like Ned’s dog? – No, piece of shit. – True. – Do you like my dogs? – I like Emma. – (John) True. – Do you like Pesto? – Not really. – True. – Zach, you have long been established as a cat lover and yet now
you are a self proclaimed dog expert. Do you still think cats
are better than dogs? – Yes. – (John) True. – Wow. – There are a lot of
shitty dogs out there. – And I can’t raise Bowie. – Let’s talk about “Without a Recipe”. Yours were all really bad. Do you think that you
should’ve done better in the bagel episode? – Absolutely. – (John) True. – Do you actually get upset when you lose in “Without a Recipe”? – No. – That’s a lie. (all laugh) – Do you think I was wronged
in the bagel episode? – Kind of, yeah. – True. – Vindicated. – But it was funny that you lost. – Definitely funnier. – Do you think you ever cheated in a “Without a Recipe” episode? – No. – (John) That’s true. – Do you agree with all the results? – No. – True. – Do you think perhaps
I should’ve done better? – No. – (Zach) Oh! – (John) True. – Do you intentionally try
and mess up your dishes? – Yeah. – True. – Do you realize how insulting
that is when you do that and then beat us? Whether by on accident or on purpose have you seen all of our penises? – No. – Incredibly large lie. (all laugh) – It is incredibly bad, look at it. – Who’s penis, if any, have you not seen? – I don’t have a clear
memory of Keith’s penis. – That’s a lie. – It’s gotta be a lie. – I don’t have a clear
memory of Eugene’s penis. – That’s a lie. – Do you think that your penis
is larger than our penises? – I’d say that Zach’s flaccid
penis is surprisingly big. – True. – I think I have an
exceptionally normal penis. – That’s a lie. (all laugh) – Do you think that we
will be friends forever? – Yes. – True. – Does that sadden you? (laughs) – We all have groups of friends
outside of the Try Guys. You have a very close group
of friends from college, do you not? – I do, yeah. – True. – Do you like them better than us? – Yeah? – True. – So if you had two trolleys
from your spiderwebs hanging from a bridge, and
one is your college friends and the other’s the Try
Guys, would you drop us to our deaths? – No. – That’s a lie. – Think about what that would
do to your business, man. – I’m not lying, John. – You think they’re, like, cooler than us? – No I’ve been friends
with them for longer. – You’ve never seen their penises. – No. – That’s a lie. (laugh) – Of the three of us,
who do you suppose is the best at sex? – Oh my god. (all laugh) – Ned. – (Ned) Yeah. – (John) True. – Who do you think’s the best at sex? – Well it’s not me. – (John) True. – Doesn’t have to be good
with a dick like that. (all laugh) – I can make an argument both ways. – Both ways. – Both ways? – I’m not going to lie, it’s
a two person race right now. – I assume- I just- I’m going to bow out. – I guess Ned is where my
heart, my heart’s telling me. – True. – Wow.
– Wow. – I’m honored. So some other questions… (giggling) – Do you like the book that we wrote? – Yes. – True. – [Zach] Who’s section do
you think was the weakest? – Our collective work section. – That’s a lie. – Uh oh! – I’ll ask you again. Which section do you
think was the least good? – Ned’s fashion section. – True. – (Eugene) Only because it was the shortest amount of commitment. – That’s a lie. (laughing) – What didn’t you like about it? – I don’t think it revealed
as much vulnerability as other sections that you wrote about. – (John) True. – Who’s section in our live show do you think was the weakest? – I think Zach’s monologue is too long. And he made it longer every show. – (John) True. – And it was like I was offending him if I told him it needed to be tighter. – But did you like it? – No. (howling laughter) – Who among us was the most difficult to travel with for two months? – Okay, let’s think about this. Could you help me? What would make someone difficult? – Slowing us down, being, you know, getting to the bus late perhaps, making us go on stage late, making us stay there too
long by not helping put away the props, the costumes, a lot of tasks. The answer is you, Zach. (all laughing) – Do you think you are
the funniest Try Guy? – Oh yeah. – (John) That’s true. – You guys don’t hold a candle on this. – Wait, wait, wait, do you think
you’re way funnier than us? – Some of you. – (John) That’s true. – Do you think you’re
way funnier than Ned? – Uh, yeah. – Do you think you’re
way funnier than Eugene? – Yeah. – Do you think you’re
way funnier than Zach? – Yeah. (laughing) – (Zach) So everybody? – Yeah I guess so. – Is there one of us you think is way less funny than the others? – No. – That’s a lie. – (Zach) I’m afraid to ask more here. (all laughing) – We’ve established that
you assume you have a better marriage than most people. Do you think you have a
better marriage than John? – I assume so, yeah. – I’ll kill you right here. – Do you think you have a
better marriage than Keith? – No? – (John) That’s a lie. – I mean there are strengthened
by the love of a baby now. – Do you think now that you’re married you have a better marriage than me? – I think mine’s more realistic. – True. – But do you think that it’s better? – Uh, no? – That’s a lie. – If Becky wanted to have a
threesome with Shawn Mendes would you do it? – Yeah! – True. – If Becky wanted just for you
to sleep with Shawn Mendes, would you do it? – No. – That’s a lie. – I learn things about myself. – Do you assume that you’re a better father than other people? – Maybe some people, but … – John, do you have kids? – Yes. – Ned, do you assume… do you assume you’re a better father than John? – Uh, no. – I’ll stab you in the eye. (others laugh) – Last summer, we went on
tour, a dream of yours. After that you immediately went on tour again with Louberger. Did you like being on tour
with Louberger more than us? – No. – That’s a lie. Still going. – If there were two spiderwebs
suspending school buses with us, and Louberger,
which one would you let plummet to their death? – Probably Louberger. – True. – Would you murder Zach to
keep working with Louberger? – No! – That’s a lie. – I’m going to watch my back around you. – Maybe if he’s standing in the way… – Zach, you made a video
about your secret girlfriend. And now you live together
with your girlfriend. Would you say that living
together so far as been good? – Yeah. – True. – Do you think in the next
ten years you will be married? – I appreciate the long time frame, yes. – True. – Alright, Zach, imagine
you’re Spider-man. You’ve got two nets,
whipped, they’re each holding up a trolley full of
either the three of us, or your girlfriend, Maggie. – I kill you. – (John) True. – You’re not even getting
married in the next five years. – I think about what that
would do for my career. Everyone would be like “oh my
God did you hear about Zach? “All his friends died, let’s go follow him on Instagram @Korndiddy.” – That’s an awful justification. You could just say you love her. – I get it. – That’s not, that’s horrible! – Spider-man, you’re holding
up two different trolleys. In one car it’s us. In the other, your dogs, Pesto and Emma. Who’s falling to their watery grave? – I guess I drop the dogs. – Wow. – True. – Eugene, it’s been a few years
since I’ve asked you this. Do you know how much we care about you? (dramatic music swelling) – Yes. – True. – Yay we did it. He knows. Do you want us to hug you right now? – No. – That’s a lie. – Oh boy! – We would never hold out on you, aw. (all laugh) (guitar music) – What do you do with
all the time you save? By not going to the gym, obviously. (all laugh)

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  1. Keith : “Do you want us to hug you right now?”
    Eugene : “NO”

    John: “That’s a lie”

    Eugenes just a big softie

  2. Oh my goodness…. They should have added some fan questions in there and they would've realised we all are as crazy as they are 😂😂😂😂😜😜

  3. This just shows how hilarious Keith truly is. How he changes the tones in his voice with questions and his reactions is totally amazing.

    Also, love how Eugene answers yes to the caring about him question and all the guys reacting.

  4. Goddamn I feel like this lie detector man keeps showing up in all the lie detector videos. Legit is this guy advertising to youtubers primarily?

  5. “If Becky wanted just for you to sleep with Shawn mendes would you?” “No” “lie” *Eugene looks into the camera”

  6. I love the try guys so much. I honestly got a lil sad when the “would you rather” questions came in about their friendship

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