The Untold Truth Of Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty’s Robertson clan has become Louisiana’s
de facto first family. Despite patriarch Phil Robertson’s well-known
controversial statements to GQ, some secrets still remain tucked away behind those big
bushy beards. Let’s look past the bird calls and shotguns
and explore the untold truth of Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family. Censor charade Phil Robertson’s faith is no secret, but apparently
the folks at A&E thought they could keep it a secret early on in the show’s production. Robertson told Sports Spectrum in 2013 that
during the show, the editors would add some bleeps to the audio to make it look like the
family members were swearing, but he insisted no vulgarity was used. He also alleged that producers edited out
the words “in Jesus’s name” during a family prayer filmed for the end of one early episode. According to Robertson, they did it because
“they don’t want to offend some of the Muslims or something.” Heavy drinker Before he became vocal about his religious
beliefs, Phil Robertson was quite the hellraiser, according to his wife Miss Kay. In her book The Women of Duck Commander, she
writes that Phil’s drinking cost him his job as a teacher. Although what he taught has never been revealed,
it’s known that he educated youngsters for several years, and he also holds a master’s
degree in education. Drinking also eventually cost the bearded
patriarch his subsequent job — running a bar. Public image Robertson’s alcoholic past has clearly affected
him and his family — and alcohol has continued to have an impact on their financial bottom
line. In 2013, son Willie Robertson launched his
brand of Duck Commander Wines, sold online and at the finest Walmarts for $10 a bottle. According to Fox News, the staunchly anti-drinking
Christian group Family Ministries went on to cancel an appearance with Willie. Lucky for the Robertsons, this was only a
drop in the duck-calling bucket. “Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom.” Substance abuse Much like his father, Jep Robertson has had
troubles with substance abuse. Jep told I Am Second in 2013 that he has a
sordid history — with popping pills being the least of what he did. He started seeing the warning signs of his
reckless lifestyle after one night when he woke up after driving under the influence,
unable to remember where he came from or where he was going. “To this day I don’t know what I did that
night. And I hope I didn’t run over somebody, I don’t
know.” That wasn’t enough to get him to quit — but
shortly thereafter, his family staged an intervention. Since then, he’s stayed on the straight and
narrow. Doubting Jase They’ve earned the admiration of millions
for their supposedly strong faith, but the Robertsons have had a doubting Thomas in their
midst — at least when it comes to their television endeavors. Second-eldest son Jason “Jase” Robertson didn’t
think for a second that Duck Dynasty would last one season, let alone lead the flock
to the fame and fortune they’ve received. “What is that? What’s in the sink?” “It’s a beaver.” “That’s what’s stinking.” He told Fox News Radio, “I had this perception
of reality shows that you had to have all this friction and fits of rage and four-letter
words.” Luckily, Jase was wrong. An honest mistake While visiting New York in 2013, Jase attempted
to stay at the Trump International Hotel, but a hotel staffer booted him out due to
his ZZ Top-style beard. As Jase explained it, the staffer “was very
nice, he walked me outside, pointed down the road and said, ‘Good luck,'” according to
People. Following the incident, the Trump family reached
out to apologize, and the Robertsons ended up hitting it off with Donald Trump Jr. Fame and misery Jase’s son, Reed Robertson, knows fame isn’t
all it’s cracked up to be. As he admitted during the family’s interviews
with I Am Second, Reed’s newfound fame initially caused his ego to swell out of control. This resulted in him pushing his friends away
from him, both intentionally and unintentionally. Reed’s isolation culminated in some potentially
suicidal thoughts. He credited his faith with getting him back
on track — and a stern talking-to from his dad. “He told me, he said, ‘That’s the most selfish
thing you can do. To leave this world because you can’t take
it.'” Imperfect proposal Fan favorite Silas Merritt “Uncle Si” Robertson
has only ever had eyes for one woman, his wife since 1971 — Christine Raney. But his long-term admiration of her isn’t
necessarily a good thing. Before they got married, Uncle Si asked for
her hand in marriage over 70 times before she answered his bridal calls and said yes. Some people just don’t take no for an answer. “Gimme a thousand dollars, we’ll call it even.” “What is this, extortion?” Now, you got a bad attitude!” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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60 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of Duck Dynasty

  1. Phil came to my church and just was a freakin weird ass dude. Hates everyone not christian, gays, etc. Guy was trying to pump up the room but people just looked at each other like wtf.

  2. So, the Robertsons are ex-drunks who want to tell other people how to live. Are there fundamentalists who aren't hypocrites?

  3. Used to love that show, it is pretty funny, but once I found out how homophobic, religiously closed-minded, and hypocritical they are I stopped watching it. I don't know how I didn't realize how religious and insane they are, but somehow I did. If you don't watch the show, you're not missing out. Those people are a MESS. :/

  4. AGAIN with this show? Just one month ago LOOPER posted "This is what happened to the Duck Dynasty cast"!! COME UP WITH NEW CONTENT!!

  5. Jeff totally killed someone or ran them over. He said to this day I don't know. I hope I didn't run over somebody I don't know. He knows he hit a person

  6. so, I'm native American… and I can utterly flip off all manner of diversity whining about crap today's … accused of being racist constantly, I could care less and whoop almost every male's ass on earth, so my valid opinion states that back when there was more Caucasians and other mongoloids who looked like these guys, there was less cucks on Earth, back in my day, a cell phone camera and your simpy millenial fashion wouldn't save You from an asswhooping and MF's had to constantly exude an ethos of morbid negativity to save your elated happy go lucky mangina ass from gangsters, red necks, skin heads, or jocks whooping your ass or from me becoming your temporary new dad, You're all welcome You millenial sissies!

  7. Yea you can look at all the bad in someone or something we are not perfect but still would rather watch this than some stuff on tv duck dynasty is my favorite show not going to change my mind about it at all and if your judging them for things they say, do, or believe then that makes you just as wrong as them……but that's just my opinion lol

  8. Great show, very normal people with family issues like anybody else. I don't know what's worse. People to show that other people is not perfect(doh!) Or the envy of their success and how they improved their lives. Pathetic

  9. Duck Dynasty Church kicked me out for asking for help and treated me horrible they don't like poor people they're hypocrites

  10. My take on Phil Robertson's controversial statements :
    Are they really that controversial to begin with?
    What was one expecting to hear when he was asked to comment on those subjects?

  11. The truth of Duck Dynasty. They are stupid hillbillies. I do not watch Duck Dynasty and never will. They are imbreds. That get their own kin pregnant.

  12. You got kids catching themselves on fire on a challenge, shooting heroin, robbing the Medicine cabinet. You got kids getting offended over everything, protests for everyone and everything. But a Christian family? Well that's just CRAZY!

  13. Value perposes don't even return calls disrespect and advies family 68 who needs what Robertson's are conduted rude over 1968 kidnapping of oldest will y Robertson me u since of reports drink or past lab blew it go unshot in back leg of Kay according poilce arest records in California amazing under ground feds report buy who's Phil if anihaim is.pjil deceased in 68 or that Pat to ler.way saying f off running Bible for answer.huilty no revelation 22 it's not tolirated even laws period

  14. Why in the f**** world would anybody ever want to watch this s*** is beyond me! No wonder the majority of people in this country don't know a goddamn thing!

    Come get me 🤣

  15. Sooooo??? Plain an simple…
    They are a very wonderful family✨👍😄
    God bless them!!!!!✨

  16. Not exactly “unknown truths” if everything was published in books and put on YouTube and the tv show and said during interviews. The Robertson’s just own up to the mistakes they made early on in life.

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