43 thoughts on “The Xbox is OFFICIALLY just a PC now..

  1. There is no disadvantage between controller and keyboard and mouse, it just depends weather your a tumor baby or a God

  2. I honestly hope that next gen consoles receive full keyboard and mouse support. Mainly to make crossplay even more viable. I want to be able to play with console players in the future.

  3. Some of us can't afford gaming PC's and so we can settle for consoles and use keyboards and mouses. And also we don't have to worry about graphics cards or anything because usually you can play all the games on the store if you get them. And playstation virtual reality is way cheaper and doesn't require a gaming PC. If your not good with tech and dont have much money the consoles are the way to go, but if you do have money and you want a better experience with graphics then PCs are the way to go. Can't we all just get along?

  4. I just wanna know can I stream pummel party(steam party game) from my PC in my mancave to my xbox one in the living room so me the wife and kids can play some local coop

  5. So now I can install forza horizon 4 on xbox console and play it with keyboard and mouse on my pc?? Sign me up.

  6. Some games can’t link: OverWatch, ARK, GTA and a few more that I can’t remember, and a few games do run it: Sea of thieves and minecraft and a few others that I don’t know, also you cannot play many games on steam you cannot play : G-Mod, Rust and a few more as it’s not the same

  7. Now we just need to push Xbox to make PC games on Xbox Make it a Hybrid Console /PC.

  8. I’m really happy they did this. Now I can try all their exclusives on PC and don’t need an Xbox ! Straight pro consumer move.

  9. mouse gaming freaking sucks lets be honest someone with a controller can compete and beat someone with a keyboard and mouse easily. It all depends on the two people's skill level. Let's not keep playing like the equipment makes the difference.

  10. Idk how i feel about this because this is showing getting a pc is just better and cost almost about as a console with more options and and better framerate… Crap i just made consoles look stupid, Should i get a pc or should i wait and hope ps5 blows pcs out of the water

  11. And while we're at it, MORE GAMES FOR THE SWITCH, DAMN IT! Best console EVER, MAKE MORE GAMES FOR IT!

  12. This is pretty cool! Not sure how it'll work out for everybody (I myself own just about every console known to man, lol, not too big on PC gaming unless it's like Sims or old emulator games, etc.), but we'll see! lol.

  13. im only watching this because im waiting rust to be released on xbox so i could use my keyboard and mouse on rust

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