The young reporter you’ll soon be hearing about

Oh I thought you were… Oh are we recording? We’re gonna go meet Maggie, Maggie’s the youth worker at our school and she’s in charge of The Prince’s Trust programme. Hello there. How you doing? I’m doing good thank you. Nice to see you. Good! So what did you think of me when I came to first year? So I saw a young girl that was struggling a wee bit. But for me it was about your development, getting a bit more resilience and my goodness you’ve got that in spate loads. It’s quite incredible, you’re probably one of the most amazing young person I’ve worked with. Prince’s Trust Achieve project is a course that you can take in third and fourth year. Before, I wouldn’t be able to ask for help or talk to people. I’d always kind of need a wee bit of help but I’d be too afraid to ask for it. There was just so many more opportunities to go out and do amazing things that other people that have been sitting in normal classes would not have been able to do. We had to do six months of lessons being taught how to report. The kind of questions that you would ask, the questions that you wouldn’t. Then we reported on the Transplant Games and we reported on different sports and we talked to people that have been in the Olympics and then had had transplants and ended up in the British Transplant Games. I hadn’t really thought about being a reporter at all before that and then after I did the
British Transplant Games I did want to be a journalist. I think next steps for me would be going to college and hopefully go on to get a HND and then transfer onto uni. Hi, here with James! I met James in January 2017 and we reported on the British Transplant Games. We came down here, we did one
workshop I think on TV presenting. So this will be the first time back in two years I guess. I just tripped over the door! So you’re starting college? Yes, I’m starting college on the 26th of August and it’s for admin and IT but the digital communications. Why digital communications? ‘Cause I’m good at it. So Emma let’s try and see what you remember from two years ago. Your microphone’s round the wrong way! I have a rough start already. When I actually came to picking college courses it was like what am I good and most importantly what am I gonna enjoy? And I’m really excited that you’ve
taken what we’ve helped bring to you skill wise, and then you’re taking that
to college. You’re in charge of your destiny now. That’s very inspirational.

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