There’s More To Ezra Miller’s Crisis Cameo Than We Thought

Crisis on Infinite Earths has given Arrowverse
fans their first big crossover moment between the DC film and TV universes with a surprising
run-in between movie Flash Ezra Miller and TV Flash Grant Gustin. But there’s more to the shocking cameo than
meets the eye. Crisis on Infinite Earths executive producer
Marc Guggenheim opened up to Entertainment Weekly, revealing just how involved DC Comics
chief content officer Jim Lee actually was in pulling off one of the TV season’s most
exciting, and unexpected, appearances, saying: “Basically, I was really working hand-in-hand
with Jim. From the moment we found out that this was
a possibility, to once we knew Grant Gustin was cool and on board with it and Ezra was
on board with it, I would send drafts of the scene to both Jim Lee and [DC Entertainment’s
film VP] Adam Schlagman, and we would just go back and forth.” As Marvel and DC have expanded their screen
presences over the last decade, they’ve had to contend with one glaring issue: how their
cinematic universes fit in with their television ones. It’s been especially tough for DC, which has
had more luck among critics and fans with its animated and TV show properties than it
has with its movies. Up until now, the CW line-up especially has
been key to DC’s small screen dominance, in part because it hasn’t tried to merge it with
the film division. It’s a narrative ecosystem in which writers
drop Easter eggs about one production into another but usually do nothing beyond that,
which makes Miller’s Crisis appearance the most serious and significant attempt at a
DC cinematic-TV connection to date. It’s also one Guggenheim and Lee were very
careful with executing, for the sake of every universe. Guggenheim told EW: “The trick with the scene is…they didn’t
want me to do anything that stepped on the toes of the Flashpoint movie that they’re
developing. So, we really worked hand-in-hand. Jim was really great about just making sure
that all the parties were talking to each other, that nothing was getting stalled. He was a cheerleader when he needed to be,
a diplomat when he needed to be.” They may have taken a carefully planned approach
to writing the Barry-meets-Barry exchange, but how Miller’s cameo came about was much
more impromptu. In a Variety interview, Guggenheim revealed
that Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth reached out
with a proposition after Arrow had wrapped, and the crossover was nearly completed. When Roth asked how Guggenheim would be able
to do it, the EP responded with: “‘Yeah, I know, but if you’re telling me Ezra
Miller can be in the crossover, I can make it happen.'” Guggenheim, Roth, and Lee delivered something
many fans thought was an improbable dream. But it was one that writer, director, podcaster,
and all-around king of geeks Kevin Smith alluded to the possibility of during a segment cut
from DC’s Dawn Of The Justice League TV special. During a 2016 episode of his Fat Man on Batman
podcast, Smith recounted his conversation with DC Creative Officer Geoff Johns, saying: “DC is known for nothing if not a multiverse.'” “Right?” “So at which point I was like, ‘Could they
f–ing crossover?’ And he was like, ‘Ahh.'” Miller may have also put out positive vibes
for a potential crossover while brushing off a bit of controversy around the DC film side’s
decision to cast him instead of merely using Gustin, who was already playing the speedster
on TV. In a July 2015 interview with MTV News, The
Flash star called the existence of two Barry Allens, quote, “awesome.” “It’s parallel universes!” “It’s all good!” “Grant Gustin is the Flash, and I’m the Flash,
don’t you see? It’s the event horizon!” Casual fans will undoubtedly see Miller’s
cameo as a “dope” one-off moment, but for those a bit more up-to-speed on the comics
and various screen universes, the implications are way more exciting. To start, the run-in confirms the existence
of a multiverse through Miller’s appearance, something that’s corroborated by Gustin’s
line: “This should be impossible now.” “This should be impossible now?” Technically, it shouldn’t be possible and
yet, there the two Barrys were, proving that DC may have finally settled on the multiverse
as the official answer to and connection between its big- and small-screen stories. But there are also hints about the version
of Barry Allen viewers can expect in Miller’s upcoming Flash film. After being repeatedly delayed and going through
multiple creative team changes, The Flash movie is pretty difficult to get a read on. Over the years that the film has been in development,
it’s become less clear what exactly audiences are in for when the Andy Muschietti-directed
movie finally premieres in 2022. However, the Crisis on Infinite Earths cameo
did help decipher some of that. During their brief encounter, both Flashes
weighed the possibility of being face-to-face for different reasons. As the cameo scene illustrates, Miller’s Barry
was way less in the know than his counterpart. His general confusion over where he is, as
well as how he arrived there, reveals that he may be significantly less experienced than
Gustin’s Barry is when it comes to his full meta-human abilities, and his knowledge of
the multiverse. It’s a perfect place for a film which will
reportedly be based on Andy Kubert and Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint novel to start. Miller’s final line in Crisis on Infinite
Earths… “I told Victor this was possible.” …also doubles as a nod to fellow Justice
League member Cyborg, and serve as confirmation that Barry may bring his newfound knowledge
of the multiverse to his upcoming standalone film. Additionally, the scene also seems to introduce
Miller’s Allen to his superhero name, believe it or not. “I’m also the Flash.” “You’re also the what?” That makes sense if the 2022 movie serves
as an origin tale for the DCEU speedster, and not a story in which he’s already a fully-fledged
hero. With how well Miller’s Barry seemingly takes
to the moniker, fans can maybe look forward to seeing a nod to the crossover moment from
the big-screen speedster in his forthcoming movie. While Ezra Miller’s Crisis cameo was but a
few minutes long, it may have played a pivotal role in connecting DC’s universes, moving
the troubled franchise forward and launching one of its best-known superheroes into a new
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100 thoughts on “There’s More To Ezra Miller’s Crisis Cameo Than We Thought

  1. What if ezra mirror's Flash is the original timeline and Gustins flash knows that hence,"this should be impossible ".

  2. did anyone notice ezra miller's flash suit in the crisis was different from the JL film. No more of the gray thread lines, suit is now bright red, the white background for the emblem is already there and it's tilted a little bit than his last emblem.

  3. Serious comic book replica TV Flash meets the Jar Jar Movie recreated Flash. Grant is by no means perfect as the Flash, but the only thing Ezra has that even looks like the Flash is a name and the speed. As a fan of the Flash, I'm not looking forward to the next movie.

  4. Frankly I am so glad that Ezra is still going to be the Flash in future DCEU movies. Love the actor and his work in almost all his movies that I have seen.

  5. I am shook by the confrontation between Arrowverse/DCTV's Flash and DCEU's Flash. I was not expecting this, infact I'm pretty sure no one thought that this was even possible in the first place!!!

    But what does this all supposedly mean?

    Was The DCEU wiped out of existence because of the Crisis and DCEU's Flash was saved only because he was in the Speedforce?

    Or is DCEU part of a different multiverse entirely?! In that case, there must be only one Speedforce that exists between both the Multiverses and that is why both the Flashes were able to confront each other. The latter seems more likely because if DCEU was part of the same Multiverse as the Arrowverse, then the DCEU's Justice League would have known about the Anti Monitor being a threat in the Crisis and would have joined the fight.

    So yeah, DCEU should be in a different Multiverse which would mean that they might have to rename it to DCEM (DC Extended Multiverse). DCEU have indirectly introduced the Multiverse before, the best example being that the Joker movie is in a different reality to the one of the Justice League.

    This moment was indeed MASSIVE fan service of course, but I really hope they don't retcon it altogether. I wish there would be a scene in the upcoming Flash movie wherein the DCEU's Flash would address this incident and decide to take up the title of The Flash only because of Arrowverse Flash's unintentional namedrop.

  6. So basically Ezra's flash needs to be in the speed force at the time of crisis. Probably working at star labs with cyborg and his dad, trying to learn more about Barry's powers. Which is also probably a good way to have him accidentally or intentionally time travel for flashpoint

  7. Actually thought that Grant’s flash meant that it shouldn’t be possible to meet Ezra’s flash because all the worlds were already wiped out. hmm

  8. Honestly they need a refresh for the films, like how is it so hard to plan things ahead for the DC film line up for a cinematic universe. Sorry but Warner Bros screwed all that up when they decide to makr Batman V Superman. Like it took them 3 years after Man of Steel just for that movie but they could've easily made a solo Batman film before that and it would've been a completely different film. Like they completely waste there time making Suicide Squad.
    Like this is what the first phase of the DCEU films should've been
    1. Man of Steel
    2. Batman – with Joker
    3. Man of Steel 2 – with Lex Luthor
    4. Batman and Superman: World's Finest – with Joker and Lex Luthor teaming up, just like in the Superman the animated series.
    5. Wonder Woman
    6. The Flash – A much better introduction
    7. Green Lantern
    8. Aquaman
    9. Shazam
    10. Justice League

  9. I never noticed that in that scene you just showed with the whole Justice League standing on ledge, that Flash and Cyborg does a fist bump. I dont know why but this gives another layer of personality to the film. Ezra's performance better fits the character imo.

  10. I want is a blonde Barry Allen who dates Patty instead of Iris, acts more mature than a child and has a yellow and red suit that looks close to New 52 style. That's what I would love to see in theaters.

  11. I don't even play the games or read the comics but I seriously would watch several DC films that's based on Injustice. There's just something to seeing Supes and Wonderwoman misbehaving.

  12. They need to get a strong and tougher Flash… not some week try to hard flash like the ones they have now 🤮

  13. This is the infinite universe, lol anything is possible, Barry goes to the Lost in space tv show world, Barry goes to the Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles Earth, Barry goes to the deep future and meets the live action Jetsons, or the Flintstones in the deep past. As long as there's infinite worlds, anything is possible, lol

  14. Ezra has no projects. So of course he’s willing to do it. But this makes no sense considering that Ezra Flash is connected to Affeck and Cavill who are now gone.

  15. Wonder Woman , Aquaman, Shazam, Joker. Box office smash hits and critically acclaimed movies. MCU fan boys are one thing, but pls. DC is doing great and it’s been on a great run. Stop with this “DC films have been in trouble B.S”. It’s not 2013 anymore folks.

  16. I know everyone’s saying the same thing but it would be great when Ezra does flashpoint he looks for ways to fix it so he goes to grant gustin flash for advice

  17. You’re wrong. He said “This shouldn’t be possible now” because the multiverse had just be destroyed by the Anti-Monitor. Barry (Grant) has already met another Barry Allen, from Earth 90.

  18. I think people like Gustins Flash more because we have seen every emotion from him with the their being several seasons of his show, but we've only seen the awkward goofy side to Miller's Flash. I really hope they fix that in the Flash movie (as well as the way he runs).

  19. I know it’s tv but if they had way better CGI this shit would be fire. It’s 2020 I think they should re do the cgi or make it better

  20. My problem with the DCEU is that Ezra Miller’s Flash is supposed to be inexperienced and young, but they’ve shown him fighting Captain Boomerang & he just fough alongside the rest of the Justice League. NOW we’re supposed to get an origin story? They keep teasing that he hasn’t done anything as The Flash yet, when he obviously has.

  21. What I would like to see is Tom Cavanaugh cast as Reverse Flash in the DCEU. Would be super cool and would cement him the arch villain to all Barry Allens across the Multiverse. You wouldn't even have to outright say this is the same reverse flash from the CW but fans in the back of their minds would know. Probably won't happen but would be extremely cool.

  22. Flash work best in series.teasin teasing finally season finale they do it lol or in middle season new bigger main villain lol

  23. I know, the multi verse was destroyed which means there may be another multi verse. But the only portals to each other is the speed force

  24. Why is everyone keep forgetting one important things?
    When Oliver, the Specter, and the Paragon restarted the universe, no one is remember anything except the Paragon, well without Martian Manhunter help anyway, with his help, now the superheroes community of Earth Prime known everything

  25. It would have been more exiting if miller’s flash was not a twitchy mess that looks more like a parody of Wally west from the comics. They should replace him post haste. Or at least change his personality entirely

  26. I like Affleck as Batman over Ezra as the Flash.. that being said I am also more than happy Affleck isnt playing the role of Batman anymore.. !!

  27. I feel like the DCEU is making a comeback, Aquaman, Wonderwoman and Shazam were good films, hopefully flash will be to.

  28. They mention the films in the tv programs if you watch them properly certain scenes are dedicated to them, but that’s why Netflix don’t have the big names due to the fact Thor would never ask Jessica Jones for help, but she speak about there existence in her tv programs

  29. The cameo scene was… weird. Both actors looked as if they had never seen another human before and they were confused if they should speak. It was more than just "How are you here?" and closer to, "You spek'em de English maybe, yes?"

  30. why everytime yall do these videos do yall make the claim of dcs movies not being successfully like wonder woman wasnt a success. and every movie since 2017 has been successfully financially and critically? like how many movies do they gotta make for yall to let that narrative go

  31. DC movies can't keep consistent cast. But if the actors don't wanna reprise their respective roles. They can always flashpoint them and acknowledge that they look different lol

  32. I don't like tv Barrys new suit. I like season 4 the best and I really don't like the suit Barry wears in the movies.

  33. Marvel: we're going to combine all movies that'll lead up to Endgame. (Success)

    DC: how about we combine movies and TV shows? 😑

  34. The problem with Cyborg is that a man with like %85 of his body being cgi just looks bad and cost way to much to even make it look decent. Honestly, I found Cyborg to be a lot more difficult to look at then the unnecessary Superman moustache cgi.

  35. As much as I detested the justice league movie, I genuinely love how DC solved the movie-vs-tv problem… "It's a multiverse, everything's valid, go for it" seems a MUCH simpler and more elegant solution than trying to make everything across multiple properties all entwined in a singular narrative canon. Just shows that DC has been busy learning from their mistakes, which is awesome.

  36. I cant deny it….I'm 47, never been a huge comics fan, but was bombarded by Superfriends cartoons as a kids in the late 70's/early 80's. Even with my "maturity", once I realized that yes, that really was Ezra, I was fan-boying out as much as anyone else. Love the spot, totally worked, didn't feel forced, made total sense. (I , too, was disappointed Grant wasn't cast in Justice League).

    Man its hard typing when 70 per cent drunk.

  37. I still have one problem with those shows. Why are Superman and Supergirl treated as meta humans when they're aliens from another planet and their abilities are natural, not the result of whatever lightning created the meta humans in The Flash. So Star Labs meta human jail should have no effect on them.

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