Thin Sections ft. Spectrum Petrographics: Welcome to Spectrum

Hello, and welcome to Dr.. Petra graphics. My name is Bonnie, and I’m a geoscience technician here This is Dr. Mike Depanter. He is the company’s owner president and photographer Spectrum is a small [professional] business that provides [thin] sectioning services for the Earth sciences While we are located in Vancouver, Washington. We receive samples from all around the world and Some not from the world More about that in a minute Why I said that we provide thin sectioning services and a thin section is a very thin ultimately a very thin piece [of] rock on on a glass slide for viewing in a Special microscope of the kinds that we have back here in back of us called petrographic microscope the Final Rock Slice starts off as a thick rock and then it’s ground down through a series of steps to be about a thousandth of an inch thick so it’s transparent and it looks very different in the microscope than it does on the slide that [bonnie] just showed you here’s an example of What we would see in the microscope very colorful all kinds of properties of Minerals available for us to aid and identifying the minerals and textures that we see all part of interpreting the important features of the rocks that are being studied we work with lots of different materials most of them are Natural Earth Materials rock materials, but we do pottery from archaeologist of these meteorites from outer space things like Concrete sometimes plastic metal Various kinds of things that can [be] made into [a] thin section by the processes that we use Most of our customers have an academic background and this includes professors students and researchers that are affiliated with [university] we also receive work from government institutions such as the USGS and EPA as well as from the private and professional sectors including mining and exploration companies Museums, legal analysts and specialty groups such as meteorite collectors. All of our analysts have one thing in common, and that’s that for cutting-edge analysis, they need the highest possible quality sample prep and that’s our main concern here So even though the end result is a very high quality polished shiny thin section the actual process of creating this Is a little bit more rough around the edges so join us next time as we head out for a tour of the lab.

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