Tik Tok Cringefest | Only the Cringest of the Cringe Will Cringe it up! #Cringe 82

There’s nothing I fuckin love more than
the hard week’s work girl for drag for the missus! life
well yeah fucking lovely these I do everyone who thinks I’m pretty
it’s just a lie I just have the beauty filter on I’m gonna take it off now and
show you guys the real me this is me guys I’ll have it or leave it
that’s your favorite kind of food um fruit fruit yep what kind of fruit fruit
loops one question someone asked has perturbed me deeply and it is does
valiber smooth so do you ever sneeze the hell is that what does that mean
that’s useless so there’s nothing for me that’s all you have okay okay okay okay okay okay
I’m sorry okay I’m sorry can you uh put that away now please
thank you love you fucking bitch
and this is me gonna try it oh my god every kid you know can’t believe this is
real you make June Friday Lu gun video game before hey I don’t mean to see you
rule to anything but I just figured I should ask why do you look so dead and
sad all the time you can see it if you can’t handle me with my Zubat you don’t
deserve me with my woo bat hey how much money do you have
Oh like 69 cents but you know what that means not right now we’re making a tick-tock I love it when you choke happy happy birthday me and the non-binary gang are going to
get the size of our head shaved where y’all at River tree beef sock pig Scylla
fin my place 420 o clock be there or be square damn steps as though you stuck so I want
you know the chain station wait to get on the train and this woman growls at me
she walks up to me she walk behind me and did this into my ear I turned around
there babe don’t crowd at me cuz I’ll growl back she ran away with her job you like to wet kimchi fried eyes only
today you were just staring my fucking ass weren’t you you little fucking
pervert good things come to those who believe better things come to those who
are patient in the best things come to those who don’t give up Oh did you wash your pussy today did you
wash your pussy tonight did you wash your pussy today no I did
you watch her birth is like she says she wanna dance but she don’t know how to
I’m I stopped looking like a star her name is Jenny but her breath is like duh
hey guys it’s Sam so basically I’m in my apartment building right and I smell
something like that smells weird is that I look on the ground like that’s not dog
shit that’s human shit someone thought they couldn’t get to their fucking
apartment so they squatted down and the fucked up thing about this this shit is
it new quite literally some guy took a fucking
shit next to my mom’s car next to my mom’s car
who the fuck in my apartment building is surprised pooping bitches oh their daddy
but since we’re friends I get to call you a head oh right class as promised
this week we will be filling out your wand permit application so on the desk
in front of you open up your permit envelope and pull out your wand permit
now per requirement of the wand office we will be filling this out in green ink
yes hufflepuff you don’t have green ink
that’s right this is how it works you guys don’t know what ballpoint pens are
so we will just color change your ink then Slytherin you don’t know how to
color change have you guys not learned the color varios spell okay some of you
Ravenclaw’s self-taught yourselves all right okay so pull out your wands you’re
gonna say color Varia and point to your bottle of ink remember to think of the
color you want it to be and say the spell so on the count of three one two
three color Bahria alright and now that we have green ink can we begin Dunkin
Donuts bacon McCrystal breakfast pressure are
either gonna tell me who did it or my partner can trust me you don’t want me
to bring him in here I’m the nice one do your worst you know that really really
tall girl that you go to school with well that’s me
16 years old six foot one and a half that’s a huge bitch it’s true
blondes prefer candy canes more candy canes blondes and Kings Kings and

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  2. So many uploads!
    I love that you upload 1-2 times a day but sometimes I’ll miss an new upload because of that lol
    I try my best to keep up haha

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