Tikona Review | Tikona Broadband 4 Mbps Plan Review | Tikona Speed Test

Tikona Broadband review and speed test by Jayant Shah A honest review for tikona digital networks Best review for tikona broadband 4mbps plan Tikona 4mbps speed test review Tikona speed test results are very good tikona speed test for 4mbps plan using tikona’s speed test tool getting 4mbps speed in the speed test tikona speed test for 4mbps plan using another online speed test tool speed test results are very good. getting 4 mbps speed. watch out the results for the speed test Thank You for watching this video on Tikona Review and speed test for 4 Mbps Plan

17 thoughts on “Tikona Review | Tikona Broadband 4 Mbps Plan Review | Tikona Speed Test

  1. Wow! Amazing speed was thinking to switch from my current ISP to an another ISP. Now i am planning to try Tikona broadband i hope even i will get the decent internet speed if i will opt for 4Mbps plan. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. The speed is stunning. I am using Tikona for 5 months now and I have not seen downfall in the speed even in this rainy season. In my review Tikona's services are good. And I am satisfied with customer care services, always ready to help.

  3. I am a tikona user from last 2 years and using its broadband services. I am very much happy with the internet speed and the amount I am spending for it. In my review, tikona is one of the reliable internet service provider in India who is offering fast speed internet at affordable prices. I usually watch a lot of youtube videos all the day and also download big size files every day. I never had problem with the speed and enjoyed using tikona internet. I am also doing video calling with my brother who stays out of India and trust me there is no disturbance during the call. I have recommended tikona digital networks to many of my friends and neighbors and they have also taken their service. They are also happy with tikona and enjoying their services.

  4. I am happy and satisfied with the speeds and I must say that the customer service is very active and are ready to help whenever I have interacted with them. In my point of view Tikona is the best internet service provider among other internet service providers till now.

  5. Tikona broadband made it easier for me to watch online videos without buffering and at very affordable price. Thanks a lot to Tikona and thank you Jayant shah for your review even i am experiencing the same speed with 4Mbps plan. Amazing speed!

  6. Doing work online has become easy now. I don't have to wait for pages to load. I am using Tikona Broadband for a year now and I can confidently state my viewpoint that it is the best internet service provider till date for me.

  7. Great Review! was planning to switch to other ISP from my existing ISP. I think i should try Tikona broadband as i heard about its speed, hopefully even i will get great speed if i opt for 4Mbps plan

  8. I have installed Tikona last month and the speed is stable as promised, there is hardly any downfall. I really enjoy streaming videos on YouTube for which I get speeds up to 4 Mbps. I have recommended this to my friend and she is also happy with the service. Nice review Mr. Shah.

  9. Thank you Jayant Shah for such an informative video. I was planning since a long time to switch my internet service provider because of low speeds. Looking at your review, I think I should give a try to Tikona Broadband.

  10. I was searching for a few blogs that would help me understand the kind of ISPs I should be looking at, or the plans I should opt for. Found this amazing Tikona review to help me better understand my options. Thanks Jayant for taking such efforts!

  11. I watch a lot of tech related videos and mainly internet because m very much interested in the subtle workings of the same. have to say, even though this is a simple tikona broadband review video made, it captures a lot of vital aspects of the installation and working of wireless networks. excellent!

  12. Thanks Jayant for this review story about tikona, it does capture all the needed details for picking the correct ISP or use. Whats more I feel 4 mbps is the ideal plan for anyone with just video streaming and internet surfing requirements. More people ought to take a look at this.

  13. excellent video blog. gives away so much vital information as well and the detailing is crucial for knowing which isp to pick. this tikona broadband review has done exactly that.

  14. hello all, just watched this tikona review video and i must say there are not many detailed analysis about internet broadband providers such as this one. based on this, it seems the plans are feasible enough and worth a try

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