Time to BATTLE for the Nile! | Ancient Egypt Settlement | Forge of Empires

-My Queen!
-Hahaha Welcome. Today we will be talking about our new
Ancient Egyptian Cultural Settlement! But first, make sure to click on the red button below and subscribe to this channel. Oh Gods! How could I let our kingdom’s finances get
so bad. Well, I did mention something about it
to you last month, my queen. But you said it would all be OK. I guess maybe you were just in de-Nile. Kurt, this is not the time for bad puns!
We are in serious trouble here! I’m sure it will be OK, my Queen. Something will turn up, it always does. I’m not so sure this time Kurt, you must go and find a solution for this matter! -Seek aid from another kingdom, if you must.
-Yes, my Queen! Heed the call of Queen Nefertiti and join
her in battle on the banks of the river Nile. Help her establish a city and defend it from
her enemies, securing your place amongst the history books. Just like the Vikings and Feudal Japan, follow
the Ancient Egyptian questline to progress your settlement
to victory. Collect Deben from residential buildings like
the Luxury Estate or the Multi Story Clay House. You can also collect some Deben
from your Embassy every day. Just like in Japan, Deben can also be produced
in some Diplomacy Buildings, like the Divine Statue
or the Pyramid. My Queen! I found the answer to all our problems! You have? I have indeed. You see, on my travels, I encountered a fellow
who, for a small fee, offered me the business
opportunity of a lifetime! -Okay?
-Now tell me… What, in this wonderful age, is the best way
to display your success to others? A giant statue of yourself? Oooh, that is good! Okay, then what is the second best way? I don’t know… With smell! What? The smell of success! Pharaoh-mone, for men. You bought a bottle of perfume? Not just one bottle, no. Hundreds! I bought into a business opportunity,
where I can sell this perfume to everyone in the land. Just like previous settlements, the Egyptian
Settlement also comes with 4 brand new cultural goods
buildings, such as the Flower Farm, which produces
beautiful flowers for your settlement, and the Place of Prayer, which earns
the favor of the gods with Sacrificial Offerings. But in ancient Egypt, there’s a twist! Cultural Buildings use a new resource: Loot,
to produce goods. Keep watching to find out more! You see, I sell the perfume to everyone in the land… and I pay a small percentage of what I make
to the fellow who was gracious enough to introduce me to
this wonderful opportunity. So you paid him a fee upfront, AND you have
to pay… a percentage of any money you make from selling
the perfumes? Yes, it’s brilliant, right? And what’s more, I can even recruit people
to sell the perfume on my behalf, just as I did for
this fellow! This sounds ridiculous. I want you to get rid of all these bottles
of perfume, and figure out a real way to fix our problem! Yes, my Queen. Hmm…there’s something
strangely familiar about this shape… The biggest change with Ancient Egypt is its
focus on battles. After completing the first few quests, you’ll
open the Siege Camp situated inside a pyramid on the outskirts
of the settlement. The Siege Camp offers you 3 battles to compete
in each day, an easy, medium, and hard battle, with varying
rewards. Each battle won earns you Loot, which you
use to create Cultural Goods. But you’re not going to use your tanks against
ancient Egyptian warriors, that wouldn’t be fair! The Egyptian Settlement comes with its own
set of 5 units, such as the Mounted Camel Archer, and the
War Elephant. These can be trained in military buildings
which you unlock as you progress. I did it, my Queen, I sold all of them! What? The perfumes.
Pharaoh-mone, for men. I got rid of them all! You mean…people actually bought them? That’s right! In fact, one man took fifty from me, to sell
for himself! Wow. I must really apologize, Kurt. I was overly skeptical about the whole idea. But it really seems that you were right about
this. Is there any chance I can still get in on
this deal? I’ll contact the fellow who offered me the
opportunity, and see if he has any left! There is the small matter of the fee, of course. Of course, take all the gold from
the treasury, and buy as much of it as you can! Right away, my Queen. Another big change in the settlement this
time around is that you can now find pickaxes, which you can use to remove Impediments. Impediments can be found in the form of ancient
ruins scattered throughout the desert. But be careful! There are a limited number of pickaxes
available during each playthrough. Here we go. A thousand boxes of Pharaoh-mone! Oh, my back! I really should give my Cairo-practor a call. Urgh! This smells revolting! I can’t believe people are actually buying
this stuff! Ah well, from all the profit we’ll be
making from all of these… I doubt I’d even care about the smell. Haha exactly! I forgot to ask. How much profit did you actually make from
selling all of yours? -Well, nothing yet.
-What! Well, the guys who I sold them to didn’t
actually have any money with them at the time. But they said assure me that they would get it to me
as soon as they could. So you just gave it to them? Well…They seemed like trustworthy folk,
and they were so happy about the opportunity. I even heard them laughing with joy as they ran
away. So, what’s in it for you? Well, let’s look at this settlement’s unique
rewards. First up, you’ll be able to grab yourself
4 new Emissaries to boost your main city’s town hall output
each day. Secondly, the main reward building completing
the settlement is the magnificent Royal Bathhouse, an upgradable building with 6 possible levels. At level 6, the Bathhouse produces Coins,
Forge Points, Guild Treasury Goods, and Random Units when
motivated. And last but not least, the second building you can earn for completing
the settlement within the time limit, the monolithic Ancient
Obelisk. This upgradable building with 4 levels produces
coins, random goods and Forge Points, as well as boosting the defense of your main
city’s attacking armies. We hope you enjoy playing through our
brand new Ancient Egyptian Cultural Settlement, as always, let us know what you think in our
forums and in the comments section below. And of course, if you haven’t done already, like this video and hit the notification bell! To get updated
whenever we post something new! Goodbye!

99 thoughts on “Time to BATTLE for the Nile! | Ancient Egypt Settlement | Forge of Empires

  1. I have an issue with the diamonds,how to get diamonds without buying it?
    Nice update by the way,fan of this game!

  2. oh my queen it would be a pleasure to be a slave in your kingdom and also be buried alive with you in your tomb… The most peaceful queen I saw ever.

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    Gurnemanz de Greifental

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    Also, would you please add a ‘Confirm’ option when in the ‘Antiques Dealer’ section of the game. I have accidentally selected the ‘Refresh’ button and lost over 1100 Diamonds. Diamonds are not cheap. Thank you.

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    As for anyone that’s already been playing at least 6 months or longer, we will all see that this won’t help us update our Viking tree (I can’t spell Yggsdril) or timeless dojo, and not bother. I’m sorry to the people that spent so much time rendering this beautiful settlement, but what a waste of time

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