Time Warner Cable – Get Back

bjbj AGENCY 51 ADVERTISING Radio & TV Spots
Radio & TV Spots [START Time_Warner_Cable_Get_Back_Radio_Agency51.mp3] MALE VOICE 1: Before your kids go back to
school, take them to the jungle. KIDS: Oh. MALE VOICE 1: Blast off into space. KIDS:
Whoa. MALE VOICE 1: And do it all at big back to school savings from Time Warner Cable.
FEMALE VOICE 1: Right now get standard cable and Roadrunner Light for just 54.95 per month
for three months. MALE VOICE 1: Standard cable brings your family the world with science,
nature, history and more. You ll turn your TV into a learning tool with the Discovery
Channel, Animal Planet and the History Channel. FEMALE VOICE 1: With always fast, always connected
Roadrunner Light, your kids can research homework quickly and easily. So much faster than dial-up.
And Roadrunner Light comes with full security and parental controls. MALE VOICE 1: Right
now, get back to school savings when you order both. Get standard cable and Roadrunner Light
for just 54.95 per month. FEMALE VOICE 1: Call Time Warner Cable or visit Hot Time Warner.com
today for these special savings and bring your family the world. MALE VOICE 1: Call
today and get Time Warner Cable and Roadrunner Light for just 54.95. FEMALE VOICE 1: Limited
time offer. Some restrictions may apply. Call for details. [background music] [END Time_Warner_Cable_Get_Back_Radio_Agency51.mp3]
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