Timeless (NBC) Trailer HD

Everybody get down on the ground! You, move! Lucy Preston? Homeland Security. You need to come with me. You got a hell of a reputation
– history, anthropology. Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan, Delta Force. 3:30 p.m.. May 6th 1937. You’re telling me that this guy [actually] went back in time, for real, to the Hindenburg. You were our best option. To do what go after him? I think someone who loved history
would want to save it. Our earliest prototype. She isn’t fancy, but she works. Usually. Do you need to go with them? I can’t. I am black. There is literally no place in American history
that’ll be awesome for me. – Lucy.
– Rufus. I’m the pilot. – Kind of.
– Kind of?! Have you been drinking? I didn’t know I was gonna be
working tonight, ma’am. Might wanna hold on. It is [explode] Have you seen this man? Yes, he was here. He’s working his ground crew. He’s gonna help bring down the Hindenburg. I think Flynn is trying to rewrite history. It could change the present in ways
we can’t possibly predict. What is it about her? My wife died. Someone I saw okay. That’s all I can think about. It’s gonna blow! I know everything about you. Just ask them why they chose you. I’m not sure you realize where you are, boy. I hope you live long enough to see
Michael Jordan dunk, Michael Jackson dance, Mike Tyson punch, really just any black guy named Michael! Because the future is not on your side. I know what you’re really meant to be. You’re important in ways
you can’t even imagine. That’s my handwriting, but I didn’t write that. Not yet, but you will.

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