Times I Plagiarized

I almost lost a thousand-dollar scholarship
because of plagiarism. Let’s talk about that. [Ripoff Good Mythical Morning Intro] Plagiarism. Adverb. The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas
and passing them off as one’s own. [closes book] Just the word plagiarism sounds like a crime. Racism, sexism, and plagiarism. I’m not here to talk about people who repost my comics, JPEG’d, cut my name off, and have the audacity to put their own watermark on, nah nah nah NAH,
not that kind of plagiarism. I’m gonna tell you about all the times that I plagiarized,
in school. And, OK, just off topic, I wanna
address something publicly. I don’t go looking through other people’s comics and go: “Oh, this comic’s funny! I’m gonna redraw it
and pass it off as my own!” No, I’m not about that life. But some of my comics have been very similar
to other people’s comics. I read a lot of comics, so it’s possible I saw them
and then repressed them in my memory and drew them again, or it’s possible that it’s all a coincidence and me and
someone else just came up with the same idea, it happens all the time with other cartoonists,
not just me. Again, I don’t purposely take comic ideas and
try and pass them off as my own. Whenever people point out that my comic is a lot like
someone else’s, I get really sad. So you guys should check out these other
cartoonists, they’re really good. Anyway, I just wanted to say that at the
beginning of the video, because I’m gonna be telling you about times that I
actually DID plagiarize. But that was just in school, OK? I keep plagiarism off the Internet. Isn’t that right, Matthew? I cheated a bit in school. An occasional glance at my partner’s desk, maybe jot down that important equation
on my hand, nothing TOO big. I had a Math Class where we went to Lunch
in the middle of the class, and whenever we had tests, the teacher wouldn’t
split the test into two parts. Dff– Do you expect us NOT to exchange notes? The first time that I got caught cheating
was in 9th grade. And if you stalk me and watch my old videos,
you know that I went to a preparatory school my freshman year. And in preparatory school, the amount of work
they gave you as kids was just STUPID! So cut me some slack. In one class, we had to write an essay about
something historical? or something? And I chose to write about the Berlin Wall. Specifically about people who escaped
ACROSS the Berlin Wall. Now I chose this topic because… I don’t know
if you know this, but there’s a National Geographic documentary
about this exact topic. So I didn’t copy and paste anything into my essay,
per say. It’s just I told the exact same stories in the
exact same order as the documentary, and, OK, I might wrote some things down
word for word. But at least I didn’t plagiarize it from Wikipedia, OK? So I didn’t copy and paste anything… …until I had to write the conclusion of the essay. And I found this article talking about it, and the article
said some things that would’ve been PERFECT in my essays, sooooooooooo….. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V. I turned it in, I didn’t think too much of it, but then when I got it BACK, the conclusion paragraph
had been highlighted, and a “see me” was written next to it. So I had gotten in trouble for plagiarizing
the conclusion. Just the conclusion… Nothing. Else. To be honest, I’d kinda forgotten that I copied
and pasted the conclusion. I thought he knew that I basically turned in the
script of a documentary. The teacher who we’ll call “Mr. Batman” (it makes sense if you knew him) He took me outside of the classroom, he told me
that it was bad that I plagiarized, and he called my parents, that freaking snitch. My parents got mad at me too. He gave me a chance to rewrite the essay,
and I remember just being so traumatised and stressed out that night. I kept thinking: “What if he finds the documentary
and sees that I practically plagiarized the whole essay?” I ended up rewriting not only the conclusion,
but the whole freaking essay. I turned in the new essay, and I don’t think he ever
found out that I copied the whole thing. Except, I did just admit it. And
he watches my videos. Seriously, in April he emailed me and asked if
I was the same James that was in his class. He’s the only teacher to ever reach out to me. And even after all those years, I still didn’t tell
him that I plagiarized the whole thing. So… …hi Mr. Batman. Uhh, you can’t change my grade now, can you? But that was a good experience for me to have. It taught me a valuable lesson. Because I didn’t plagiarize a single essay
for the rest of High School. But then Community College rolled around. I did Community College for a bit, because I couldn’t
afford university on a Subway payroll. I took honors and A.P. classes in High School,
I was a relatively good student. Except I didn’t take any of the A.P. tests. So when I went to Community College, I had to take
classes that were a step BELOW the classes I took in High School. What a GREAT way to spend my time! Senior Year of English, we were writing essays and
analyzing poetry. Freshman Year of College, we were writing movie reviews. And the teacher didn’t even like me, she thought I was
a slacker because I was never paying attention. I didn’t take Community College seriously, but
it was so easy, I was still getting amazing grades. On the third semester of Community College, I took
a Public Speaking class. Now I might be an introvert, but I don’t have a problem with Public Speaking. That’s part of my job now! I took the class because I thought it would be an easy A, and I needed a communications credit for my major, I wanted to be a Math teacher, and you may not have
noticed, but they publicly speak ALL the time. So I take the class, I’m like the best person
in the class, right. And for the final we had to give a persuasive speech
in front of everyone. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t learn like, ANY tricks to help
with Public Speaking. The whole class was literally just us giving speeches
to each other over and over. So three semesters of doing easy classes and
wasting my time, my apathy meters were just off the charts. I didn’t wanna work too hard, so I chose to do my
speech on why we should get rid of the penny. And, I don’t know if you know this, but there’s this
YouTube video made by CGP Grey, that makes great arguments on why we Americans should get rid
of the penny. AGAIN, I didn’t copy and paste anything per say, it’s just the speech I gave had the exact same
arguments in the exact same order as CGP Grey. OK, it was pretty much a one for one recreation
of his whole video. I’m sorry! I thought we were getting graded on Public Speaking,
not writing original speeches! The teacher caught me, I guess she’s a fan of CGP Grey. And gave me a 0 on the final. So I ended up getting a D in the class! And that was the worst grade I got
in Community College. Part of me was like: Pfft! What-what-whatever. [sniff] I don’t- I don’t care… This next semester though, I wanted to go to
a REAL college. And still trying to be economical, I found that it was
actually cheaper for me to an out of state school, than to go in state. At this school, they gave scholarships to out of state
students who had high enough GPAs and enough credits. It would’ve saved me THOUSANDS of dollars. And I had family living in this state, so that
was another reason why I wanted to go to that school. But here’s the thing. Even with that D, I still had a high enough GPA
to get the scholarship, but since I failed, it didn’t count as a credit. So I ended up being ONE credit short for
THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! My options were either: Stay home and do a 1 credit semester
of Community College, or beg the university to give me my scholarship anyway. During Christmas, my family visited the state the
school was in. So me and my dad got the chance to go to the school,
and basically talk our way into getting the scholarship. We talked to five different people, now THAT’S
Public Speaking. I had to use my persuasive talking skills
that I would’ve learned! And all of them were telling us: “There’s nothing we can do.” But we were talking to one lady, she was telling us
the same thing about not being able to do anything. She looked at my transcript. She said: “Oh, you failed Public Speaking.” She looked at it for a bit, she’d type something on her computer, she printed out a piece of paper and handed it to
me saying: “It’s OK, I’m not good at Public Speaking either.” SHI– SHE THOUGHT I WAS BAD AT PUBLIC SPEAKING! She thought I failed ’cause I was insecure or
something, and not ’cause I did something WRONG. Oh, uhh… …yeah! I’m just terrible at speaking to the public… So really, there WAS something you could do. I got the scholarship, because a lady wearing
eye shadow took pity on me. But I only ended up staying a semester and a half
at that school, because my YouTube kicked off. And now I’m doing that full-time. But I’m still thankful I got the scholarship! I hope my Public Speaking teacher could
see where I am now. I speak in front of MILLIONS of people for my JOB. I mean, I can’t see them, and I’m just reading everything
off a script, in my closet. And I didn’t get punished for plagiarism! I didn’t learn my lesson. And I didn’t learn anything in your class. CGP Grey, if you’re watching, I just wanted to say,
I’m sorry I plagiarized your essay. But, it almost cost me thousands of dollars. But it didn’t so… Remember kids, don’t plagiarize. It could cost ya. It didn’t cost me anything though. Okay, so there’s been some updates to the store. It looks different, we got some new products, and for Black Friday, some things are
gonna be on sale this week. Shipping to America is now gonna be cheaper,
because it’s not international priced. And it’s been confirmed that we will be able to ship
the plushies before Christmas. Even if you order one right now, and if everything
goes according to plan, then they should ship and arrive before Christmas. But I mean, like, you have to order them soon, you know
what I’m saying? You can’t just order ’em on Christmas Eve. Check out the store, link in the description. Thanks for watching, I hope my voice doesn’t
sound too tired. It’s 3 in the morning. Let’s just get this over with, don’t plagiarize, and wear your seatbelt.

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