Tio saker du inte visste om oss VLOGG

Hey, hey! – Today we will tell you…
– 100 000 things about us. No, not that many.
10 things you didn’t know about us. – Everyone already knows that Harry is a rascal, right?
– Yes, you do. Definitely. – Where will we go now, Harry?
– Drakenbergsparken! (a park) – We made a video clearing out 100 things.
– That’s right. More than that, actually. We looked at
an old picture of daddy Axel as a firefighter. Yep. That’s when we asked you guys if you would like
to know 10 things you didn’t already know about us. Many of you did,
so we have to start with… Me. Yes, and your career
as a firefighter. After school I started to work as a airport firefighter
at Arlanda and Bromma airports. “After school” – it sounds like
you were a child. I completed military service, then I got a job.
I worked there for a few years while I studied. It was great, because you could
work for 24 hours and study during the shift. I did that for 10 years.
I quit when I was a graduate engineer. – You were a firefighter when we first met.
– Yes. – That’s 9 years ago.
– Yes. Ouch. – Are you okay?
– Mm. – Harry, how are you today?
– Fine. – Are you taking medicine?
– Yes. – Every day?
– Yes. – What kind of medicine is that?
– A gross medicine. – Yes. But we have gotten pretty good at taking it, right?
– Mm. If you have followed us for a year, you know that
Harry was hospitalized in December of last year. One of his kidneys
got infected. He got a urinary tract infection
that traveled to one of his kidneys. It didn’t go away and he had to be hospitalized.
After that they did a examination… We went to the doctor several times
after we got home from our trip. They concluded that Harry has something called Reflux,
which he is taking medicine for. – He will take pills for two years.
– Yes, a course of low-dose antibiotics. So he doesn’t get pyelonephritis again.
I got the word right this time. I will plant a prize.
Harry, look. – Here you go.
– What? Okay, I will go and get it.
I will absolutely go and get it. Thank you. Okay, I’m close now. Yummy yum, here I come. You think you see me? Nope. – Yay!
– Good job, buddy! Daddy placed one for me as well.
I would love to have it. Come on. Yes, yes… Yes! I have climbed
from there to here. Nice! – Alma, how are you doing?
– I’m fine. I just found out that I have a wheat allergy. – A what?
– A wheat allergy. – What does that mean?
– That I can’t eat wheat. – How does that feel?
– It feels a little hard. I love buns and stuff with wheat,
but mandarins are also tasty. I’m going to tell you something
you don’t know about me. Number 4… I’m known for laughing a lot
and be a very happy person. – Or what do you say?
– Mm. – And you?
– Yes. But… I have the
hottest temper in the family. I can get very angry very quickly,
and I also get over it quickly. It’s you and Harry
who compete for that position. Joanna is very hard, exact and honest
in her formulation of her anger. Yes. When she gets angry, it’s almost as if she could
blow up a tank with only her willpower. – It sounds like it’s every day – it’s not.
– No, maybe every other day. I’m just kidding! – I think it’s related to the fact I have close to emotion.
– Yes. I also laugh a lot, I think life is wonderful,
but I can get very angry and that can’t be missed. – No, when Joanna is angry it doesn’t go unnoticed.
– Alma is quiet. Is it hard when mommy is angry? – What do you think?
– Yes! Don’t forget to push it
if you like this video. – What should they push?
– The thumbs up button. Many have asked if Axel and I are married,
and many also know that we aren’t. But it’s probably few that know
that Axel is married to someone else. – That’s correct.
– Who? Daddy! – Who is daddy married to?
– I don’t even know, he will have to tell us. On Christmas Eve when I was 10 years old,
I got the almond in my porridge. I thought: “Next year, when I turn 11,
maybe I will marry someone.” – Then I went on a month long camp in Mexico…
– I’m just shaking my head, this is so weird. So weird. Kids from all over the world
were at this camp, which lasted for 4 weeks. One day was The Day of Love. After dinner
you got the chance to marry your dinner partner. I married a French girl named Maria.
So I’m married! – Yes, you never got divorced.
– No, we didn’t. It was just for fun, but we did get a certificate
with our names and two doves holding a ring. – I think it’s such a funny story.
– Yes. That you didn’t know. That’s for sure. You’re fine. I hate this weather. You are not alone in not liking this weather.
It’s cold and wet and quite dark. – And dirty.
– Yes. But you didn’t hurt yourself, that’s the main thing. – I forgot to bring Alma’s over-trousers.
– You’re mean. She’s richly wet. Richly wet…
Expensive and wet. – Oh no, the girl got it!
– That’s good. Bad girl. Boys are best, no protest! Boys are best, no protest! The protest overflowed
and the girls unfortunately took over, Harry. Alma and Harry fight and bicker sometimes,
like all siblings do, but they are very close. VERY close, I would say. I have a theory as to why. I think I have mentioned it before in a video,
but if so, it’s a long time ago now. Anyhow, many people don’t know this…
Both Alma and Harry are twins. Alma would have become a twin
with someone who passed away in my belly. And Harry would have become a twin
with someone who passed away in my belly. They saw that
when they were born. I believe they have a secret cosmic bond
because both are twins without their twin. I know it’s ridiculous,
and that you don’t believe that. I have three sisters and don’t remember
having what they have. No, no, no. I have two sisters…
not at all as close as Alma and Harry… not ever. – Harry, don’t fall in!
– Don’t go any closer. What do you think of each other? Cute. I think it’s good that you gave birth to Alma,
that she is in my life. That we can play together,
that I don’t have to be alone with you guys. That’s what I think is good. That was so beautiful, I’m starting to cry!
How lucky you don’t have to be alone with us! Yes, imagine. Those awful people! Then you also understand
how important Alma is to you. If something happened to Alma
you would only have us. I know that viewers will ask:
“Do you want more kids?”. There’s always at least one person
who asks that, sometimes lots of people. – I would love to. A bunch, any number!
– Yes, because he won’t have to carry them. – Do you want more siblings?
– Yes! – Another boy.
– No, a girl. – A little one.
– I want a little one! Not a boy, not a girl – a little one. Right now we are in Tantolunden, Drakenbergsparken
which is located in central Stockholm, Södermalm. – It’s time for the seventh thing, right?
– I think so. I grew up in the city,
I’m a townie. – A true Stockholmer.
– Indeed. Many are surprised by it, they go:
“Have you lived in the city your entire life?” I have. But I changed city for a while,
I lived in London for four years. Besides that, I have always lived
right in the city and I have always enjoyed it. You have asked about moving to a house and I have
always said no. That brings us to the eight thing. We want to move to… – A house.
– I tried to get everyone in the frame. – Nangijala!
– No, not there! Absolutely not.
We want to move to a house somewhere. That feeling has emerged
after living at the cabin, so… – It might mean that we change city.
– Yes, we will see. Stockholm is very expensive, so yes. These plans will become clearer
over the next year. Yes. And we have
one more thing to talk about. Some know, but many seem to have no idea and they are
very interested, because on every video many ask us… – “When will you get your apartment back?”
– Yes. It’s rented out and we live in our cabin.
We get it back next year. Yes, the first of March. – We’ve reached the 10th thing you didn’t know about us.
– It’s what we will do until March 1 when we move back. – Live in the cabin.
– No. Kidding.
We are planning a new trip. Bali and India! It’s true. We will spend December in Bali
and January and February in India. – We are so happy!
– You will join us, of course. Yes, you are coming with – through watching our vlogs.
Imagine how fun if we could get all our viewers there! – That would be so fun!
– You will join us via the camera. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Leave comments, ask questions
and take care until next time. Bye bye!

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  1. Gå inte till Indien de ger mediciner så ni kommer bil sjuk. Istellet ni ska åka till Indien kan ni åka yill Ryssland. Plz

  2. hej ni pratade om att flytta till hus där jag bor bygger de nya villor och de ligger i Stockholm men de är inte så dyra om ni söker på typ måbärstigen ( Gatan ) så kommer de de upp ligger i Hässelby

  3. ett bra husområde ja tycker är saltsjöbaden har nästan bara hus och litet o mysigt med ett köpcentrum o massor med aktiviteter o skolor

  4. Om ni ska flytta någonstans så är Umeå en jättefin stad 🌃!!! Kan ni snälla ha en fan träff i Umeå!! Ni är jättebra på youtube!! ❤️👍🏻

  5. Så fint sagt av Harry om Alma 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️ älskar er och ni får ha en fantastisk resa till Bali & Indien 😍 kram❤️😘

  6. MIn pappa hälsar att han hade reflux i njuren som barn. Han har inte naft några problem sedan han var liten. Han är 52 idag. Så det är nog ingen fara med Harry.

  7. Jo men nånting är det mellan Alma och Harry de har något magiskt med sig jag kan tillägga att jag tror på det övernaturliuga då jag är cert medium🌻🌷🌻

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  11. Är Alma gluten intolerant? För det är jag och jag vet hur det känns när man ska på t.ex kalas eller utlandsresor. Jag har varigt gluten intolerant i 7 år. Ni kan gå och köpa glutenfritt mjöl och då så kan ni baka bullar en kakor med det. ❤️

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