Top 10 2099 Alternate Versions Better Than The Original

Time to go on a journey to the future, nerd
squad. The year is 2099. All hereos of the 20th century has seemingly
disappeared. The world is run by corporations, seeking
power and control. Someone must rise up and put a stop to these
corporations before they take things too far and it is too late. Yet some work hard to earn and maintain their
own power over the populace themselves and become an even bigger bad than these corporations. The battle between good and evil continues
on, eternally, though time has changed what those two sides look like. Many outfits look like they’ve come out of
the 80’s version of the future, flashy, neon, bright and metallic. This is Marvel’s 2099 alternate world. It is comprised of more than one type of earth
but we’ll go into that later. Today we’ll be looking at the alternate versions
who reside in 2099, particularly some that are even better than their original earth
616 counterparts. Many of them are, though not all of them make
the cut, being based in a future that in my mind could very well be our reality. Be sure to stick around for till the end of
the video as we also have some exclusive bonus content for you today. Now join me on a trip to the future as we
get counting. 10
Doctor Doom The 2099 version of Doom has always been super
interesting to me because he is even more anti-hero than his earth 616 counterpart. For a time people didn’t even think that he
was actually Victor Von Doom due to him being so young and originally entering 2099 without
his standard facial scars or disfigurement. However it was later revealed that it was
actually Doom when he was forced to battle Eric Czerny who given some of his memories
by Margaretta, aka Neon Angel in order to make the two duke it out. Neon Angel actually was sort of Doctor Doom’s
lover but they liked to play weird games with each other and this one ended up being viewed
as her taking it too far. Doom won the fight and left her and Eric to
die in their own base. This Doctor Doom also successfully took over
the US and had an era named after him, calling it Anno Doom, in the year of Doom. He also is consistently working in this time
period to protect the people of Latveria. Which he does anyways normally but you really
get to see the 2099 version of Doom fight hard to save them from all kinds of destruction. 9
Daredevil There are actually two different versions
of Daredevil in the 2099 alternate world. One is Samuel Fisk, the grandson of Wilson
Fisk who struggles with his feelings revolving around his grandfather. He becomes Daredevil but also tries to carry
on the Kingpin legacy, despite feeling remorse for this grandfather’s actions. The other is Eric Nelson. Nelson is the one that is cooler than his
earth 616 counterpart to me. Don’t get me wrong, Matt Murdock is awesome. But this version of the hero has a cooler
costume to me, jet black, he looks like a wandering black hole, or some demon creeping
out from the dark with bright red glowing eyes. He summons his light batons which he uses
as projectiles or to fight close quarters with, which also just look super cool. He gets his sensory powers from a man whose
case he wouldn’t take on and was granted the power to change his life from a safe one to
dangerous one and open him up to the corruption all around him. And as such ends up becoming a vigilante to
fight this corruption. Some have speculated that he may be related
to Foggy Nelson, Murdock’s partner. 8
Venom Venom in 2099 is just amazing because of his
connection to Spider-Man. Sure, Eddie Brock has a connection to the
main continuity Spider-Man. He feels that he ruined his life and is looking
for vengeance. But the 2099 version is even more closely
tied. He is Spider-Man’s half brother. The two share a father in Tyler Stone, who
is also exists in more 2099 continuities than you could imagine. Kron Stone is a twisted individual who enjoys
inflicting pain on others and hates his half brother so much that he tries to kill him. When he bonded with Venom symbiote and later
had it wrenched from his body, it was revealed that the bond went down to a molecular level,
meaning that Kron’s body actually possessed properties of symbiote just by itself. This version on Venom is just a closer tied
rival to Spider-Man especially when it was revealed in the earth TRN590 continuity that
he knows 2099 Spider-Man’s secret identity, he knows it’s his half brother in that suit. 7
Hulk In 2099 John Eisenhart becomes the Hulk. Remember 2099 is a time in the Marvelverse
where we don’t have any hereos. All the heroes of the 20th century are gone. Corrupt corporations rule. It’s a very real world we could be facing
as we watch history progress in the present day and watch people get greedier and greedier. John Eisenhart is a ruthless studio exec tasked
with getting the movie rights for the Knights of Banner, a cult that worships the long since
gone hero of the Hulk and stands for honour and integrity who reside in California. Eisenhart learns that they are conducting
gamma radiation experiments in an attempt to create a new Hulk to save us all from the
evil corporations. When they won’t agree to give him the rights
to make a film about their story, he reports their illegal experiments to the police. This results in all the knights getting brutally
slaughtered in an attack from the police. Eisenhart manages to save knight Gawain from
his death. But feels super guilty about the other Knights
deaths. During the scuffle, the Knights gamma radiation
device went off and John was transformed into the Hulk. His version doesn’t come with the feeling
of guilt over being a monster, his version comes from the guilt of his actions and through
his time as the Hulk he fights to redeem himself. 6
Doctor Octopus So there’s an interesting thing to understand
about the 2099 universe and that is that is comprised of multiple earths. There is earth 928 and earth TRN590 primarily. This is important to understand because there
are some characters who are different depending on which earth we are talking about and TRN590
has been used to change identities of a character or to retcon characters backstories. This villain only exist though in TRN590 earth. Not much is known about this version of Doctor
Octopus so you might be wondering how I know that they are better than earth 616 Doc Ock,
but that a simple query to answer. They are actually a freaking octopus! Well, I mean still humanoid. But this version of Doc Ock is an atlantean
scientist who is a humanoid octopus so yeah just basically the coolest looking and the
most sensical in terms of the name. 5
Moon Knight You don’t need to know much about this version
of Moon Knight to know how much cooler she is. If you are a fan of Moon Knight, you will
know that he is often presented as someone who gets his power from the Egyptian moon
God Khonshu, and thus the moon itself. Well in 2099, this Moon Knight actually fights
crime on the moon where both immigrants of the earth and the Inhumans reside. She defends those who live on the moon, acting
as their protector. Many believe that she is a ghost. Oh yeah, this version of Moon Knight is also
a woman. We never get to know her identity sadly but
imagine how powerful Moon Knight on the moon would be. 4
Vulture The 2099 version of Vulture is just a more
terrifying version than that of earth 616. Not much is known about him. We don’t even know his real name. But you don’t need to know that to be scared
of this guy. The Vulture of earth 616, Adrian Toomes is
usually presented as being old and frail looking. Bald and lean, like a vulture. 2099 Vulture, especially in earth 928 is swoll. A big muscle bound man who stumbles upon a
fly contraption similar possibly last used by the former villain of the main continuity
who knows. This Vulture is also a cannibal and was even
before he adopted the alias. All I can imagine is him circling a dying
a human and then swooping in for a bite of their flesh. Scary stuff. 3
Spider-Man In the 2099 universe, Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man. What’s so much better than him when compared
with his earth 616 counterpart? His suit is pretty cool, all iterations of
it. But I especially like his red spider mask
that he wears, the spike that usually adorn his arms. He isn’t perfect. Not that Peter Parker is perfect either. But what I really like about most 2099 heroes
is that they generally tend to live in a very ignorant world. 2099 is a very corrupt time and most people
are too full of themselves or too busy to notice, much like the world we live in today
in 2019. Miguel ends up discovering his ignorance in
his journey to become a hero which is what makes him so great and relatable. He’s not perfect. He’s arrogant, ignorant, and sometimes downright
cruel but as he becomes a hero, he becomes more self-aware and ultimately a better person. 2
Ghost Rider Because he’s so much more future in a way
that is amazing. This version of Ghost Rider imagines him tied
to a technological work, not a magical one. Making him in a sense more realistic. Well realistic if you believe in the ultimate
power of AI in the future. Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane was a hacker who
ran with the gang the Hotwire Martyrs. Futuristic worlds where we have gangs of hackers. I dig it. Their gang was in possession of some heavily
encrypted info when they were attacked by the Artificial Kidz. With a zed, of course. Kidzzzz. The hacker Kidz ended up killing the Martyrs
but Cochrane managed to get away. However he had been shot by a tech bullet
that was eating away at his nervous system, effectively killing him. Before he died, he managed to transfer the
file to his girlfriend and download himself into cyberspace. There he awoke to the Ghostworks, a network
of AI intelligence that wanted Cochrane to return as their agent and help fix the world,
which they feared was on a decline. Should civilization collapse tech would also
be threatened and they would cease to exist. They wanted to fix the way things were run
so this wouldn’t happen. Cochrane agreed and was downloaded into a
warbot becoming the new Ghost Rider. Kind of a combo of ghost rider and terminator. 1
Alchemax If you’re fairly familiar with Marvel’s 2099
continuity, you will probably have heard of Tyler Stone and Alchemax. Alchemax was originally an evil corporation
that often is at the centre of most conflicts in the 2099 world. That is, when Doctor Doom isn’t. It’s better than is 616 counterpart because
it actually ends up being more important in the 2099 world. It also goes from being a corporation that
provides many different services and products to consumers in a way that gives it an evil
amount of power–they even own a division of the police–to being run later by Miguel
O’Hara, 2099’s Spider-Man and being re-purposed as a good corporation. Meanwhile on earth 616 it’s just a small fish
in an ocean full of larger villainous threats. Thank you for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed this far out trip to the
future of Marvel’s 2099. What do you think about the outlook of this
future? Do you feel like Marvel may have predicted
a future that could very well exist? Where corporations rule the world? Who are some of your favourite alternates
from this universe? Did they make the cut? And if you could any Marvel character to this
universe who has not yet appeared, who would you choose? Let me know in the comments below. I personally love future musings, whether
they are fictional or not, I think they often reveal one’s feelings about the state of the
world, their fears and hopes for the future. While you are on your way down to those comments,
do remember to like, share, subscribe and ring that bell so you get all our nerdy notifications. This is top 10 nerd and I’m your host Amanda
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