Top 10 Most Useless Gaming Peripherals!

it seems mandatory every time a new console comes out there are a bunch of accessories and peripherals that are going to be made for it sometimes those peripherals really add something nice and improve the overall user experience but most of the time well they just plain suck today let's pay homage to these useless shells of plastic that you bought and regretted the day after hey I'm Nico BB Q and here are my top 10 useless gaming peripherals before going in the top 10 itself I just want to throw that out there a horrible mention to the Wii vitality sensor now I know it has never been released but Nintendo actually showed it at e3 so I have to talk about it this thing looks like it comes out of in hospital you were supposed to stick that to your finger and it would be used to read your pulse and adapt games to how stressed you are or some shit like this it was officially killed on July 5th of 2013 and we can only be happy about that yay remember the good old days when Tony Hawk games were actually a novelty and we're really good yeah me neither well Tony Shirley misses those old days because he tried to come back to the big game in 2009 with his brand-new game Tony Hawk ride which oddly enough came out with a skateboard thingy accessory it was huge and kind of awkward to use and definitely not what was needed to recreate the good old days experience of those type of games the game was sold as a high price of one hundred and twenty dollars which did not help its case the skateboard was eventually used in another game Tony Hawk shred which sold a grand total of three thousand copies ouch that was the nail in the coffin for the Tony Hawk franchise the Game Boy Advance was a phenomenal platformer home of almost any general games it unfortunately had its share of useless peripherals amongst the worst is the Nintendo e-reader this thing plugs into your Gameboy Advance and allows you to scan cards to play older classic NES titles such as Excitebike or Donkey Kong jr. this sounds fun however you had to scan like six frickin cards to play it well that's not so fun you can also use other type of cards to get special things in games such as Super Mario advance 4 but to do so it requires you to have two Game Boy advances one ereader a couple of cards and a link cable shit man who has two Game Boy advances why do I need all those things overall the e-reader was painful to use and died quickly you may be too young to remember that but game boy games used to be displayed in black or white or greenish and white kind of more like gray I don't know well Nintendo decided to reuse a couple of weird peripherals for the original Gameboy and the Game Boy pocket the Game Boy camera was plugged in to your Game Boy to take funny pictures of you the problem is that the quality was so bad it was almost impossible to figure out what the picture was about the second peripheral that could be used with the camera is the Game Boy printer which as its name implies was used to print those god-awful looking photos the idea was cool the technology just wasn't there yet when you think about it almost every older consoles had a gun like peripheral the Atari 2600 had one the NES had one the Sega Master System had one and the SNES and is and then the genre kana died it came back with the arrival of the Nintendo Wii and it's revolutionary Wii Remote Nintendo released the Wii zapper gun which actually is just a plastic shell in which you put your Wiimote and Nunchuk the problem is with the weight was built this is where the trigger usually is on a gun ok cool makes sense this is where the trigger is on the Wii zapper gun using this feels so unnatural it's killing it well that's one reason the other one being that there exists so few games that actually use this accessory and even when they do they usually are not really good if you really want to buy a gun for your Wii mote get the Nyko perfect shot it's a million times better most games today can be played online and they give you an opportunity to use a microphone or a headset to talk with players around the world well then Tendo lacked that with the Wii so they invented we speak which is some sort of little thing that you stick on your TV that listens to you now okay I know Nintendo is always trying to be different from every other one but the we speak is one of the worst idea ever but the point of a headset is that you hear people talking in your ear Without Really disturbing the mains game sound coming from the TV the microphone is also positioned near your face meaning that you don't have to yell in it to be heard then we speak is placed on top of your TV across your living room if the quality is horrible and it's just a bad idea all together it is such a bad idea that even in Tendo told game developers not to use the Wii speak in their games that's how bad it was in 1983 the gaming industry lived its first-ever video game crash meaning that games would not sell anymore and the industry as a whole was pretty much dead it took nearly 2 years for the industry to get back on its feet and it was mostly saved by the Nintendo Entertainment System at first the NES was sold with a robot named Rob now this may sound like a neat idea but trust me it isn't while I would love to own my own rub the execution was shitty first of all there exists only two games compatible with Rob stack up and gyromite and both those games are not really good either Rob was very slow and clunky and it was usually more frustrating to you than it was fun but a you gotta give it props because it's fooled customers into thinking the NES wasn't a game console and actually save the gaming industry so thank you a little guy but you're still a piece of crap sometimes you have to wonder do people really think a product through before releasing it to the public what was the main attraction and point of the Game Boy at the time let me tell you it was a small and easy to carry around the console it was great for on-the-go gaming well some company completely missed the point when they released the Game Boy booster which is some sort of giant box that you put your Gameboy into it features a magnifying glass that also acts like a light a control stick that breaks if you use it too much larger control buttons that are very weird some storage compartment on the back for your games this is probably the stupidest peripheral ever made as it makes your Gameboy like four times bigger than it should be completely ruining the on-the-go aspect of it and it requires four C batteries to work ok that's it I'm out of here I can't take this anymore the Sega activator was made for the Genesis system and it came out with a crazy instructional video that totally sucked but was required for you to understand what the hell it was all about so to make a long story short it's a bunch of plastic shells that are placed together in an octagonal shape that's form an infrared wall around you so to press buttons instead of using the controller you have to move your hand to disrupt the infrared shield of the correct plastic shell that represents set button yeah I'm not sure if what I said just makes any sense but it's okay that you don't get it or find it incredibly stupid and useless because it is it didn't work very well and what's just plain stupid and you want to know the worst the slogan for this piece of shit was you are the controller now that's weird cuz I swear have heard that slogan more recently who could be so stupid to repeat the same mistake again you side coming everybody knows about this peripheral the power glove it's so bad the power glove was the ancestor of the Wii Remote except it didn't work at all you had to set up those three sensors on your TV and then you had to input program codes for the damn thing to work and even when you did good luck playing the games I could go on and on ranting about how bad it is but I invite you to check out the Angry Video Game Nerd video instead it's worth a watch just to see how bad of a peripheral that is I am pretty sure that the Nintendo Wii is home of the most stupid accessories ever made with the popularity of Wii Sports we play in all those Wii games some companies figured out that they could make a quick buck by releasing some plastic shells of real-world items that you put your remote into that resulted in two baseball bats tennis racquets golf clubs boxing gloves bows footballs maracas bowling balls snooker pews fishing poles forks spoons pom-poms a baby a freaking baby and I even get me started on the inflatable Mario Cart balloons in E there were so many freaking stupid third-party accessories made for the week it's almost unbearable the fact is most games are even better played using only the naked wheel remote and I cannot choose only one every third party we accessory is included in that number one cuz they all suck and if you bought one you regret it don't even try that make the game better no it didn't you just look stupid deal with it well there you go those were my top 10 worst peripherals now obviously there are plenty of other shit ones that I probably forgot so tell me why is your worst peripheral ever the one you regret buying tell me in the comments section down below and be sure to subscribe if you enjoyed this video as I will be releasing plenty more in the future thanks for watching and see you next time you

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  1. Aint that the truth about the Wii-Speak. It was the biggest piece of shit imaginable. I tried using it with Jeopardy thinking it would be like being on the actual show where you get to voice your answers and pick the categories but oh no the thing did not work for shit and Nintendo was smart to tell devs not to program to use it. I really regret purchasing the Wii-Speak. I can say this at least the Kinect is a million times better than the Sega Activator even though the Kinect was indeed useless. Im surprised that the Roll'n Rocker by LJN no less didn't make it and the AVGN really explains on how much that thing sucked. The same thing goes with the Speed board.

  2. who has two gameboys uhh anyone who bought a gameboysp and they stored their original gameboy adavnce

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