Top 5 Genius Ideas! You may need this!

42 thoughts on “Top 5 Genius Ideas! You may need this!

  1. Dimagi halka hai ye insan, Jo cheez aasani se ho sakti hai usko itna typical bana diya😏😜🤓😺

  2. You can tell this guy isn't getting laid. Spends most of his time in the shop trying to think up stuff to make the wife happy.

  3. you're very creative but some of these are just like why. like the first one that was kind of a stupid idea and The cutting board one you have to have a certain size plate good idea and good creativity but it's too much work for certain things

  4. Everything you made is sooo unhealthy. Spaghetti out so all the bugs can crawl over it. I prefer a tall glass jar. The cutting board is plain pine, a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Yuk.
    What an absolute waste of time.

  5. мне вот интересно сколько ушло времени на перекатку роликов и сколько уйдет времени на то чтоб простым ножом порезать тесто

  6. Dear Baby a. I was watching your first creation, and thought, OMGOODNESS, I could use that cake decorating, and low and behold, I love your creations. Sherie Rodrigues 🌟🧡

  7. Eliminate most negative feedback by showing in 1st few seconds all your 5 "genius" finished hacks (& describing each in 1st comment with corresponding time stamps).

  8. I watch these and 9/10 of them are stupid……but I continue to binge watch. I'm an idiot. Sorry mom. Maybe I can fix our broken relationship with hot glue, dowel rods, PVC pipe, bendy straws and an avocado. McGuyver those years of neglect away.

  9. Another Mime show….Nobody says a word !!! Why can't these people talk and explain things!!!! I hate these types of videos, where I gotta guess everything as it goes along….they wave and move everything in your face and then its like, oh you missed something, I don't care Im still not gonna talk!!

  10. Hahaha, simply hahaha.. you make stuff my kids came home with from school when they were like 5. I give you the same response: Good job! Amazing, did you made that yourself? Wow, that's very useful.

  11. I am an old man now. People of my generation would never call those ideas “genius”. Far from it. I suppose it’s because we were far more intelligent than the new generations… 😂. Look that way, we never used and I still don’t use a smart phone because we were smart enough 😂😂. But we still love you as you are… you just do fine.

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