TOP 5 Things Google Home CAN’T Do…

Google Homes are great, but they’re not
perfect and there are are several things that they can’t currently do which it would be
great if they could. So here are my Top 5 things that Google Home can’t yet do, coming
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miss any great new videos! So, first off if you’re listening to music
on one of your Home devices, you can’t transfer the music you’re listening to to another
home device, Chromecast or group. It would be great if you could say, “OK Google, play
this in the Living room as well”, or “OK Google, I’m moving to the Bedroom” and
have it move the music with you. Secondly, we use our Google Home in the kitchen
for setting timers probably more than anything else! Now we’ve added another Home mini
in the living room too, and when we set a timer for the oven in the kitchen and then
sit down to relax with some telly whilst dinner is cooking, it would be great to be able to
ask the Google Home in the living room how long is left on the timer, but at the moment
at least – you can’t do that. In at number 3 is the lack of audio output
or headphone jack on the Google Home. The echo dot from Amazon has this, so it’s really
a shame that the Google Home Mini doesn’t, especially as Google have just announced they’ve
discontinued the amazing Chromecast audio. Yes, that’s right, you can’t buy the Chromecast
audio any more, which means that (at the time of making this video) you can no longer buy
an adaptor to plug into an existing speaker or HiFi system and be able to cast music to
it or have it as part of a group. Let’s all just take a moment to mourn the passing
of a dearly loved friend… Now that the Chromecast audio is no longer,
it would be especially great if the Home mini could pick up its slack by including a 3.5mm
audio output, and if you overlook the optical output that the Chromecast Audio had, it would
in fact be better due to its inclusion of the Google Assistant, meaning your existing
speaker setup would be smart, too. It is actually possible to modify your Google
Home mini to feature a jack output with some basic soldering. If you’d like me to make
a video showing how to do that, give me a thumbs up and leave a comment below! Number 4 is another thing that Alexa can do
but Google Home can’t, and that’s to be able to call from device to device within
your house and use them like an intercom from room to room. Yes yes, I’m very lazy and
can’t be bothered to walk from the ground floor right up to the loft sometimes, so we
end up broadcasting messages back and forth. The adverts for the Amazon echo devices show
a guy who’s locked himself in the garage so I don’t know if it’s a patent thing
or what, but for whatever reason it’s not a feature of Google Home. Last but not least at number 5 it’s perhaps
my number one gripe with Google Home and that’s its lack of integration with G Suite accounts.
If you don’t know what G Suite is, you probably don’t use it – it’s mainly used for work-related
Organisation accounts where you use Google email, or Gmail, with your company’s domain
name as well as the other apps like Docs, Sheets and Calendar. It’s a logical assumption
that most people’s meetings and stuff will be in their work calendars rather than their
personal one, so last thing in the evening or first thing in the morning you’ll want
to be told about what meetings you have to look forward to. This is even more irritating for me because
I also use G Suite for all my personal stuff too, as I have my paulfp domain name and website,
etc., so I end up missing out on some of the Home’s best features. Sort it out, Google! So those are my 5 frustrating missing features
from Google Home. If anyone from the Google Home development team is watching this video
and you like these ideas, royalty payments can be made to the address on the channel
😉 What do you think? Are are there any other
things you’d like your Google Home to be able to do? Share your thoughts in the comments
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2 thoughts on “TOP 5 Things Google Home CAN’T Do…

  1. Add a second mic to the smart speaker that can be used as a Bluetooth mic. Supposedly the wide field mic that it comes with picks up too much background noise (it has to in order to hear the whole room) to be useful as a mic for a phone call. A second Bluetooth mic, better tuned to a narrower field and configured for voice recording/phone calls would be nice.

  2. I’m in the same boat and use G suite for my personal account.
    I am about to dip my toes into Google home, should I use a Gmail account then?

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