TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 Demo – Lesson One: Browser – Video Tutorial ‖ Sonic Academy

Hi, my name is Paul Hamill and welcome to this Sonic Academy tutorial where we’ll be introducing you to some of the incredible features of the world’s first Traktor dedicated controller brought to you by Native Instruments, the Kontrol X1. Over the next few minutes, I will be touring around some of the main features of the X1 and demonstrate how it can be used to control looping, cueing and effects in Traktor. First up, we will look at the Browse section on the X1. Once you have safely installed your hardware, the first thing you want to do is load in some tracks and begin using it. To browse your library and load tracks into decks, we have two rotary encoders which are located in the middle of the controller on the right hand side and on the left hand side. With the left hand encoder controlling deck 1 and the right hand encoder controlling deck 2. To scroll through your playlists you simply turn the rotary and you can scroll up and down, until you find the track that you want. When you’ve found the track that you want, you simply press the encoder to load it into the respective deck. Of course, these browse knobs also have secondary functions, if you hold down “shift” and turn one of the knobs, you can quickly seek through the currently loaded track until you find the point in the track that you want. If you hold “shift” and press the knob, you can switch Traktor’s layout view to maximise the Browse window to search you’re chosen playlist without having to touch your laptop. And to exit out of that again, you hold down “shift” and click the encoder.

15 thoughts on “TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 Demo – Lesson One: Browser – Video Tutorial ‖ Sonic Academy

  1. Couple2323, please note, Paul is from Belfast which as far as I know is in Northern Ireland…separated from Scotland by 21 miles of the Irish sea!

  2. If you use a Timecode setup (2x cdj 1000mk3, djm 800) and you have the X1, can you select the tracks with your X1 for your timecoded setup?

  3. THANK YOU! Tonight is my first night with X1, playing at a friend's exhibition in town and I am FREAKING OUT as i'm a bedroom producer – not a DJ!! Hopefully Traktor will do the 4/4 beatmatching properly and i can focus on the rest haha 😉

  4. Not being rude but is it possible for you to put a link sending me to a page where i can download traktor x1 demo?? because I cant find it on internet.

  5. Traktor x1 is hardware. It will be difficult to download it. However I guess you are looking for the software Traktor Pro 2

  6. I've been having this BLOODY VIDEO coming up EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOAD A VIDEO!
    I just NEED to express you my TOTAL HATRED for this video, not because I got a problem with anything related to it but because it's been fed to me BY FORCE!

    Do You Guys really need to troll the viewers EVERY TIME WE LOAD A VIDEO?

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