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  1. the thing we need to change for a brighter future is our minds.. that doesn't take anything but the will and some effort… material satisfaction cant really give you peace of mind, what you need is limited but what a person may want has no limit.

  2. i thought of creating a sensor for cars that let u know if you are going to back into something or the car in front of u stopped .i wonder if i thought of it before it was patented and produced.i have many more ideas if any one could help me get a patent on my ideas. or hopefully create them and help me to help those in need and help me cuz i currently am in need of income.

  3. i thought of creating a sensor for cars that let u know if you are going to back into something or the car in front of u stopped .i wonder if i thought of it before it was patented and produced.i have many more ideas if any one could help me get a patent on my ideas. or hopefully create them and help me to help those in need and help me cuz i currently i am in need of income.

  4. Oh no an insult to our existence. I all of a sudden want to prove my existence is not pathetic. He you who insulted me. Do you have the answer to how I can feel not insulted? Being a pathetic life form means Ia need you to think for me. That's what you want to hear right? Insults are unnecessary here.

  5. Personally im tired of the grim future movies like Terminator. I want a bright future filled with hope. While the grim future movies raise some valid points about the risks, there are many ways to manage these risks which they DONT show. Im tired of the fear mongering, show me the flip side of this coin already!

  6. what would happen if theo took the blue pill and the red pill together…what would happen then? Theo would have a wild trip

  7. @theoddsheep 100%! Our lust for power will make us merge with artificial intelligence and we will voluntarily give up our humanity in the process.

  8. Do not let your technophobia prevent the awesomeness of artificial intelligence. What is the actual probability that they will destroy humanity?

  9. why aren't there any pro extropy (transhumist) videos as elaborate as this. this is just propaganda made by ingorant people. i wish i get someone to hack these people's internet doings.

  10. Transhumanism is an illusion made possible by deliberate ignorance and wishful thinking, disregarding technological risks, technological catastrophes of the past, finite ressources, the ruling system, power concentration, surveillance technology, evolutionary outperforming of self-replicating entities, the money system, affluent chauvinism based on world wide slavery, destructive western culture, addiction to wastefulness, escalating destruction of nature, general lack of foresight&scepticism.

  11. Now… if such HUGE power… is used by THE power in order to subjugate all of us… to enslave us… that's a very different sort of thing… and having this kind of power, if you end up being a sheep, it's just because you're willing to do so, are way too stupid to be aware of the fact that you are being enslaved… or just too lazy about thinking on the subject…

  12. hahah! and what makes you beleive you're not already a machine?? or that you think by yourself??? You are nothing more that the emergent result of a huge concert of wet nanomachines called proteins, (imho, the true and only source of future's serious nanotech) fueled by a soup of small molecules (sugars, lipids, steroids, sugars.. all in last term manufactured by proteins)…

  13. All of hat your saying is crap its Satanic singularity my ass That completely destroys gods given individuality it destroys all, 2012 nothing will happen for the fact that the whole thing is a big hype Nothing can happen because the government is just gonna reap the money from the action of it and cause more chaos then Peace. Because money causes greed and GREED causes world harm!

  14. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………. you're so stoic.. xD
    men… youre just funny…
    i think it's clear that i realize that the course of civilization has been accelerating… and i pointed it clearly… but what i realize too, it's that NOW.. its starting to stagnate… at least for a couple of decades… or even more…. and to keep going, there's gonna be necessary a couple(s) of wars and revolutions… (revolutions of those you yankis fear so much… probably the red ones…)

  15. Sorry to disappoint you! Not a Father, don't own TV for about 6 years… Never liked teenage mutant turtles! πŸ™‚
    For you to play God, you have to unlock your potential. Or else you will be living in a synthetic dream world, possibly until you wake up for what is really out there for you to grasp and experience!

    Fear is the mind Killer…

    ps: Very interesting movie which explores trans-humanism I think you might like: "sleep dealer" .

  16. ok grampa go back to your modern color television and watch your "karate turtles" im gonna go use my implants to download the whole of human knowledge into my brain with the help of the post-modern vurtual reality im gonna litterally play GOD.

  17. I can only say what i know in my experience. There is still a very limited understanding in many levels.

    DNA + Quantum scientists are only Beginning to uncover what is behind "what we call Real + Proof".

    Also: "Modern" science can improve the quality of life but they are not in the business of health & well being but the one of Disease Maintenance.

    Our bodies can be enhanced by Natural, Living Foods.
    Everything is a matter of perspective.

  18. First of all, thank you for your comment + debate. I can see you want be a walking PC with Wireless. But have you ever wonder who coded/designed your brain/hands/body/pineal gland?… Or you think this design is just by chance or random evolution? There are powerful multidimensional energies around you, its just a matter of wanting to understand them. Einstein got the whole theory of relativity in Flash but took 10 years to describe it. Peace

  19. Brainchip? Not for me though!
    The internet is perfectly portable. "if you own a iPhone!" But there will be even more! Im just saying that with knowledge must come Wisdom.
    There is a few movies that explore many of these issues like mind hacking & control I think you might like: "Ghost in the Shell, Akira1988, THX 1138, They Live. And a few that hint about metaphysical & tech: 2001/2010, Matrix, Push, What the bleep, down the rabbit hole…These are just a few with loads of relevant info!

  20. Before becoming a trans-human, or wanting to depart into virtual reality worlds… We must first understand the nature of this reality and the multidimensional technology behind-it.

    There are so many disciplines and new worlds already in the visible Universe alone. We don't need Virtual Reality + computer chip implants to browse the Internet for knowledge. Our highly advanced biological bodies may already have the ability to do just that and we don't know how to interface with it.


  21. Oh yeahh! I realize that there are times in which human civilization had developed exponentially! But I also realize that at the same time this exponential growth is constrained by itself. What I think you don't realize is, that in order for that exponential growth to be realized, there has to exist that people, in the form of consumer market. That consumer market is the driving force of investment that leads to exponential development of science, technology, and the state of wellfare

  22. that allows a society to access the wonders of that technologies. The capacity of that market to consume is declining, and so the exponential growth, and you can see that just tunning the news and seeing how the economy is going. TODAY… NOW… economy has stalled, investments on research (base science, and applied next) are being frozen. And yeah… sadly, a lot of people is going to die… but not in order to allow any sort of singularity… just the necesary carnage that we

  23. already have seen, like the last two world wars (and many previous and posterior wars, not cataloged as world wars…)… that serves the double purpouse of aquiring markets, and justify indebtment (is spelled that way?? :S ). The rest is just idealizations, and pure fantasy. They (Capital) will sell you that 'necesary' war as patriotism (in any of its flavors, and always a patriotism with asymetric benefits…)… they already did… they have being done so for a century. The

  24. actors called to that are usa, europe and china… maybe russia will play the paper that germany did in wwII… they already have shown his imperial ambitions (remember South Osetia). The only way to achieve a singularity, is to avoid the mutual destruction with the weapons whose destructive capacity had also grown exponentially (to the point of ***COMPLETE*** anihilation)… to do so, the only way is to broke with the 'old order of things'…

    Regards! πŸ™‚

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