Traxxas TRX-6 Speed Test On 2S And 3s – How Fast Is The Traxxas 6×6?

okay guys well I’m down here at Norcal hobbies
to find out just how fast is the Traxxas TRX6 mercedes-benz c63 AMG 6×6
let’s head inside get the truck and find out and down here at Norcal hobbies and Daniel here has
as offered to test drive the TRX six so we’re gonna put the GPS on board
the cart so we’re gonna find out exactly how fast it is in both high and low gear
first of all on 2s and then we’re going to run it on 3s I say both hi
and low gears featured in this video so let’s go outside and see just that fast
the TRX6 is. we’re gonna test the TRX6 with a 2S Pack on board in low gear
check the speed then put it in high gear check the speed and then we’re gonna
test it with a 3S pack and I can definitely say that’s peaked out on 2S in the low gear so if we bring that back let’s see what we’ve got on the
speed. three miles an hour guys it’s not gonna be earth-shattering right high gear. Nail it. and that’s definitely peaked out again there guys okay what have we got on
there? six miles an hour we got seven yesterday with Eric on there so 6 to 7 miles
an hour peak speed on there guys anyway just going to change the pack over just
remember guys if you see today don’t forget subscribe okay low gear first
of all, yeah okay okay low gear on 3s now that’s positively flying away there
guys but it’s definitely peaked out and we’ve got four miles an hour there guys
in a low gear on 3s so high gear run up and down again. see that’s quick enough
isn’t it? Out on the trail you couldn’t walk that fast behind it now it’s turning the corner right guys let’s see what speed we got I’m thinking about 9. 9
miles an hour peak I reckon. Nine miles an hour! many thanks to Daniel on the driving
duties there. it’s blisteringly quick as we both imagined anyway guys now we
know just how fast the Traxxas TRX 6 is. 9 miles an hour
now my thought is guys before checking online that it probably has got slightly
different gear into the TRX4 to take into account the extra back
axle on there as you can be getting more friction from that rear diff on there so
in order not to overheat that motor I suspect they’ve downsizes the gearing which
is what I said in the review of the car yesterday I thought they might have done
and that’s because that top speed of 9 miles an hour guys compares with 13
miles an hour for a traxxas trx4 on 3s and to preorder your very own traxxas TRX6 get in touch with Norcal using the
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23 thoughts on “Traxxas TRX-6 Speed Test On 2S And 3s – How Fast Is The Traxxas 6×6?

  1. Awesome car, awesome video, awesome dude, awesome speed
    Who could ask for anything more awesome, you are unlike other YouTubers in such a great way… I love how you get straight to the point

  2. I like my crawlers slow after all it’s called a crawler for a reason when I want to go fast I have another truck for that

  3. Could have just done a 3s test. I don't know anybody that even uses 2s lipos. As for speed, I want a bit more wheel speed out of my rigs.

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