TRON GIRL! Key of Awesome #25

Here we go again , here we go yo , here we go yo Ow Ow That really hurts ow ow Seriously stop that hurts ah Jocks love high school but for me it’s a prison Do you always have to hassle me right when I’m whizzin? Yeah, I know you’re burly and I know I’m girly , but could we go a day without me gettin’ a swirly? I’m not gonna whine or pull a Columbine , but the gloves are coming off when I see you online! Yeah, sure in real life you can knock me on my face, but this s**t is going down in cyber space! You better watch out in cyber space Gonna disappear and never leave a trace Gonna F’ your ass up in cyber space I make my own rules in my virtual place I’m a word processor, you’re a carbon copy
I’ve got a hard drive and your diskette is floppy! Wow! Check out those vectors, I’d like to inspect her Yeah..fat chance Mr. Pocket Protector I know all the shortcuts and all the hot keys You’re Commodore 64 , I’m PowerPC So head on home so you can beat your meat WAIT! Reboot, Ctrl Alt Delete This neuromance makes my motherboard hot
I’ll slam some new RAM in her expansion slot Digital refinery, her digits are Binary She said let’s make out, I said “Gawd finally!” Stand back son, don’t strut the professor From the looks of this girl I need a surge suppressor This dominatrix-el, array my pixels,
finally someone’s gonna touch my dick-sel . While you’re begging chicks to come back to your place, I’ll be having virtual intercourse in cyberspace Cock blocking your pal in cyber space I’m gonna kick your ass, albeit virtually It’s every man for himself in cyberspace I’m stuck in this suit and I have to pee In cyberspace she called me her hero, but back in real life she’s only ones and zeros My computer is busted and I’m stuck in this place and I want to go back to cyberspace Wish to go back to cyberspace Maybe they should try talking to real girls Instead of inventing these virtual worlds THE KEY OF AWESOME ! “What’s up guys, thanks for watching!” What you may not know is this is part 3 in a trilogy, check out 1 and 2 And if you want to see this video in 3-D Put on your 3-D glasses It’s better than real life! And click right here

100 thoughts on “TRON GIRL! Key of Awesome #25

  1. They're lucky the computer burned out when it did, so they never had to deal with the fact that she was just the female avatar for a male player.

  2. omfg this just appeared in my suggested and im so happy. i am having a nostalgia nut from when i used to watch this song on repeat when i was a child

  3. This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    What was that, whizzing by my ear? Oh damn, it was a fly.

    Girl doesn't live next door, sooo… I don't care.

    Returning to my nap now…

  4. I first saw this video a few days after it was released.

    I am now 23 years old and rewatching it, 8 years later

    I just got the columbine joke. Holy shit.

  5. Its sad that columbine was the biggest school shooting in 2010, and it was from the 90s, now a bigger school shooting seems to happen every week

  6. Dannnggg, i remeber hiding trying to hide this from my parents on the family computer xD

    and now I realized they made a columbine shooting joke >.>

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