Trump nominates Rep. Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence

also breaking tonight President Trump is nominating Republican Congressman John Radcliffe to be his Director of National Intelligence in permanent form the president tweeting a short time ago that he would have completed the process earlier but Radcliffe wanted to wait until after an Inspector General report was finished he calls Radcliffe an outstanding man of great talent let’s bring in chief White House correspondent John Roberts on the North Lawn John’s second time the charm for congressman Radcliffe we will see well usually they say third time’s the charm of this is the second kick at the can for Texas congressman John Ratcliffe the president announced his intention to nominate Ratcliffe for DNI late last July but after accusations of resume padding cropped up the president allowed Ratcliffe to withdraw saying that he was likely in for a rough ride when it came to Senate confirmation here’s what direct cliff told Fox Business is Maria Bartiromo back then I made the decision to withdraw from consideration because you know if your political future comes down to the vote of a hundred US senators and you start out day one down 47 to nothing because every Democrat is against you my concern was there’s not a lot of margin for error there so what changed between last August and now as you pointed out the president tweeted that the IG report is out Ratcliffe wanted to wait for that fox news’s also told that the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Richard Burr the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee are fully on board for what they say will be a swift confirmation process

100 thoughts on “Trump nominates Rep. Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence

  1. What a fricking joke. Another Trump flunky. Always a culture of lies with these Trump people. Hopefully the Senate (doubtful) sees through this fraud.

  2. National intelligence? All the intelligence agencies in this country don't even have the intelligence of a 5 grader. Would probably do poorly on that show as well. 😂😂😂

  3. OUTSTANDING CHOICE!!! He is one of the most brilliant legal minds in the Washington DC and beyond, he is astute , savvy….and HONEST to boot. BIG WIN!!!!!!!!


  5. All the lackeys that were in the box with Trump at the stadium when he got booed are getting positions they sacrificed their self respect and dignity for. Good for you, buddy.

  6. Good choice!! Ratcliffe will put a lid on anything our Great President doesn't want the lawmakers or the public to see!!
    "Russia come ahead full steam!!!"

  7. Trump is terrible and the history books of the future will read "During the 4 years that trump unapologetically made a mockery of this country, America went threw one of its darkest times as a nation, but just as it is darkest before the dawn so too was a light growing amongst the void, A light showing the way to a better future…. a future to believe in."

  8. I have six years of experience as a low level (E-5) intelligence specialist in the Coast Guard.

    That is six more years of experience than Mr. Ratcliffe, I am legitimately far more qualified than this man.

    There are 16 intelligence agencies in this country (17 including the DNI), you couldn't tap a person from one of those 16 agencies who actually knows the field?

  9. Republicans and the TRUMP TV sycophants ignore and rationalizes Trump’s crimes and misconduct that is infinitely worse than anything Clinton could have imagined, so as to justify their support for Trump. They said, someone as careless and dishonest as Clinton should never have been elected president! Instead, let’s back someone much, much worse and totally corrupt and give him a pass each and every time he stupidly endangers our national security. Let’s not forget “Mexico is going pay for the wall”. Fools! And his supporters never thought to ask- just how does that work? They didn’t care- it’s a good rally cry. Then TRUMP has a tantrum and causes the longest Gov. shut down in history. We are at a rapidly escalating risk as Trump’s grandiosity & paranoia rise inexorably. Tired of winning yet?

  10. Lol your president stock market seems a bit low. It’s weird how he blames corona virus. And not that taxes were just paid and all the billions in tax pardons actually might hit us hard.

  11. Your Garbage, Trump is Garbage, his Administration is Garbage. Stop with the Propaganda and deliver some actual news. Maybe you guys will get some respect back. But I doubt it.

  12. President Donald Trump: Coronavirus Will Disappear One Day ‘Like A Miracle’.   I wish Trump would disappear like the virus he is.

  13. Trump needs to bring in the Tea Party politicians to head every important position including FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc. Trump has to sue Media? There needs to be indictments, serious jail, and yes, executions.

  14. National security, once the Bastion
    of the WW2 greats. Now, anybody that's willing to sniff
    The crack. What crack you ask?
    Well that's classified.

  15. The Senate this past week blocked a bill that will permit immediate medical attention for abortion survivors without penalty to those who rendered life-saving acts. Until voters fill more Senate and House seats with Republicans, expect more of the same. That said, fingers cross that Rackliff will be confirmed. He is an astute legal mind, a Constitutionalist and a patriot.

  16. bottom feeders love trump , most of them wouldn’t qualify to be crossing guards at a local school but hold high level positions with orangey

  17. The last time the Stock Market was this low was when a Republican was president. What is Trump a REPUBLICAN 😆😆😆

  18. Install a surrogate in every office, every appointment, that's how all the up and coming dictators get their start — at least in democratic countries

  19. So, what do we have here?…a guy with no intelligence experience reporting to a guy with no intelligence…perfect


  21. Chump hires another unqualified fool. "So, aside from his time as mayor of the Texas town of Heath, population 7,000, what national security experience does Ratcliffe bring to the table? Well, in 2004, President Bush appointed him Chief of Anti-Terrorism and National Security for the Eastern District of Texas. Which sounds highly impressive, and, indeed, his House website boasts that the Congressman “put terrorists in prison.” But as the New York Times points out, the only terrorism prosecution during Ratcliffe’s tenure appears to have been an Iraq-war veteran with PTSD charged with building a pipe bomb.

  22. Imagine that, a SWIFT bipartisan agreement. Congratulations to fellow Texan' John Ratcliffe.
    Another interesting thing, John Roberts' turn of the corner, now also bipartisan.
    (Murmurings of The Durham IG Report coming out soon?)

  23. Trump must have appointed a good man for the job, because all the whiny TDS suffering idiots out in force in the comment section.

  24. Ratcliffe is one of the best choices I could have thought of. Great decision! I'm surprised he turned down trump's other offer. The Democrats approved media is brutal.

  25. Great! Now we just need a few more good men to help implement President Trump's agenda. And arrest all the treasonous resisters who have been working against him & against America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. The original nomination was only postponed. He had to clear the crap out of the way first. They knew impeachment was coming, and the IG report, and overhaul of NSC. Now is the time to send in the wetworks team led by Ratcliffe to drain the swamp with lightning speed. MAJOR changes are coming to corrupt intel agencies.

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