Trump speaks to Fox News on being first US president to attend March for Life

100 thoughts on “Trump speaks to Fox News on being first US president to attend March for Life

  1. Fox news shows this story about TRUMP on Thursday HERE we ARE IT'S Sunday and fox's still running that SAME news STOP FEEDING enemy OF THE PEOPLE SIDE WITH THE PEOPLE and GET RID OF A DICTATOR PRESIDENT AND AMDNASTRATION

  2. What kind of president we have? He cant even build a wall without taking the $ from the people….. Who suffers?? The Americana people are the people that suffer…. the world suffers with the American people…what good has he done for the people???? Nothing!! 🙁

  3. The fact that he is the only president to ever attend speaks volumes. Anyone who cannot see this is blind, deaf, and a completely stupid. We finally have a true American in office who values and wants to protect the lives of veterans, the unborn, and American citizens. Thank you Mr President.

  4. When I was a 15, I was a total stoner. Pot head. A leftist Liberal. I was so excited to see Obama be president. AND I COULDNT EVEN TELL YOU WHY. . . . things changed in my life and I got off the dope. And got a job. Today I'm 25. I've had a consistent job. I have a wonderful wife. A baby on the way. And I see what is worth it. And whats not. I'm 100% conservative. Dont take my money. Dont take my guns. Dont take the baby from my wifes womb.

  5. Trump was always pro-choice. But, now it’s time to pander, & if you’re too stupid to realize that. That’s on you.

  6. Don’t believe it when people say that’s one of his best speeches, cuz that’s just cuz they haven’t heard 99.9% of his other speeches! His other speeches are wayyyyy more phenomenal 🙂

  7. Trump is about as pro-life as a full condom! He is simply using the movement as a smoke screen to fool anyone to overlook bis shenanigans! Don't drink his koolaide!

  8. “The right to LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!!!!!”

    Your convenience is not worth more than a human life. Over 600k people are murdered every year out of convenience.

  9. I'm an adopted person. If my birth parents thought that life was worthless. I would have been killed. If a heartbeat is how we tell if a person is alive. Why not the unborn in the mother's womb?

  10. Trump doesn’t care about this issue. Case in point: he doesn’t care about his children. He has publicly humiliated them and recently in a media op-ed with Melania describing their son as “Melania’s son.” He’s NEVER parented a day in his life. He only did this as a distraction from his impeachment trial.
    Vote Russian agent orange out in 2020!



  13. Take down the names of everyone at the rally. Give them all of the unwanted children born. Then remember they don't like hand outs or "entitlements". 👀

  14. Really? Pro life? I’m pro choice. Any country without legal abortion is a 💩 holecountry. Your funky dumb arse president words. He wanted Tiffany aborted. Trump is a national disaster. But, not unbelievable. Violent, Mediocre, lying and cheating white men and women been here.

  15. Woman choice … stand up for the living .. there is hundreds of thousand babies are sleeping without dinner. Stand up for hundreds of thousand kids who doesn’t have a healthcare or medicine. Stop Separating the country you morons

  16. All the ridiculous claims of old dinosaur brain Donald Trump. t-Rump! t-Rump! t-Rump! With his pickpocket hands and stubby little arms, his tail a block long tripping car alarms. His tiny little brain opens his great big mouth and spews gibbering lies like a waterspout.

  17. Republicans: Every Un-Born kid matters

    Republicans after child is born without support system:

    Pick yourself up by the boot strap and work harder. Don't expect government help.


  19. Every one life expect the children – 45 – trump – that I put in cages and divide them from their parents… Fake Concern Fake l fake fake fake fake …… !!

  20. Still impeached.
    That's the only thing he will ever be remembered for.
    Nothing more nothing less. Period.

    Nothing any of you Trumpters can do or say about it.

  21. And at the same time he is still putting children in cages. And no Clinton and Obama never enforced the law they gave a summons to women and their kids to Immigrant cord the only United States president to ever put immigrants in a cage is Donald J Trump.

  22. Please someone explain to me their a regiment for being pro life. If it is because it says it in the Bible or whatever, I ask you aren’t we a country that separates state and religion? Why not just make it a woman’s choice?

  23. Right before the polls hmm… Just a coincidence? No if Trump doesn't care about living people who have a different skin color than him, then obviously he only cares about himself.

  24. Trump is insane. Once again trying to strip a woman's right to choose.. He said this to get the vote
    He could careless about women's rights..

  25. He says that but I'm pretty sure he hates eric and the rest of his children…. Hell im also sure he publicly humilated his second daughter as if she was such a failure to him when in reality she is probably one of the only normal people in the trumps family.

    Compared to Obama, when is the last time you ever seen him with his children actually embracing them? Ya exactly, never….

    Lets not forget in a pep rally he was saying how "children are brats" and "who here hates their children"

    Anyone who falls for this crap is dumber than a sack of bricks.

  26. if he cares about people what about the children that have died in the prison camps at the border does he care about them no
    and if anyone says they should have come in the right way why is he making it harder and so less people can get.

  27. Every person is worth protecting, unless it my mistresses baby, then I'll pay that abortion fee. That's the extent of Trump's support.

  28. It's amazing how women want to be the sole judge on whether a child is to be born yet still demand the man be financially responsible for said child even if he didn't want it. It must be nice to be of a gender that doesn't have to be equal, responsible or accountable.

  29. His puppets can't see it's a distraction from his impeachment. So when they refer to past presidents as Mr. President, will we refer to him as Mr President once removed?

  30. Imagine a world of barren women. A world where women no longer live. Only men. No animals. No vegetation. No sky. No ocean. Only men. Then one day the population will hear rumors of a woman hiding in secret. They will search day and night for their one chance to repopulate. They will drop everything for even a chance at life. They will die in there conquest for hope. But, the woman in hiding will not be full of hope . She will only reside in fear. And everyday that passes, her fear will only grow and multiply into a million other fears. She would rather die than live this way. Then she meets a man, and he will comfort her. He will protect her and love her, and all of her apprehensions and mental aberrations will fade away. Then they will have a baby. It’s a girl. Suddenly, all at once the fears that the woman once housed will come crashing upon her like a storm. She will lose herself in madness. She can’t reconcile her and her daughter’s roles as the only life giving sources left in the world. As the crusade of men find her and begin to pound on the windows and doors of her home, she takes her baby and runs to a corner in a dark room. There she kisses her baby for the last time as her tears roll down her cheeks and onto her lips…

  31. Trump speaks of patriarchy, Trump the guy who locks up babies of color in cages. Women cannot access economic justice without full reproductive rights. Economic justice is impossible for women without being able to decide when, or whether, to have children. Lack of access to reproductive health care can put women into poverty and keep them there. Someone claiming they are in favor of economic justice while actively voting against reproductive rights is saying that economic justice only matters for men. To Republicans, unborn kids have rights. Actual kids don't.

  32. "We cannot know what our citizens yet unborn will achieve, the dreams they will imagine… The taxes they will provide.."

  33. I love our president but we separate on this issue. For pro-life folks, save your energy. All those unwanted babies born, most of them will be unwanted, uncared for, unloved future criminals. Read Freakonomics.

  34. Lying bastard! He was pro choice all his freakin life! God cares about the babies who ARE born just as much. Get rid of the cages and stop ripping children from the arms of their parents. You've created even mire orphans to be taken care of and you're not helping the one who have already been born.

  35. Those people are living in total disconnect with reality. And Trump is just flaming the fan on this issue to get the support of his women hating base.

  36. Now tackle Climate Change, Affordable Housing, Living Wages, Access to Healthcare, Education…so they may thrive and contribute, you nincompoop.

  37. Yeah let’s make it a trend to tell women what to do with their bodies. We’re not only being hypocritical fucks, we’re reminding them that they’re nothing more than property of the U.S government. Yeah America

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