Trump talks trade with China, immigration policy and US economy

100 thoughts on “Trump talks trade with China, immigration policy and US economy


  2. This clip makes me hate Laura

    Look North America,,,,

    The baby boomers are going through the senior years, NEW couples are no longer having 4-10 kids, they barely have ONE, without immigration North America would be no more in 2 generation

    You can not grow an economy without Workers

    This is economics 101

  3. Ingrahams WAY off base on this one. Trump has brought back over 10,000 factories. They all need employees that can hit the ground running. Employing college students for the sake of it does NOT work in process based industries.

  4. I used to like Laura, smart immigrants made America great in the first place, our tech industry our healthcare industry all the best because we get the best in the world. I am completely against illegal immigration but always a supporter of combining and recruiting the best of the world to achieve the best outcomes for the U.S.

  5. I like most of what Trump has accomplished but Laura is right. These big tech firms must "Hire American," not bring in cheap labor from overseas. Trump has to get right on this.

  6. The people moaning about immigration are idiots. For every Western kid that fools around in school there are 10 kids in Asia and other developing parts of the world that are working their backsides off!! Are you surprised that you would loose to people like that???

  7. I think the President should implement incentives for hiring at least a 98% American workforce. Basically Affirmative Action for American citizens.

  8. Stop replacing American workers with Hindus, nobody goes to India for an education, everything they do fails, look at Boeing, look at the Hindu space program, crash just like Boeing made by hindus
    Made in America means made by Hindus

  9. I am tired of hearing people from India trying to scam us all the time and answer the phone all the time it's make me sick and mad

  10. Million applications for nine thousand jobs, have a nice day, let that sink in, that’s the number of Hindus for American jobs

  11. 500,000 Americans living on the streets but our politicians want to give jobs to foreigners and illegal aliens. 500,0000 Americans living on the streets but our politicians want to give apartments to foreigners and illegal aliens. When homeless Americans die in the streets you never see a tear going down the cheek of a politician. Politicians wouldn't care if they all died in the streets.

  12. The spewing buffoon is at it AGAIN. GET THAT MANIAC AND HIS "FAMILY" OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT. Is it even legal that he can bring his brats into our government as his "advisors"??

  13. This is good, constructive criticism, President Trump has awful people advising him on the issue of "foreign workers" he has Globalist's Jared Kushner and his daughter. We just need to keep pointing this out for the next year. President Trump will change positions if enough people call him out. This man is under attack constantly, I won't give him a pass on this H-1 Visa mess, this is coming fro the worst of the Republican's the ones bought off by big business. Keep tweeting at the President and write your representative we need American workers to earn more, we don't need more immigrants – legal and/or illegal.

  14. Trump gave business a tax cut that is going to trickle down to the US workers through their low paying jobs. Removing environmental protection will help business profits and we can also expect some trickle down from that too, it would be interesting to see where trump's company is investing their profits.

  15. America first is long gone, we're in a global market today! You guys need to stay competitive, cos otherwise companies will start closing down. Plus, American workers are not the best ones in every single area.

  16. "Trump Says We Don’t Have Enough American Workers to Fill Skilled Labor Jobs" – BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I voted for trump, but this is ludicrous. As an older American telecom engineer, I'm noticing that more of the opportunities I could have are being farmed out to younger H1B visa from other countries – strictly due to wage issues.
    Cut the [email protected], Donald – There are PLENTY of American workers to fill ANY job needed !!!!!

  17. Donald Trump's immigration policy and building the wall is meant to gain the Hispanic vote.
    It makes perfect sense for him to maliciously call Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. That way he can claim to be America's first hispanic President.

  18. Why cant she trust him or believe what hes saying in this part. Specially after what she said at the beginning.

  19. bkit5, Our Kids are Not Smart? YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A DEGREE TO BE BRILLANT. SEND These Foreign Gruaduates BACK HOME. EDUCATE U.S. People give Them the Jobs.

  20. NO Mr. PRESIDENT! Send Our Kids to College,Train,and Retrain Others.There're Many Talented People on Welfare, Homeless, Jobless,Poor. Put THEM in School AMERICANS FIRST! See, We have Enough People.

  21. So much unwarranted China bashing and bad mouthing. Americans only get to hear one-sided stories. The Uighurs is prison are terrorists, separatists and criminals. Western media censors video evidence of their violence, bombings and criminal activities. Instead of telling the whole truth, America embrace them as heroes and patriots just to make China look "evil". The vast majority of Uighurs enjoy stability, peace and prosperity like never before and the few malcontents will not be allowed to change that! Of course, America would do and say anything to turn Xinjiang into a Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. So much talk about American values such as "human rights, democracy and freedom of speech". America does not really care, just look at the homeless, the poor with no healthcare insurance and the students with more than a trillion in debt (but America spends trillions in foreign wars and hundreds of military bases overseas). What about the human rights of thousands of Cambodian killed and maimed when America dropped 4,200 tons of bombs on a defenseless country? The Iraqis, Vietnamese, Syrians, Afghans, Libyans and others killed by the U.S. military, have their human rights taken away in the name of a "Fake Democracy". When dealing with Saudi Arabia, America clearly does not give a s–t about so-called American values!

  22. As a worker in the tech sector, i have seen american jobs being replaced by h1b sponsored workers. These jobs are bringing us into the next era of technology and keeping Americans out. It is definitely something that needs to be addressed. It is a matter of national security.

  23. 5:43 President Trump is right: "If we tell SMART people to get the hell out, that's NOT America First". Retaining SMART people in the country IS AMERICA FIRST. Smart people should be given permanent residence status (that's a merit-based immigration system), and I'm from Singapore and that's what we do too. It's GREAT for the country. It's great for businesses, it's great for the country, and it's great for America's citizens too. A country and its companies do great with SMART people. The country will only stand to lose if it drives smart people away.

    Also, President Trump's referring to not just "trained" people or graduates, but more importantly, he's referring to people with great brain power and experience that not even many graduates have. Those very talented foreigners have the ability to brin

  24. 3:45 The true piece of dogshit shows up to the party. Harder and harder to hide the truth. He's not on our side but he sure ran his campaign like he was.

  25. Laura you gotta understand they need brain who can run the company not cry babies just like you and entitled like you! Trump is right quality over mass. Too many dumb millennials in America!

  26. Trump is working really hard to get America back on track. You can see it in his eyes he looks tired . He needs our prayers and positive taughts sent to him . To keep him strong…

  27. As usual the million Urghers in detention camps. Don't americans have any more intelligent things to say apart from the usual lies ? The whole world knows you are telling lies and you keep repeating them.

  28. there's a difference between letting everyone in and people with actual knowledge, see sweden as an example, open borders for any idiot to come in and due to liberal grants a lot of them wont work or wont have the education needed for the work that is needed.
    there's a huge difference between taking in a educated programmer or doctor, and a analfabet from africa.

  29. Laura, another issue is that you want the smart people from around the world here, working in the U.S. so that they aren't in companies in China, Russia, etc. They would be your competition. Think Einstein, Laura. In the meantime, we need people to go to school for real jobs not for Animal Psychology, etc.

  30. This was very strange. He was literally talking with liberal talking points which was beyond disturbing:
    “When you graduate at the top of the class at Harvard…”
    “Well, that’s a small percentage..”
    “No, it’s not a small percentage!”
    Wait, Donald, it’s not a small percentage!? Dear God. I guess foreigners are the only ones graduating top of the class in United States’ most prestigious Universities? Very unsettling statement coming from him. Also, FoxConn is NOT BUILT in Wisconsin. I live in the district. All they’ve done is torn up roads, declared a bunch of older homes/farm land as “blighted” and paid these families to move and demolish their houses/leveled the land, and built a few smaller random so-called “training” buildings not even at the main site. Nobody knows what is going on.

  31. Wages haven't went up. Once again and now it's our college kids jobs given to fraction paid cabrona. VOTE FOR TAMMANY!!

  32. Who is investigating importing Hindus to replace Americans ? DOJ? Nobody goes to India to study, think about it
    This is ilegal Hindu labour dumping, costing Americans leadership in tech and high tech

  33. We COULD have more qualified workers here in the US if our young people would take THOSE classes in College instead of Liberal Arts/Social Sciences.

  34. we DON'T need these foreign workers, he is betraying us in favor of these people and these fortune 500 companies, that isn't America first, what a joke…..and when you hand these people citizenship, they will shift our demographics in favor of Democrats in future elections. Incredibly stupid on his part.

  35. People r dying at the hands of Boeing and Hindus, this is not how u compete, as Greta would say, people are dying by replacing Americans with Hindus

  36. President Trump is right. For the past decade this country has allowed almost unrestricted illegal immigration across our southern border. These have not in most cases been people with college degrees.

  37. Instead of your work in support of the protesters on the backs of American taxpayers, how about a resolution to end replacement of millions of American workers with unskilled Indians with fake degrees & bootcamp degrees?

    That would be a real resolution for the US.

  38. Trump is a forward thinking. I don't see anything wrong with immigrants that are top in their class or in a highly specialized job. What does she expect? Zero immigration.

  39. I down voted because I don't like Trump's answer on immigration policy. I feel he is selling out the American people a bit. Good job Laura on keeping his feet to the flame

  40. Trump needs to protect our gun rights, and stop immigration. Those are the two things we want. Bottom line. Trump doesn't realize all these Mexicans stealing labor and blue collar job, and Indians and Asians stealing medical and tech jobs, not only steal our jobs, but also will vote democrat. So your basically just guaranteeing that we lose our country. We need trump to actually fight for AMERICANS. America first… stop giving our country away, it's absolutely ridiculous .

  41. I want thousands of immigrants, such as Indians to come to Unites States. These people will bring down the price of high skilled jobs. Just like Illegal immigrants have brought down the price of low skilled jobs. I have advisers such as Charlie Kirk, which run on platform of mass scaled immigration which only benefits corporations, and hurts American workers. If mass scaled immigration was cut, corporations would have to increase the wages and benefits, in order to be competitive for labor. BTW, Non Hwite immigrants vote 70% left wing. This is a Trojan horse, but I don's care, because the corporations are lobbying for cheap labor. I could promote Americans to get educated and fill these vacancies in high skilled labor market, but that would be America First, and that's not what I'm willing to do.

  42. Trump – "I build the wall so foreigners don't come in!"
    Trump – "I support importing a bunch of foreigners to take your jobs!"

  43. Ill give trump alot of credit. But……. she is right how ever you spin it those are american jobs in our country on our soil. I love that she grills him on these issues unbiased. He promised us what he ran on and we will hold him to that.

  44. Trump says China is "devaluing" their currency, yet he wants to devalue the American worker by importing millions of cheap foreign labour. Disgusting Zionist Stooge. China would never dare undermine their native Han Chinese population by replacing them with foreign low wage workers.

  45. Face it white Americans, you were betrayed. Your last hope for a political solution is nothing more than a neo-con Israel shill.

  46. Disappointed that my president wants to handout green cards to more foreign computer workers. I have not had a computer job in years. My computer science degree goes unused. I am glad president Trump helps others, but he is burying me.

  47. We have plenty of tech workers in the U.S.- we do not need anymore when we are plateaued on salaries. Importing developers will not help us.

  48. If you’re mad at Trump for bringing in smart people even if they’re from other countries he’s right because a smart mind shouldn’t be wasted and that’s what America needs. Stop feeling entitled because you’re born on this side of the dirt. Work hard and show dedication and then you can earn a job. Gotta let the entitlement mentality go………

  49. The economy is TERRIBLE for displaced educated and experienced white-collar American workers! President Trump needs to keep his 2016 MAGA promise to end H1B and similar foreign labor programs that are used to replace American workers. That was the #1 policy that won my vote. My choice was between Trump and Bernie. Both campaigned against H1B misuse. I voted for President Trump with enthusiasm. I volunteered for his campaign and at some of his rallies. If President Trump wants to keep the vote of American workers he needs to keep his 2016 MAGA campaign promise to them!

    President Trump must also veto the S.386 bill if it reaches his desk. "Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants
    Act" sounds like a good thing but it is a MISNOMER!! By removing the per-country work-based greencard cap, this bill would give 90% of ALL work-based greencards to ONE country (India) for 10+ YEARS! The bill also increases the per-country family-based greencard cap. Imagine the impact on immigration…!

    S.386 rewards the flood (overflow) of low-to-ordinary-skilled foreign labor that displaced American workers,
    crowds out truly high-skilled immigrants from ANY country (including India), and kills immigration diversity (by country, gender, age, race, and occupation). When H1Bs get a greencard, they can leave their current employer and take away a job from another American worker at a different company, and their previous employer can just replace them with ADDITIONAL H1Bs. The bill does not reduce the number of H1Bs entering the country that caused the overflow in the first place. There should be a per-country cap on work visas too! The H1B program is fraught with fraud and misuse! It does not bring in the "best and brightest" among foreigners. It is primarily a cheap labor program, with few exceptions.

    S.386 is NOT merit-based, weakens America, impacts the American culture (imports India's caste system), and creates unnecessary national security risks. It is not safe to give foreigners from ONE country significant access to and control over U.S. technology and U.S. data that the U.S. infrastructure depends on. Americans must keep the technological advantage for America to keep the technological advantage.
    Imported foreign labor is NOT the same as patriotic American workers. It is VERY different and could lead to the demise of the America that Americans know, love, and have fought to preserve for future generations.

    Watch Tucker Carlson tomorrow night at 8 PM (Wednesday1/15/20) to learn more about foreign labor displacing American workers (and NOT based on merit). The problem is STILL rampant across the USA and is destroying the welfare of American families!

  50. Place a moratorium on work-based greencards! Someday there will be another recession and we must be able to send the foreigners back. Americans MUST come first in America!

  51. Watching this interview, I'm very disappointed at President Trump. He now sounds exactly like those globalists who love to import cheap foreign labor, and put corporation profit ahead of American workers. Thank God Laura kept on pressing him, didn't let him easily off the hook. It's America first not American company first!

  52. Human rights must be the first filter for trade. I don't agree with Tump on that. Russia is a kleptocracy. Read "Red Notice." USA should not trade with Russia or China for that matter.

  53. In new China Deal, Trump to finally admit US FED is the biggest, fastest, most perfect currency manipulator in the world, that he can assure us.

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