Trump throws tantrum over question about coronavirus fears: ‘You’re a terrible reporter’

Millions of units are ordered and
we’re going to see what happens. We’re going to be talking to the
governors about it. And the FDA is working on it right now. The advantage is that it has been
prescribed for a totally different problem, but it has been described for many
years and everybody knows the levels of the negatives and the positives. But I will say that I am a man that
comes from a very positive school when it comes to, in particular,
one of these drugs. And we’ll see how it works out, Peter. I’m not I’m not saying it will,
but I think that people may be surprised. By the way there would be a game changer.
But we’re going to know very soon. Dr Fauci, you said there is no magic
drug for coronavirus right now, which you would agree, I guess, on this. Well, you know, I think …
– Sorry. I disagree. Maybe and maybe not. Maybe there is. Maybe there isn’t.
We have to see. We’re going to know. Is it possible that your impulse to put
a positive spin on things, may be giving Americans a
false sense? No, I don’t think so.
No, I don’t think so. I think that … I think it’s got … Such a lovely question. Look, it may work and it may not work. And I agree with the doctor.
What he said. It may work and it may not work.
I feel good about it. Let’s see what happens. We have nothing to lose. You know the expression, what the
hell do you have to lose? OK, so what you say to the Americans
who are scared, though? I guess nearly 200 dead.
14, 000 who are sick. Millions, as you witness, who are
scared right now. What you say to Americans who are
watching you right now, who are scared? I say that you’re a terrible reporter.
That’s what I say. I think it’s a very nasty question
and I think it’s a very bad signal that you’re putting out to the
American people. The American people are looking for
answers and they’re looking for hope. And you’re doing sensationalism. And the same with NBC and Concast. I don’t call it Comcast, I call it Concast,
for whom you work. Let me just say something:
that’s really bad reporting. And you ought to get back to reporting
instead of sensationalism. Let’s see if it works.
It might and it might not. I happen to feel good about it.
But who knows? I’ve been right a lot.
Let’s see what happens. John. Let’s get back to the science and the logistics. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

100 thoughts on “Trump throws tantrum over question about coronavirus fears: ‘You’re a terrible reporter’

  1. All the reporter cares about is getting That Story! The POTUS is trying to extend hope to our country. Somethings are more important than a story. Causing disparity isn't helping anyone. It's creating stress, which lowers everyone's immune system.
    Ask important question about the things we need to know, dont try to provoke our leader, undermine his office and cause fear to rise in the population so you can gain brownie points back at the office. Cheap shots from a little man

  2. There might or might not be a cure. But if there is a cure it will be a really great cure. That's for sure!

  3. you are all sheep, this reporter deserves to get put in his place for a stupid question. what a stupid question to ask and a loaded one at that. " impulse to put a positive spin on things, is giving Americans false hope'
    yall hate trump so much that you let all these major news outlets sheep you into hating trump for giving us hope.
    a whole pandemic going on and the public wants answers and this reporter asks the president a question just to make him look bad.

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  5. I’m so glad I’m living in a country where leaders think about the people and not only there own interest. When will Americans realize that Trump is a man, who will cause a lot of dead’s an is destroying their Nation, not long ago the leading Nation of the world. Almost every country in the world is astonished to see the downfall of common sense and responsibility. Really sad.

  6. Seriously the president just say, what I think he did, did he? Lol
    only your life or friends & families, trump this isnt a business deal, its life & death, so pls stop with the rainbow clouds, face facts your hunch means nothing to us, if their is no cure, then dont lie & say it's coming soon, many things in the past you said are coming soon still havent arrived 3 years later.

    Worst president ever, also the dumbest.

  7. Bad reporting you're a bad f**** president the government sucks and so does into f**** president I can't stand politics they do nothing but f**** lie and the government lies to everybody

  8. Common sense make human to make questions. Think for themselves. Be precocious & USE COMMON SENSE & MAKE QUESTIONS. MAKE QUESTIONS.

  9. The Guardian lying once again. Why are you afraid to show the reporter badgering the President, repeatedly, and being salacious? Why are you so afraid to tell the truth? I am so looking forward to the day your company goes bankrupt because all you do is spew lies and sew division. You should be ashamed of yourselves…but I know you aren't because you greedy trolls love taking in the money that your lies generate.

  10. What scares the most in not even the number of deaths but the situation whereby patients don't have enough medical care.

  11. I am so glad Trump is running our Country! Amen Trump!!! He should totally be ashamed because panic and fear is the work of the Devil! Evil will not defeat us.

  12. Typical of reporters today … they just want a story … Trump as a leader needs to give hope not to say were screwed … the Guardian are among the worst of the Britsh media who sensationalize with false headlines

  13. China didn't let in asap the US Disease Prevention and Control experts .it's China's PM's fault that the virus wasn't contained asap and so as coming up with a cure .it took China's PM a couple of months to nod his head.vertically .so please don't be too harsh on your Mr.President .i bet he's in panic mode but trying his best to appear strong infront of his people

  14. I love the President, you're a terrible reporter, darn right! The reporter's never ask about veterinary or cashiers.
    We care about the environment and how can we know if it is not being spread through garbage or laundromats.

  15. "Throws tantrum"???? If it had been me, the reporter would have been escorted from the room and barred from future news conferences for 6 months.
    Why don'cha try watching the ENTIRE exchange? Oppsie! Watching the entire exchange shows how bad of a person the reporter is.

  16. He is like that weed growing in the crack of a side keep spraying it but it keeps coming back getting on your nerves. You have to dig it out by the root…TUMBLEWEED hair

  17. Oh, looks like someone just deleted an entire, long thread discussing the objective, Trump-mirroring emotionalism and leading nature of the reporter's question. I wonder whom that could've been…

  18. Tsilivi comment sound like they support the Coronavirus but they don't realize that it's going to hit their house just like everyone else's

  19. how is this a tantrum? this is a man in charge of a country that is acting strong to show his country to stay strong and here you have this young punk with no balls trying to stimulate fear into the American people. the guardian can eat me

  20. A Valid reporter Question. US President have little accountability, This is one flaw of US system being magnified by Trump.

  21. No, You are a terrible, terrorist and foolish president. You never thought the virus which you made biologically, affected you negatively as well.

  22. How is this gimp in such a position of power? The worst crisis of our lifetime is here and is very real and his plan is to use a 'magic beans' approach to finding a solution!! Glad he's not my leader

  23. The Guardian should be ashamed of itself .President Trump wasn't throwing a tantrum, the reporter was disrespectful and alarmist in his questioning.

  24. In Uhan city there is biological laboratory that explores dangerous viruses. One day high official from china government has ordered to infect the Uhan market. Everything was ready for taking situation under control. Very quickly china has reduced the epidemy. Its china's atack against world. Dont be fools. China has to be stoped if we want to live.

  25. Such a conference is as interesting as cross talk,However, it does not make any sense to prevent and control the epidemic.Hope President Trump brings us more interesting joke

  26. Wow Guardian leaving out important preceding minutes of this press event and thus keeping out important context as to why Trump called this dude out.


  27. I think this isn’t a tantrum this is him not letting sensationalism take over the news platform which will calm down worried Americans

  28. With fellow Americans dying by the dozen the Trump base will still love him because he didn't take their guns away – you just couldn't make it up!

  29. Who cares if the reporter is being negative this is not the way a president should behave. He’s been right a lot, really? He just has no class or grace he’s so petty.

  30. Guardian News shut tf up Trump was spitting fax to this news reporter who had a dumb question that gives no one hope and if it was not for you guys and the other dumb news people making this coronavirus sound like it was a national crisis our country would be like It was before the coronavirus was even found out about

  31. Lets put things into prespective, in the USA from October 2019 to Febuary 2020 Thirty thousand deaths due to the Flu. From December 2019 to now 400 deaths so far in USA from covid 19.

  32. Americans looking for guidance, comfort and a strategy and all they get is a childish response from the most power man in the world.

  33. It's the old I feel bad for – they're the ones staring down the barrel and I think the coffins and numbers will bear it out in the end.

    Donald is economically challenged – which is why he'll send America back to work, his decision is made.

    This why he won't answer the question of reassurance asked of him – a lot of people are understandably worried.

    It's dollars first, life second.

  34. Disgusting and vile behavior from a President…The US needs leaders like Cuomo, Newsom, Trudeau and Biden to lead

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