Trump’s Deregulation

We have undertaken a historic effort to massively reduce job-crushing regulations. Sounded good to me, but the media says Trump is wrecking America. This is a very big deal. The Environmental Protection Agency just rolled back Obama-era climate rules. He singlehandedly led the world down a dark path. His proposal is literally insane. We’re told his deregulation is an attack on the environment, that workers health, safety, and pay are casualties, and even that Trump is trying to kill us. Now Trump has cut regulations This is where we were in 1960. He promised to shrink the regulation rulebook back to the size it was 58 years ago. We will have a great regulatory climate. One. Two. three. [applause] The day he got elected, you saw the stock markets swing up. Grover Norquist runs a group that fights for lower taxes and fewer rules. Trump sent a message to business: we’re not going to crush you, and that’s caused growth. That was the beginning of a recovery. In the 48 hours since Donald Trump was elected to the Oval Office, the stock market has rallied, reaching new heights. And the Trump administration has repealed lots of rules, for example… Waters of the United States. We’ve got to protect waters of the United States. Sounds good. They were including little trickles, the kind of ponds that spring up when it rains a lot one night, and then it goes away the next day. They were using it as land control. Land control can crush people. Jill and Jack Barron were encouraged by Idaho officials to clear a drainage ditch, but when they did that, federal officials went after them, fining them thousands of dollars. 37,500 a day Until the Barrons had to sell their home and move into this trailer But now thanks to deregulation, they can use their land again. Good. But other repealed rules sound important. The names for all these regulations are written by the regulators. They’re advertisements for themselves But unlike many advertisers, regulators don’t list the side effects Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation May cause unemployment, may reduce wages, may raise the cost of energy, may make your car not drivable. [CAR NOISE] Well, its drivable, but smaller because the Obama rules would have forced car makers to nearly double gas mileage, and more people are killed in smaller cars Should the government tell you what kind of car to buy? Should they? And that’s what the regulation does. Now California regulators have made a deal with 4 automakers to keep the Obama rules, in effect telling Californians, some cars you cannot have. Net neutrality for everyone Trump’s FCC also ended “net neutrality” rules. They were going to turn the internet, which is a free, largely free, and open operation into a government regulated utility monopoly When Trump repealed that, people said he was Handing the keys to the internet over to a handful of multi-billion-dollar corporations Bad things were going to happen. They were going to charge you to do this, that and the other thing. The companies would send your emails slower than somebody else’s. None of that’s happened. None of it. None of it. None of it. The 2 for $5 mix and match deal from McDonald’s is back. Many regulations were repealed that few people know about. One would’ve treated franchise companies like McDonald’s as one single business. Why? The trial lawyers want to be able to sue all of McDonald’s, not just the local McDonald’s, if they spill coffee on themselves. And the labor unions wanted to unionize all of McDonald’s, not just the one store. That would have been a disaster. That was ended. Deregulation. It’s when we remove those bad rules so that corporations can maximize their profits. Ha ha! People think Trump is destroying the workplace and the environment. If you get your news from late night comedy shows, you think that deregulation is bad for the economy and bad for the environment. In point of fact it’s good for the environment, it’s good for jobs, it’s good for people having more wealth. But we want the air to be cleaner. The air is getting cleaner. It’s dramatically cleaner. It is. Mostly because of EPA rules passed decades ago… and every time someone replaces an old car with a new one the air gets a little cleaner. Now climate change and whether we can do anything about that is a separate debate, but when it comes to clean air Trump’s undoing of Obama’s ever-stricter standards just returns us to the rules in effect during the Clinton and Bush years. Were you coughing then? No, but the media won’t tell you that. President Trump has liberated American factories from the scourge of pollution rules. [coughs] Lost in the coughing is the unfortunate fact that Trump is adding regulations too! It’s all about “made in America” Now government agencies have to buy more American made stuff. That sounds like a good idea, but it’s a dumb idea and I wish he hadn’t done it. That is not deregulation. That is regulation. Stocks tumbling today Markets that rose when he was elected have dropped as Trump’s tariffs punish American companies that buy steel and consumers who want things like washing machines and solar panels. There is a challenge. Trump is a protectionist in many ways. And then I can always do much more or I can do less, depending on what happens with respect to a deal and tariffs are taxes and regulations on the border, are regulations on consumers, and frankly it hasn’t cost our consumers anything. It costs China. The good news is, the vast majority of the regulatory acts by a factor of many have been deregulatory and they have been tremendously helpful And yet with all this publicity about Trump deregulating, he hasn’t done that much. He’s done a great deal more than anybody in recent history, maybe even more than Reagan did. We have cut 22 regulations for every one new regulation. Think of that one He exaggerates, as usual. The real number is about 5 repealed for every new one passed. But that’s still pretty good. He’s loosened all these rules. It’s good whenever excessive regulations are cut. Regulations are like taxes. They take choices away from … the government takes your money. You don’t get to decide what to do. You have to go work more hours, spend less time with your family, less time of things you want to do. They take your time. [Thud] They cost us money, [Thud] deprive us of opportunities, [Thud] they take our freedom. [Thud]

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  1. I use a Smart car… it was cheap, modern, and has a slight edge in miles per dollar. Nothing to do with the government or environment. I'm being pragmatic. 😛

  2. Reality is ITS ILLEGAL TO IMPORT CHINESE GOODS containing slave labor produced discrete electronic components in Chinese labor camps! See “Letter from Masanjia” on Amazon Prime.

  3. On the net neutrality issue… I honestly would trust Trump more than I'd trust Pai any day. And I don't hugely trust Trump as an individual. I do think he is perhaps overly reviled by his detractors but as one of the international peanut gallery, I (try to) withhold from commenting too much on American affairs.


  5. So Stossel's benchmark for clean air is whether it makes you cough. He completely ignores the hazardous air quality warnings.

  6. 16 seconds in they say changing things is Insanity……. The defenition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  7. Never seen a single law that effects trucking removed – it’s still over- regulated like the rest of life. They gotta make new laws to justify their existence.

  8. I disagree with the statement that the internet is a place of freedom. The internet censors conservatives and freedom of thought, and serves only a platform for the leftist-marxists.

  9. The truth is it depends upon how you look at this. 20 years ago when Clinton was President I didn't have difficulty breathing, today I have COPD and emphysema so that means I'm more concerned about clean air then I was 20 years ago. And in 20 years we have more cars on the road then we did then. We have more coal being used then we had 20 years ago meaning we have more pollution. You claim the government should not tell us about our cars, how did we come up with seat belts in cars? True there are plenty of regulations that need to be done away with, but before we do we should ask at what cost? Which is more important to you, your ability to breathe clean air or a job? And consider this before you answer, if you can't breathe you can't work!

  10. AS a Democrat I worked at a major automobile company, and they yearly purchased an EPA permit that allowed them to manufacture vehicles releasing VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds) and Particulate in excess of standards prescribed by the EPA. Vehicles and homes near the production facility often had blue paint spots.

  11. This has zero to do with Trump or any President this is all ran by much more powerful people. We are nothing Jon just reports it. Fairly but reports it.

  12. We need to take back our country. Most of our government is not called for and is not described as a function of the federal government in our Constitution.

  13. Not supporting Your Patriotic President Donald Trump, means You support homicidal pedophilia, child sex trafficking, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, rape, murder and dope smuggling… Get Your Priorities Straightened Out…

  14. Free Trade protects the Slave Labor Camps of China that both the GOP and DNC want. Anytime money is the only object, think #Nazism. The Concentration Camps were all Labor Camps run by the globalists that fund Libertarians.

  15. I'm afraid trade war with China actually is an war and one we need to win to protect our liberty.
    I hate regulations and tariff, but we do need to destroy CCP.
    While unthinkable it is for us, it is a common practice for CCP to tell private companies how to behave in other country in order to operate in theirs.

  16. Ronald Reagan deregulate industry in the stock market..

    What happened ?

    Corruption I've government officials to profit off of through tax laws for for corporations in is a result look at what happened to the American people..

    There's no families anymore
    no jobs no money..

    Ronald Reagan increase the deficit just like Trump's doing which is going to affect your buying power on the global market so good luck trying to afford things…

    capitalism doesn't exist when we pick and choose the winners which is what the government Republicans and Democrats
    Do and have been doing …
    Since Regan…..

    You want to know if Trump's policies are fair? Look at his tax policies … Poorest Americans such as myself I had a 2% tax savings..

    The wealthiest Americans got a 10 to 15% tax savings

    The upper middle class they got a tax increase from two and a half percent to 8 %

    I'm all for smaller a free market system… But it will never exist because too many people are are corrupted and being allowed to commit fraud…

    Capitalism doesn't exist anymore in America it hasn't for many years….

    and then other people will say well don't vote for a republican then don't vote for a Democrat then we'll guess what's happening it doesn't matter because it's happening every single state where they're not paying taxes and they're passing their tax bill on to you….

    so the idea of this regulation non-regulation and all this other stuff
    is just theater……

    if you want to change a miracle overnight stop charging things and buying things on a credit card stop borrowing money… Live a good normal life living within means…

    We the people have the powerby voting with our dollars stop buying from American corporations because they're committing tax fraud they're not paying taxes there passing it on…

    If we all work together we can put these criminals out of business..

    And make the American dream alive well..

    By making it a marketplace economy that relies on are dollars not the politicians tax subsidies…

    But I don't know what I'm talking about cuz I'm homeless sleeping in car..

  17. Stossel is full sh*t. The master of blinding people and tricking them to believe his false stories. A greedy capitalist singing the song of the 1%. People wake up.

  18. It would be nice if stossel called other countries for their tariffs and V.AT. . Trump is responding to unfair economic conditions that enrich other countries and ( and treasonous american corporations) at American taxpayer and worker expense . Americans who graduate college in debt cant find a job, when techies and the government allow for a subservient workforce of H-1B immigrants ( that also statistically votes democratic by the way ) become the new majority of the united states.

  19. So regulation caused the air to get cleaner decades ago…you just debunked your own bullshit. You want to see deregulation? Go see the shotty construction and disgusting water in the third world. When you think of clean resources do you think…INDIA, PAKISTAN…no, you think third world disgust. Lack of regulation causes the environment to suffer, just like RIGHT NOW in the Amazon. Why is it burning? Because regulations were cut to allow farmers to burn forest for cattle.

  20. Every company in California now pays for an employee or service who's sole purpose is regulatory compliance. All they do is make sure the company adheres to all the regulations passed by politicians that have never had a job outside of government.

  21. Objectively, with my experience in the automotive industry. The reason the CAFE standards have to stay, as you're seeing the OEMs say the same thing is not about the environment.
    It's R&D, cost planning, and the very long development cycles that cars go through. The OEMs have already spent a shed load of money in the mutual understanding that CAFE was set in stone which they can manage their profits easily and competitively.
    Trump destroying this basically erases the planned spending, job stability, and consumer value because it's disrupting a steady 20 year plot of development. Essentially throwing all the companies into chaos

  22. How bout a little deregulation for us truck drivers. We are the most regulated industry in the nation. Most of the population does not give a 💩 about us, but nearly nobody could survive with out us except for few off the grid live off the lander's and they are few and far between.

  23. why do i have this idea in my head that things made in china are cheap and crappy?….had it all my life…whenever i could afford american made i wanted it because i knew it would last or be better..not to mention lead free ,,etc

  24. Vehicles cant really get more envrio friendly. They dont even give you a spare tire now to save 35 lbs pounds off the vehicle lol. Things like Direct injection and CvT is way more expensive to repair. More and more parts are using plastic now to save weight. Like a plastic propeller in the water pump. Yeah thats a great idea.. You wont be saving money on gas when you get the repair bill.

  25. Thank be to God for Trump’s deregulation! All of obama’s bureaucracy have absolutely got to go!!
    Stossel keeps telling it like it is. Not what the dems want the general public to believe but the straight up facts!

  26. I personally don't see what's wrong with making government agencies only buy products made in the USA. I feel safer knowing the products they use are from here and why would we want our tax payer dollars going to another country? It may cost a litte more, but at least that money is going back into the hands of Americans.

  27. Obama is an idiot, totally clueless about economics or environment. But then, he never cared about the common man's ability to earn a living or quality of life. 
    Thank you, President Trump for bringing common sense back to the Oval Office. Our air is cleaner, environment saver and Americans more prosperous since you took office. 🎉

  28. If anything Obama did so much to destroy this country through ridiculous regulations, horrible health care, he destroyed industry, divided this country more than any past president along with raising our debt by a greater margin than all the previous presidents combined. Now Trump is undertaking an arduous task to drain the swamp. We need to elect people who will continue to help drain this swamp. I'm tired of the smoke and mirrors, along with the false,statements of the left.

  29. Trump hasn’t deregulated the regulations from the ATF. Trump promised to remove 5 for every 1 added. Trump doesn’t believe or Trust good Americans should possess semi-automatic weapons. Trump ordered the ATF to rewrite the definition of a machine gun so the government can ban all semi automatic weapons


  31. Great. Deregulation. How are you planing to deregulate a modern society that is growen on this regulations?Not Trump is the problem. He is the disease.

  32. Deregulation is an excuse to thief, will not be able to able to save your ass next time. People working behind the to save America. The you phuc up you're done. This experiment.

  33. The CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards do not force people into smaller cars. They are (vehicle) footprint-based standards that determine the fuel economy target based on the size of the vehicle; “high tide rises all ships”.

    That being said, they are very complicated and beuracratic the way they are written. The base regulation is something like 750 pages.

  34. Once upon a time the other side of this issue would have been presented. Regulation is good, over regulation is bad. Where the line is drawn is politics.

  35. I'm all for free trade. But if your going to bat in favor of trade with COMMUNIST CHINA, THE CURRENT WORLD RECORD HOLDER OF MASS GENOCIDE. Fuck you, fuck your "liberalism", fuck your slimy fake concern for the economy.

    The triangular trade of Africa/China/America is an affront to capitalism. An affront to liberalism, and a source of war between nations. This BS about how interdependence prevents war is a lie. It is war by other means: Economic warfare. Globalization didn't end the world wars, nukes did. And it was because the world wars ended that globalization was able to happen. We were at this point in history once before at the turn of the 20th century, after the growing pains of the industrial revolution, we emerged into a promising new world. Then the great war ended it. The economy fell out, and everything reverted back to protectionism. Since the end of the cold war, we've begun trading more openly again. And now the merchant class want to pat themselves on the back, as if they were responsible for bringing about mankind's salvation, as they sell thier own country's future for personal gain.

    If your one of those self aggrandizing capitalists, FUCK YOU. Your the evil that socialism was invented to try and defeat. Your continued existence is the reason that no matter how many people socialism kills, the ideology won't die. Because after all this time, capitalists still abuse people and won't accept that there are rules. And so out of sheer desperation people turn to the government to save them from technocracy that has taken hold. The technocrats in turn use thier power to influence the government to protect themselves, and further thier own goals. And the whole rotten mess spills over into the political landscape. Gone is the time when politics and money were two seperate issues. Gone is the hope for a bright future, of space ships and exploration. The only options left are the socialist rebels, and the corporate empire. Only a fool would chose either of those options. Which is why they are the only two options we are given. This corrupt system could not exist any other way. Take away the corperation's manopoly, take away the politicians money, what does the right have to stand on? Rights? The principles they've violated over and over for thier own gain?

    Take that all away, and the left loose thier boogie-man. No longer can they scare people into trading thier freedom for financial security. The two systems that apposed one another feed off each other. Corperations don't want true capitalism. They want the government to side with them. They'll support either side so long as they get financial security. They fund the socialists! When the government takes thier foot off of them, they simply turn around and try and leverage the government for more, until they are I'm bed with the government, pushing for preferential regulations. These capitalists are what created modern socialism.

    Freedom is not anarchy. Free trade is no excuse for treason! Down with China, down with every company who voluntarily traded with China, down with the GOP, and the DNC for facilitating this treason!

  36. Trump is correct. The three elements to destroying an economy is an escalating tax system, regulations and unions. This is economics 101

  37. i disagree that the trump era tariffs on china hurt our country in the long run…….china has been ripping off American companies for decades…….and there are many other countries that manufacture goods at low prices like china now then there were 15 or even 20 years ago…….hell half of my cheap crap i buy has made in the country of Taiwan on it… many others……we let ourselves get overly dependent on that hell whole china…..I dont personally care to have all jobs come back to the USA soil. as long as more is being produced here then we are consuming(no country can long stay out of debt if it is consuming more then it is producing). however anything made in China is hazardous to our overall economy far worse then those tariffs of trumps on china……hell just by trumps threats of tariffs on Mexico and Canada we got a better NAFTA trade agreement…….probably because trump was hard on china.

  38. The government shouldn't be telling people what to do.

    Trade deals that some bureaucrat came up with so he can give his buddies benefits and he can receive kickbacks that are nothing less than bribery are NOT free trade. There is no freedom in allowing a few special interests to take control of your markets.

    Adam Smith never thought that it was a good idea for government storm troopers to invade his local market and flood it with Chinese garbage so all of his neighbors could go out of business. That isn't capitalism. It's a perversion that globalists try to label as capitalism.

    There's no freedom in being forced to do anything. The government should stay out of our lives and our markets.

  39. Trump is destroying America! I mean look at the stock market!

    Wait, don't do that. Well look at all the unemployment!

    Wait, don't do that either…

    He's just bad okay!

  40. We need regulations, including population regulations.

    I hate big government but we are also depleting our resources.

    PS. Say “NO” to Red Flag Laws

  41. I have been studying government regulations and government agencies for many years. I always tell people it’s not just a matter of more or less regulations but which regulations we need and which regulations we don’t.

    We should have fewer regulations for small businesses and what you do on your personal property.

    Yet we should have more regulations regarding media monopolies and the activities of the financial industry.

    Those are just some examples.

  42. Regulations are the regulations of creating jobs across America and giving back the people of America their rights to live their lives the state has put too many controls over the Citizens of their country and they no longer the servants of those people but believe they are them ruling elite and the people of their countries have no rights to question those in power will Trump is a breath of fresh air to the American people he wants all the American people to prosper and go forth and yes he is pro environment and he doesn't want a cleaner country and he does want us to use how resources in a responsible way but he also wants to ensure the future of the people of America and their rights to provide for their families and for the future of their children and their country

  43. I usually like Stossel, but this piece doesn't consider the problem of monopolies, something that hasn't been dealt with on either side of the aisle because monopoly owners donate to both sides during elections.

    Stossel, investigate lobbying and election financing.

  44. Government can ruin a wet dream. Let’s be done with the lot of them and build something new. We have the technology and the will.

  45. It depends what kind of regulation. You cannot be such an idiot simpleton and say all regulations are bad and all deregulations are wrong. See the list at 06:21, some are needed, some are not.

  46. I keep advocating for the deregulation of copyright laws. Its a great argument because it universally applies to all groups. It gives lefties the ability to use what was once copyrighted materials for their own use and it gives righties to have a more free market and all the benefits which it entails.

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