Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #131

– Oh, stop, no smiling, Rebecca. – Oh my gosh!
R2-D2 watch out for that cliff! – That’s gonna be in my nightmares. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well Tom, I hope you’re
mentally prepared, because it’s time
for a Laugh Challenge! – Ooh, okay.
I mean, I’m on a hot streak. I won my last one, so let’s see
if I can keep the streak alive. – You guys always get me,
so I already know what I’m gonna see
is gonna be funny. – (FBE) Well I just need to tell you,
this is going to be one of the very last Laugh Challenges
here on the REACT Channel. – What? – (FBE) Don’t worry, Laugh Challenges
aren’t going away forever. Starting on February 14th,
you’ll be able to watch them on our new Try Not To Channel.
– What? – I was gonna say,
you can’t get rid of them. Everyone loves them!
I love doing ’em. – This is some fancy stuff right now.
Another channel up in here? Wow! – (FBE) Alright,
well you know the rules. If you laugh or smile at all,
even between videos, you’re gonna get a point. Least number of points
will be our winner! – Okay, it won’t be me,
but I’ll try my best. (laughs) – Oh, Tik Toks.
– (woman) I had to cut all these… – So popular.
– (woman) You your own piece. – Oh my God.
I already. (laughs) No, tiny hands, damn.
(buzzer rings) – I actually want a pair
of tiny hands. (Carlos laughs)
– (woman) Nice and even. (buzzer rings) Yeah, just do it like that,
and then just roll it out. – You can do it!
– (woman) And if you need more… – (laughs) Why does that
look so funny? (buzzer rings) – (woman) What has gotten both of you? – (laughs) Damn it. I made it to the end,
and then I laughed when it was done. (buzzer rings) – Okay, it’s getting real. Okay, game on. (laughs) Aw, dang it!
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) Alright, you survived one. – Damn it, it’s always,
you don’t need to remind me what number I’m on. – (FBE) (laughs) Okay. – You’re like “you just started”,
it’s already really hard. – (man) Uh oh, he’s back
in the bucket. – Oh no, he’s gonna fall off. – (man) This is the infamous bucket. – I’m not ready for it.
Don’t fall off, don’t fall off! – Oh no.
Oh no! (laughs) He’s so cute!
(buzzer rings) – Oh my God, oh, stop!
No smiling, Rebecca. – (man) Wide open space,
and alright now let him go. – Where’s something else,
oh, he’s gonna do the drunken stumble. – (man) Oh, there he goes. – Oh God, yep, there it go…
– (man) Oh yes! – That was everything
I needed. (laughs) (buzzer rings) – (man) Can he do it?
Oh, he’s going down again, bam! – Kids are so…
(laughs) (buzzer rings) – (man) Can he do it?
Oh, he’s going down again. (Carlos laughs)
(buzzer rings) – (man) Can he do it?
– Stop it. – (man) Oh, he’s going down again. (Jernezsa laughs)
(buzzer rings) Bam! – Almost. – Kids are so cute, and they…
(laughs) And then when they fall,
it’s just funnier. (laughs) – Their laugh is what gets me. And seeing his joy,
you just wanna join in and be happy with them.
This is really, really hard. But I’m doing good,
I’m doing good. – Alright, Star Wars. – I don’t know what
to expect right now. – R2-D2! – Oh my gosh,
R2-D2 watch out for that cliff! (man yells) (Carlos laughs)
(buzzer rings) – Oh no! (man laughs) (laughs) I can’t.
I’m so sorry. I just kept thinking about
like the little children sitting in the audience.
(buzzer rings) – Mm-hmm. (laughs) I can’t do it when
the other person laughs behind the camera.
It’s hard! (buzzer rings) – R2-D2 is R2-D-dead! (rimshot echoes)
(canned audience laughs) – Whoever actually drove that
is probably in trouble. ‘Cause if that’s one
of the offical ones, those are very pricey. – (woman) Ooh she’s going,
she’s going, she’s going! – She’s going. (woman laughs) (Carlos laughs)
(buzzer rings) (Jernezsa laughs)
(buzzer rings) – That sucks. – I’m trying to feel bad for her,
that way it’s not funny. But if like my best friend
did some [bleep] like that, I would be dying. – I’ve been in a very similar
situation to that. – That’s a [bleep] situation.
(laughs) Ugh!
(buzzer rings) (woman laughs)
– Aw, puppers! He wants to play! (woman laughs) – Oh, this is wholesome. – Oh, he’s so happy!
Throw the stick. (woman laughs) – Why is she laughing?
It’s sad. (laughs) (buzzer rings) (woman laughs) – (laughs) The girl laughing
in the background. (buzzer rings) – You should not be
laughing at that. That’s so sad,
okay, I’m just gonna think of that, and I’m gonna be sad
for the rest of the video. Okay. (laughs)
Aw dang it! (buzzer rings) – That’s so sad!
He just wanted to play! Poor puppy. – What is that man’s
heart made of stone, too? – Me sending signals
to my best friend that there’s a cute guy around. (Tom laughs)
(buzzer rings) (Jernezsa laughs)
(buzzer rings) – I can do that too. – Oh my God, oh my God. I thought I was gonna hold it.
(laughs) The eyebrows are just
too much for me! (buzzer rings) – Let’s go Shrek! That’s my favorite dog breed. (Matthew laughs)
(buzzer rings) – What the [bleep]? – Okay, the editing
is on point though. (laughs) I give them that.
(buzzer rings) – (announcer) Get that,
push, push, push! Into that tunnel!
Nice shot, get to the back side… – Who thought of this?
(buzzer rings) – You’ve gotta love the internet. – Shrek on his way
to save Fiona! (hums)
(laughs) (buzzer rings) – That’s just weird.
It’s good CGI though. – Who had the time
to make this? – The trainer is the funnier part. Just running around,
following Shrek. (buzzer rings) – He should’ve did it
with Donkey. – That was very funny.
Shrek is love, Shrek is life. – I just love that someone
took the time to make that. That’s excellent. – This is my swamp!
This is my competition! This is my dog show!
(laughs) Donkey, I got this! – Okay, what’s up?
Is that work? – (man) Oh good afternoon,
I was hoping to speak to Tess please. – I have no idea
what’s gonna happen. – (man) Oh right, okay.
It’s Tess Tickle. – Oh my God, stop it. That’s like, that’s like
some junior high stuff right there. – (man) Uh, it’s Tess Tickle. – (laughs) Damn it!
Ah, classic, classic joke. (buzzer rings) – (man) Tess Tickle? (Tom laughs)
(buzzer rings) Tess Tickle? (Jernezsa laughs)
(buzzer rings) Tess Tickle? (Matthew laughs)
I’m so sorry. (buzzer rings) Tess Tickle? – Gosh dang it,
that’s so stupid! – (man) I’m so sorry. – (laughs) His friends!
(buzzer rings) – (man) I’m so sorry, sorry, ignore…
(men laughing) (buzzer rings) – Okay, the people laughing
in the background are just making it so much
more worse for me. – (man) You’re such an idiot man.
(men laughing) – That’s awesome. I only thought stuff like that
happened on the Simpsons. – It’s pretty bad now,
I gotta try my best at least for this last one. – Oh no. – (Marge) (groans) Homie! – (laughs) [Bleep]!
– (Marge) You want some of this? (buzzer rings) You want some of this
thick Marge ass? (Jernezsa laughs)
(buzzer rings) Homie, you want some of
this thick Marge ass? – (laughs) What the hell is this?
(buzzer rings) (horn screeches) – Oh mmm… – (Homer) What is all that
God damn noise? (Tom laughs)
(buzzer rings) What is all that
God damn noise? (Mikaela laughs)
(buzzer rings) – (Lisa) Mom, nobody
will krump with me. – I think I’m more scared right now. – (Marge) Don’t worry sweetie.
I’ll krump with you! – Why is this so stupid?
But funny. (Matthew laughs)
(buzzer rings) (man coughs)
– (Lisa) Thanks mom! (Marge screams) – (screams) Me!
Okay, that’s good. Not smiling.
(buzzer rings) – It’s disturbing,
but to me, not that funny. – What is this psychosis
you showed me? That’s gonna be
in my nightmares. – (FBE) Alright, you did it, you won!
(bell rings) – Can I laugh now? – (FBE) You can laugh. – (laughs) That was so much harder
than I thought it was gonna be. – (FBE) So a couple of those
made you laugh, how you doing? – Yeah, a few of them
made me laugh, a few of them made me scared.
(laughs) – Ugh, I still can’t believe
that I chuckled! I was so sure I was
never gonna lose any of these. – I’m like an old man,
I’m like “back in my day,” ’cause I’m like, I used to be
so good at these, but now I’m trash. – It’s so hard not to smile
in between, and it doesn’t help
that you’re smiling back at me over here. – It was great while it lasted.
Winning, that is. I’m gonna start clean on
the new channel is what I’m planning, I was thinking, I might as well
keep losing on this one, and then have a fresh
slate over there. – Thanks for watching us
Try Not To Laugh on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe, we have new videos
every day! – If you liked this video,
then hit that like button. – Bye! – Hey guys, React Producer Mary here. Be sure to subscribe
to our new Try Not To Channel, so that you never miss
a Laugh Challenge. Thanks for watching guys,

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  7. Two things…
    1. I hate that nearly everything on FBE and React for the past several months has either been adults (including "college kids") or YouTubers. Where are the elders? Where are the kids? Try Not to Laughs used to always have at least two people from every age range. Now it's just 20-somethings who ham it up and laugh at everything anyway.
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