100 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard tells Tucker why she is suing Google

  1. That's why we don't need these lobbyists anymore we don't need these people controlling our government Sway in the boat they should be automatically declined on Fable 2 Lobby anymore so that they don't have a choice only we the people do not them corporate corporate corporate business is done in American people are coming back we the people are going to take our bolts back we're going to take control of our country

  2. She doesn’t give many fuçkś which is pretty great. And spot on! Bernie is good too, but he actually has a chance to win so he isn’t as forthright with his answers. Tulsi is great for both the Left and Right

  3. If I was an American democrat, I would vote for her.
    Something about her and inner ear says she’s one of the serious sane democrats who could govern well, unbiased and fairly, with good leadership….
    And … some useless speculation… google….. equals intelligence community…. Ie deep state…..

  4. She is obviously attractive
    But she hates republicans
    She hates conservatives
    She hates Fox News
    She is a liberal progressive dummycrat

  5. The best question I have ever heard Tucker Carlson ask: 'Why are you the only canidate saying this?' That is THE question! Tulsi2020

  6. Tulsi is by far the best Democrat candidate the Dems have. Dems don't be stupid. She is likeable on both sides. This is your shot. She is your shot.

  7. Crazy isn't this Democratic party can't stand her and the Republican party wish they had her.
    Best of all Americans believe her.
    Scariest thing of all the ruling elite establishment fears her.
    What the he'll is going on.

  8. A little too genuine for politics.. the people will love her.. but the establishment will never give her a chance. The system is way too rotten.

  9. Gabbard was the only dem. candidate I could vote for.  I was really disappointed when shedropped out.   She would have made a good alternative for the dem. party.  Trump will be re-elected because we are not ready for socialism or communism and that is where the dem. party resides.

  10. She is not crazy enough to be a democrat. She would have had a better chance running as a Republican and taking on Trump and that will be the biggest stage in the world!

  11. i like this woman,it would be great if you would run as an independent,i guess,,i hope she at least gets a house seat,maybe she could run for prez in 2024..

  12. Shame of google for interfering with her free speech You appear to abuse the rights of those who use your services. They need a few lawsuits to "reconsideer" their positions!

  13. Wow wow… this lady is just amazing… she is everything sane people dreamed for … why why on earth is she not in front… I think dems and reps will vote for her

  14. Good for you to sue google because they need someone from the left to do it. Go Gabbard, stand for your right and the right of everyone, not only of the left.

  15. They are blocking her because she is spot on about the truth of what these wars are about
    And who is benefits from them…she also paint's a correct picture of Assad, and she'll explain about the atrocities of the Yemen
    War,something the mainstream media will not do because their slave master's, the Zionist won't allow that,the same Zionist WHO own trump….

  16. I don't mind getting thrown off of any platform so I've got to say, it is time for the US Marshals to show up at the Google headquarters. That monster needs to be slain

  17. The one democrat that I actually agreed with. Tulsi I hope you win this lawsuit might not win the nomination but at least you'll have something to show for.

  18. It truly amazes me that the DNC is so completely blinded and veering to virtual communism, that they do not recognize that a Gabbard/Delaney (or Bennett) ticket is the only chance they have beating Trump. I'm a strong conservative and though I abhor Trump's style, I have been a very grateful fan of his Presidency. However, even as a conservative, I would contemplate and consider a Gabbard/Delaney ticket as at least sensible, pragmatic, and truly vested in improving the lot of the American people. They are still further left than I prefer but will not lead to the utter dismantling of our great country as proposed by Vladimir Ilyich Sanders, Josef Warren, Kamala Beria, Cory Trotsky, Robert Francis Bukharin or Pete Kruschev. Joe Kerensky Biden? If he lives past his first year or is not forced out for dementia in the same time period, I'll be very surprised.

  19. Tulsi is trying to play both sides by having some traditional republican values as well as some moderate democratic values. She would be better off trying to take the nomination from Trump and becoming a republican. She could possibly be a good president. Anyone is better that Trump.

  20. Gabbard's become more of a classical liberal and less of a leftist in recent months. She's the kind of liberal I and other conservatives could actually sit down with and have a conversation about current issues with; hash out disagreements and the like. She's getting the boot from the Dem debate because she doesn't tow the party line and thinks for herself too much. They keep that "eating their own" up, and we're going to be witnessing the birth of a conservative before too long.

  21. Google is soooo disgusting. It pretends to fight for social justice by focusing on relatively trivial things like racism and sexism, and yet takes money from large corporations which hurt the whole middle class regardless of race, and do bad for the environment which hurts everyone in the coming generations.

  22. ya gotta go to the top to get the answers. google is run by people…. who are these people? watch "Europa The Last Battle" at archive-dot-org banned in its entirety by the owners of google. Find out who they are and their history by watching this doc

  23. I am a Trump supporter but I like this woman. She is smart an the only one I could vote for on Democrat ticket. Democrats need this sane woman. Common sense for a change

  24. Finally a democratic candidate who has balls and actually stands for something real. Now if she could just promise not to raise taxes she will have my vote

  25. We don't need to break them up, we just need a law that makes it illegal for them to manipulate searches and censor people

  26. Tulsi sounds more Republican than Democrat. I love that Tucker always treats her with genuine respect and admiration. Now the media is starting to treat her the same way they've been doing to Trump the last 3 years. Why can't we just get Tulsi and Trump working TOGETHER instead of opposing? There are things I like and dislike about both, but together, they would balance and complement each other perfectly.

  27. Why in the HELL she a democrat! ! ? ?! She's way much too smart and logical to be a liberal brainless socialist Idiot I don't get. It's like mcane, pretending to be a conservative when really john Mcaine was a liberal idiot

  28. Google is suspending her ads
    Start of the video:*tulsi galbard ad suing google ad shows up*
    (Youtube is from google)

  29. NEVER FORGET Tulsi endorsed Bernie Sanders.
    No matter how good she comes across, no matter how sane the voice ,
    she is a flaming' LIBERAL !!

  30. Will not vote for her because I disagree with a lot of her policy positions, but she is the most moderate, reasonable Democrat in the line up. And she is dead on target about this.

  31. "Google" block you to buy ads on "Google" and you are suing google. Google is not a public company owned by the Government for the benefits for the public, it is a private firm owned and operated by a corporation and it is not funded by the government thus they have the right to do what they want with "their" own business. Logically the way to break the private firm is to make a rival as big, suing them is the stupidest thing I've seen

  32. I believe in freedom of speech and the right to privacy. Big tech companies need to respect all of our constitutional rights. America, wake up.

  33. i see tulsi want to really do something for our country, she know much better then all of us because she no reality on ground she serve in us Army and look her past she dedicate her life only for country, i was so upset when i see google cancel or delete her ad campaign and also shame on Hillery,
    i still remember boby zindal… what happened with him? everyone know that….
    if you believe that discrimination still exists… it will…. god bless america 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  34. WHY, WHY, WHY does every talk show host ignore the FACT that neither Harris nor Gabbard are natural-born citizens???????? I warned people that putting that fraud, Barry Soetoro (aka Obama), in our White House would lead to this. Are we really so STUPID that we cannot discern the OBVIOUS meaning of natural-born??????? The founders, in their writings and in their adherence to Vattel's clear definition in the Law of Nations, rightly understood it to mean someone born on AMERICAN soil to TWO American citizen parents. Harris and Gabbard don't even come close to meeting those requirements. Let's just toss the U.S. Constitution that we claim to love so much. We obviously do not care what it says!!!!!

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