Turn on the lights with Vivaldi Browser

Introducing Vivaldi 1.5 With the new Reader mode, consuming your favorite news is better than ever. You can also drag several tabs at once between windows with ease. Also, did you notice that lamps change colors as you surf? That’s because Vivaldi now comes with support for Philips Hue lights. This, and much more, in Vivaldi 1.5 – get it now at vivaldi.com

15 thoughts on “Turn on the lights with Vivaldi Browser

  1. Does vivaldi have bookmark synchronization ? I have to work on multiple devices and i cant afford to spend my time setting up the browser every time.

  2. Finally you can pull tabs between windows! Bra jobbet 😉
    Now you need to make it possible do drag and drop bookmarks between folders on the bookmark bar, and make it possible to add bookmarks by simply dragging the URL down to the bookmark bar.

  3. Vivaldi needs some optomisation. It feels clunky and slow. Everything feels like it is a click too far away and I always find myself feeling cramped. Though I see vivaldi being a good project and for a beta it's doing alright.

  4. Hi, I have several problems with Vivaldi Browser: the context menu and "drag and drop" doesn't work in the bookmarks bar, sometimes YouTube video freezes while audio still plays, plus when I open YouTube video links via "Inbox from Google" an opened page is just black but audio plays, also I'd be happy to have separators in the bookmarks and really need Google bookmarks sync. Overall, I agree Vivaldi needs optimization it does feels clunky and sometimes slow, but Vivaldi looks awesome and the customization is really great! (Windows 10 64 bit, Vivaldi 1.5.658.44 64-bit)

  5. have been struggling with chrome for years. I use chrome to watch youtube. But youtube page are so laggy and low fps on chrome. I just dont understand why. Is youtube google's service? Safari runs youtube fast and smooth but I dont use safari since it lacks of useful extensions.

    vivaldi just fixed this for me. a browser that fast, stable, and good looking. It runs youtube so fast, zero problems. and the most important is, It supports chrome extensions (not all of them though)! that's exactly what I wanted.

    But Vivaldi is still not perfect. the biggest thing to me now, is that vivaldi doesnt allow you to arrange extension icon locations. I hope developers make this happen and It will definitely become my everyday browser.

  6. philips hue doesn't seem to work any more in the latest update (1.5.658.56). I can't seem to reset it either, as it doesn't allow me to relink and authorize the connection with the bridge again…

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