Two Idiots Build a PC

okay I turn down your AFP you're AF meter oh look there you are is it gonna overlap too I always see anything all I see is your crotch why are you looking at my crotch why you guys staring at me you were expecting the video today aren't you you're so mistaken but you re all right here's we're gonna do today I haven't built a computer with this guy in a while I think he's only built had the to hand hold this thing that's two computers yeah but on the channel oh you only got one in the channel right yeah yeah channel so I figure what the heck we got some new parts here that we've had for a while that we need to do a review on not really review but some sort of content on we've got the 780 T right there from Corsair had that for a while we just got the new Jeep the g1 gaming Phoenix SLI okay pay for it that boom look at that I said it looked very tight and follow you never ones like no looks very as mom and then AJ as mom yeah I thought it's like titanfall – and then he said everyone say s mom like oh crap says the guy who plays csgo swear does that tell you I'm too cheap for Asimov though okay but we need parts here so we need to grab stuff off the shelf when you go shopping I'm just gonna get everything off of this show alright so we need a graphics card this is taking way too long okay do the water-cooled one yeah okay you would almost think this was a gigabyte sponsored video at the rate that you're grabbing parts here well I said one I said one putting the other one back relax come down geez so let's do a stack of parts there we got motherboard we've got graphics card grab the x99 motherboard down there only because that has the 5820k in it which is the only x99 cpu I have right now it's not being used the it's right there yeah we're just gonna it's holding the CPU right now so I gotcha okay we need some memory Dominator stuff or we have to use ddr4 I'm thinking that that 32 gig not the corsair dominator I'm thinking the because I have another use for that the g.skill you inventoried it so where's the G scale the audio I just thing about headsets can use it yet we have to build the system first well this is like preemptive strike so if we get this table we don't speak it out later we need a cooler what do you mean is that predator mmm-hmm or do you want to do that keep your own custom lip cuz there's two beans over there well I don't have a whole lot of water cling stuff we will do cooler laughs cuz I don't know exactly what I want to do it okay we need a power supply the only one down there unless you want to go like extreme stupid overkill with the V 1200 I think we should do the V 1200 just cuz people will be mad like you don't need 1200 watts yes we do yeah yeah we do an interesting story about this guy here you might notice that that is the Platinum one right if you look down there I've got the same box that's a gold version that was actually a prototype Oh motherboard GPU CPU Ram case power supply what else we need oh we need some hard drives don't worry well we have stacks on stacks of hard drives I mean you want something those are hard drives though we don't want hard drives mark I started right than that harder drives yeah you mean hard is in solid yeah how about you grab that that 240 gig for the for the OS drive oh it you did my own Tory you should know where that I think I remember what the T was it's a it's a hyper X oh no that's my that's my SSD legs there it is is it in there yeah here's what we'll do since this is kind of an older drive it's a three gigabit per second made in 2011 it's five years old it's kind of a junk drive go ahead and put that one aside we'll just put the SSD in there for now and because that's all we need to really get the system working and you can add a hard drive pretty easily later so let's do this that's about all we need for now so we need to dig out this way cooler properties do that the end because I just I can't decipher one do custom loop yet or a predator let's do rock-paper-scissors for it I can't I'll drop my camera I'll hold it and I'll hold the other pissed you so those are the parts that we chose right there not bad for a just going shopping inside the shop huh yeah yeah you guys can tell this is all about coconut monkey and we are a limited time I need you to actually like not be afraid like it's that touching stuff and I'm really gentle yo sorry put it on the floor be easier to take it out Oh some manual fell out hope you don't need that oh shit when your case comes with its own little canvas bag that's why we can have nice things well I kind of suck sighted I had asked for the white one and they sent me the the black one it's kind of neat looking though yeah I personally just don't like black cases cuz they're dust magnets it looks like it looks like that it does it looks like my start stuff but no my car is your people yeah all right get it ready did you just shock you yeah you ready to peel it 46 minutes later he's still cooling tape oh yeah look at one part when I make this morning all that glass oh my god I still think that the white wooden black wouldn't look better guys so now we need to put with a board uh technically let's take all the things off the desk we don't need you already broke it I fixed it fix it this is the be open this is all like jammed in here like this they must have been in a hurry to get rid of this easy this one was built on a Friday like hell yeah we got overstock we'll send you one right away who's calling me kind of feel like the classified would might probably look better in here if we go for this whole blacked out thing but it's windowed so we really want this to shine yeah it does have a shit ton of LEDs on it yeah this one where it's gonna be sweet it's gonna be dope yeah did I do it right today that I usually a young guy slogan I'm finished her I'm not young anymore nope have you ever put in x99 CPU in before no there's first time for everything then undo the little latches alright you're whistling gameofthrones a lot I'm sorry did you see last night's episode of popular reality TV q okay leave it there don't take it out yet go ahead and open up that one I like the anodized black on can you see all that you see all the LED strips next to the RAM yeah now take out that CPU and you see how that that dot is in the corner yeah like facing downward that dots gonna be in the same corner on this CPU on this motherboard here don't hold it above the socket like that if you drop it you're gonna break the pins okay there now go ahead and drop it in there some of the tabs line up you're so gentle it's cute all right now fold the cover over and then do the latches in the right order see you missed you missed a little tab there's a tab the back you see it just uh you know put that one down then the other one down and it will pop the cover off on its own will be cover yeah all done thanks for watching guys we'll see you know no wait never quite done not quite done yet hey come back you have to help me finish the computer no I don't know what I'm gonna do now oh that's a really pretty motherboard yeah that's why I wanted to build something with it I felt it was a shame to have it just sit there that's okay because I have the MSI god-like carbon Siri place already she is it's over there in a box still okay wait wait you forgot the IO shield yeah haha you pass by that's haha oh it's sealed still you use the buying stuff where it's just like a metal piece that tries to cut your finger off shut up they're all that room above it for activities you put a fat radiator in there yeah good a fat radiator in there so how they can be terribly bleeding's one tiny scoop boy I'd be screwed if you watch Sesame Street before you came over maybe is it my fault you had Mickey Mouse code you can't do that that's gonna introduce static electricity in here no so what comes in the box over there lots of cool shit so you need to know you get this lovely plaque to put on your door or we said it should go in the bathroom yeah so if you feel at risk a you just like go put it on the enter when you're actually in yeah maybe full dump in there yeah I think I'm really excited about these they're like clear chrome go along with the rest of those you get some labeling stickers for your cables it's a velcro strap yeah a velcro strap for cable ties yeah that's pretty sweet gigabyte you skipped over something really important sir the manual no this is a wireless motherboard sure the antennas oh oh right right take this out and Tanner's it's pretty sweet and you get an SLI bridge for asipi sloppy ones wait and they get a three three-way please dude yeah I'm surprised there's no four-way SLI one yeah but you can go up to three-way you know might as well go ahead and put into memories the memories yeah those were the original skunkworks RAM sticks remember how I didn't like the sticker yeah did you line up the notch yeah here your line up a notch it's lined up alright cuz you don't to a clicks there you go okay man that was dangerous that's awfully close to like that panel on the back it's not plastic the plastic panels in the hurricane you are such an idiot so are you I know I wonder if I get my own reddit thread after this I guess we're gonna remove the rear 140 fan because he's going to plug in his oh wow that smells bad sorry thanks for sharing sharing is caring my nose oh my god I need a break after that oh that's all you man you have it can you just get like one of your wife's oils in here please the good smelling stuff like the one in the bathroom or the lemon scented one please you know I'll just text her I decided I'll go ahead and suffer with you really you just let it fall forward wrong with you reddit thread it's kind of cool it's gonna match a little bit even though it's orange on the bottom it's the 980ti extreme extreme extrude this is the one I broke the fan on so I had to put another fan on there but I put another high static pressure fans were good so we decided to ditch the extreme and go with a blower style cooler because the fep tubing is just so stiff it's so stiff it just looks terrible no matter what we do I hate fep tubing so much please for the love of God companies use rubber maybe is this fractal design fan here actually cuz it's white and I think it looks better than the grey fan that comes with the Corsair but case agreed they give you LED fans for the front then they give you that ugly-ass gray fan for the rear that's really unfortunate so I think that this looks better overall don't you yeah people get mad when you flip fans like that when they're plugged into the motherboard cuz of the RPM why I have never once had a problem thinking I also build my computers on carpet most of the time that's the one we chose to go with after all the g1 gaming for the d1 gaming board yeah doesn't any yellow or orange accents but that's okay yeah it's kind of cool-looking anyway it is pretty cool-looking I remember this one I kind of wish I had two of those now screw it down down right there okay we need a physics card I'm thinking Titan you have like four three of them are in skunkworks right now but I have four they're old and slow now you're old and slow okay Oh CS what'd you get yeah would you drop it scared no it's right here okay we need the power supply it's so much more power than we need that's exactly why we need it by the power of Grayskull green Odin's beard yeah for real oh look at this oh it's more canvas bags play putting fan upper fan down gun down yeah you it's gonna probably sit on a desk so pen down yeah I don't put any my systems on carpet even if I did this one's got a lot of space for the fan on the bottom such a good song totally recording yeah so that jumble of wires is next oh boy it's front panel connectors USB audio for like headphones all I see you your hand my belly gurgle that's a bad sign so you're lucky this motherboard actually has two USB 3.0 headers one there and one there I kind of wish they put them next to each other but that means both of these USB 3.0 head that you got oh there's only one huh yeah and I thought you had to cuz it's right here so the pop those front panel connectors though as we found out we're like it looked like there was a lot it has built-in fan controllers so like all this crap right here the plus or minus my god what the cool thing about the back of the case is you can be as messy as you want with the wiring no one will know you're having too much fun over there aren't you yeah yeah I like these things it's not gonna show so the way the SSD mails are kind of cool put up top it literally just slides in the only it sucks is the way that it is because of the way the cables have to go it's upside down taking longer to do this cable management that is to build a whole PC I bet that's how it was what most I that shit I need zip ties all them power cables they have short ones and it's what I walked my head into that I hate that was my head right there why would you do so I'm tall no no no plugging in the pair slackers okay closest to this autofocus is so confused doesn't know what to do I mean your big old head gets in the way sorry so just push it in you just being a baby it's not good in the bottom one this one yeah I thought it was one of those things that you just plug in wherever but oh my god yeah plug it in wherever watch everything blow up oh are you done yet shut up are you done yet shut up don't we meet over there don't make me come over there I dare you you're not very intimidating okay I'm trying to work on the baby it doesn't really work out in my favor it's like oh he's so me your war face wasting away isn't that sailing away well today I'm currently wasting away waiting for you to get these damn cables you want to pull it through you want to give me a hand no huh no this is just a demo build why are you getting on you know because you gotta build it anyways as well put your effort into it welcome to molex molex suck you can see the no those don't spread out like that make sure you just have it upside down it wouldn't be two idiots if you could install them bollocks right so for the cooler I think I've decided to go ahead and donate to this bill because again you know what this this bill does just because I felt like billion computer last week I was like hey couldn't money went clover can we build a computer and he was like sure I decided was it going to put the h2 20 X in here I'm gonna go ahead and need you to come into work on Sunday too but actually try to get you over Sunday you're like I got I got family obligations and dinner it's so pretty and it's gonna light up white we've got the white insert in there I think the blue would have clashed just a little bit just plug that one into CPU yeah wait that's CPU fan two optional well plug it into the meeting one right there we're gonna go like this I'd everyone talk about the way I'm doing it wrong remember guys this is a 59 or uh 5820k it's bigger you want to tighten these down in like a cross pattern I could do it in wheels yeah I can't integrated all right so you're back up now you're up what do I do so we built the system here that has a water cooling system that lights up a graphics card that lights up a motherboard that lights up all that light chase fans that light up any day you'll get the ramp up in any day I figured yeah you're probably just gonna plug those fans into the fan controller right whoa jeez yeah are they gonna reach they might not that way all the fans now will be controlled by that switch all right so let's go and move the s2 or the nano s bill and let's plug it in over here and let's see if it boots up are you scared yeah because if you broke anything I'm gonna have to charge you for it okay this is a wireless but it's two gigabit ports Wow you could actually have two gigabit throughput if you have to eat your Nets plugged into it powering on look at all those lights whoo those lights don't name it squishy and it be mine yay yeah did you do that partly that plugging in there on display for it what did you do that this report plug-in around you broke it you've got to love new system boots I'm sitting here looking at it going what the heck and it sat there idle for like a minute and then it was like oh hey by the way I work yeah so what do you think do you think it's got red LEDs on the front white LEDs on the graphics card white LEDs on the pump we can exchange the you can change the motherboard LEDs yeah right top fans are going damn sweet what do you think I approve your proof well I'm glad because it's your birthday present oh shit you're serious I'm dead serious dude thanks yeah he seriously didn't know that was coming oh my god that's awesome thanks I'm just gonna be the camera pointing at you occupied Lina can we keep it here since I'm watching your house for a while that's a skunkworks eli can you leave it here that's why I was like if it broke all on you one thing you guys don't know about coconut monkey he's going to University of Redlands and he's a business major and an art major and he's been telling me he wants to build a computer because he wants to do all of his editing and stuff and his current computers a little bit on the older side and he's like I don't have the money to build a new computer but I want to but I also want to do car parts and stuff I want him to do car parts so I took care of the computer part so anyway there you go unfortunately he's gonna have to buy a hard drive I guess I have failed I have failed him for my guys totally fail to be surprised you nailed me thank you got any words to say before we go alright oh my god two idiots build a computer for an idiot yeah alright guys thanks for watching we'll see in the next it itself maybe maybe we'll get you to do a video about benchmarking it and see how it does yeah alright guys thanks for watching

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  1. guys to think this is a 3.6ghz turbo 6 core haswell CPU that came out with a price of 370$ now we can get a CPU with around the same IPC and frequency for 150$

  2. "well.. I dont have a whole lotta water cooling stuff…" *proceeds to pan camera to the shelves full of water cooling components"

  3. Wait.Β  JayzTwoCents said "I do not have a lot of water cooling stuff"???!!!Β  I think I lost consciousness for a moment.

  4. Is there some sort of stupid inside joke going on. Every old video I see I keep seeing them using swiss army knives?!

  5. gigabyte motherboards always take a while to startup after first assembly even if the parts was on it before, because it's check all the parts and if any new part added or removed or replaced it will configure it self for it again, and the reason why, i think that because of the backup BIOS system in the motherboard, i have gigabyte motherboard around 6 years (G4-G41MT-S2) and it always did that to me after every cleaning procedure i take.


  7. Came here for the reaction, gotta say it's pretty disappointing…
    I have a better reaction than this when someone buys me lunch

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  9. Hmm, quad channel motherboard / platform and going for dual channel? Like putting one bank in a dual channel memory board. Painful.

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