100 thoughts on “UFC 242: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. Khabib shows was Islam truly is. I’m an American with many family members that have been in “war”. Khabib shows that love should prevail

  2. Dustin vs Connor
    And kahbib vs tony Ferguson

    But the connor fight should happen on the same night and that should be a undercard!

  3. This gay sport. They threw a few punches and they were already gassed and of course they had to grapple like pussies and take it to the ground. This is just a glorified boxing. No wonder less black athletes even waste their time going that route when there is more money in boxing. Also no wonder why no one really counts these MMA white crap as respected sports like that to the point where you get paid 100s of millions of even 10s of millions per fight like they do in boxing. Just look at how sloppy and gay it is to watch? dropping each other on the floor like they're looking for each others booty hole, just gay.
    Why not square up like men, what's with the resting your entire weight on someone the whole night and you call that a fight? yeah! I know he won the white boy regardless but, how about give us interesting fights?
    If I've spent my entire life in the mountains wrestling goats and cows to feed the village, of course wrestling a lightweight human being will be a piece of cake. Jokes lol!
    That said, I am for Khabib. I would rather a muslim dominates his weight class as he is than a cocky delusional entitled whiteboy. facts!

  4. Poirier has a very big heart and show his emotions, he said: no excuses, Khabib is the world champ!! This sport need people like you!!.
    Khabib is the best fighter ever in mma 28-0 really amazing and he is very respectful, this is so important for this sport. Congratulation!!

  5. You see Barboza, Poirier, McGregor, all go down to Khabib, I know it’s easy to say afterwards. But if you are gonna submit to him, you might as well put yourself in those crazy situations on the feet, and hit him with Elbows like I predict Ferguson doing to him during those clinch battles on or off the fence! And speaking of the fence, stay away from the fence! All wins besides Iaquinta ended on the fence. That is all Alix from Ridgway pa shout out!

  6. Im woundering where the team neckcrank conor fanboys at? Why didnt porrier tap to the same chocke, and even worser(he took it the first round when khabib was still full energy while conor got it in round 4)

    Why didnt porrier tap while conor did tap inmidiantly?

  7. look guys ISLAM is a Way of Life and very important for all Muslims so plz dnt ask again n again thay why Khabib advocates ISLAM everytime….Our Real life will starts in afterlife …this Worldy life is just a Test by a GOD ALMIGHTY……But Non Muslims dnt understand this and they make Fun……..Every human will be accountable for what he or she did in his or her worldy Life…. PEACE

  8. As a khabib fan, I'm really one of those guys whose feeling so shitty for Dustin. He's a true champion in this sport and I hope someday he does become undisputed champion in the UFC

  9. i wwanna buy that t shirt and hang it up on my wall. then when im 50 im gonna tell my kids what a wonderful story there is behind that t shirt.

  10. this is how true Muslim is .. not like others even they born as Muslims … mocking of people when they won or not respecting their competitors and the important thing he is taking care of poor people … finally full respect for both fighters

  11. 52:07: "First guillotine was close but second time I gave it to him because I felt he lost energy"

    Wtf I thought the second one was close

  12. I feel like khabib have some other plans lined up cz he clearly is not interested in fighting any time soon !!!!
    And the thing he keep saying I am busy last 2 years but he fought after almost a year after the MacGregor fight !!!
    I doubt the Ferguson fight will happen !!

  13. 17:02 wait so that's really a thing. Kinda a WWE mive but cool nun the less lol and 17:08 considering it's hard to trust Dana's word, I'm sure we can see Cowboy challenging for the B.M.F belt

  14. I feel bad for Dustin. He's a great guy and has the heart of a champion,I hope he comes back. He has no reason to hang his head, we're all our own worst critics so I understand why he's being so hard and this was his biggest shot but he's still a true warrior,he can make another run at the belt. Wish him and his family the best.

  15. Lol Las Vegas think that Khabib is Mike Tyson they tried to destroy his career but now they can see that other places can get this moving they don’t need to come and fight in Vegas good try u go Khabib ur the real Eagle

  16. Khabib is a terrific example of how a champion athlete should conduct himself.This young man is a shining star of decency

    in cesspool of arrogant clowns.

  17. Poirier and Khabib had and have utmost respect..No trash talk..Personally, I think it should be Ferguson V Connor…We all want Khabib V Ferguson..But I say Connor V Ferguson…Show that you can challenge for the title Connor instead of talkimng crap even a year after losing..Because if you beat Ferguson you deserve the shot..Ferguson wants Connor also..Khabib should rest up and chill out for a bit..Let the others contest amongst themselves…And then he fights the better man on the night.

  18. Fuckin Conner doesn’t deserve a fight. Fuck that guy. He ain’t doing shit but getting arrested and getting drunk. I’d be amazed if he has another 2 fights before he hangs it up.

  19. Ooh tell the 2 and ooh tell the s you came to me and i replay’d you with take it you want it me in the picture i replay’d you with keep it you next foght hoop you dont make iT my blood is firah c+ U lied so drop’t black

  20. After Khabib beats Tony UFC will schedule an Event in Russia for his last event where he takes on all the Top 10 again, submits them all (AGAIN), ends up 40/0 and retires GOAT !

  21. Dustin your first class. A true champion in every sense of the word. Hold your head high and come back in a re match. Learn and come get thebelt you deserve

  22. @41:25 Khabib is a savage man… he literally says what kind of mean Tony ferguson is gonna be when they fight ahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Khabib will vacate the belt when its time for one of his Muslim brothers to take over, then he'lle retire and come back when the next Muslim guys loses.

  24. Can someone tell what happened to the right Ears of Khabib and Poirier? Is it a kind of protection or due to injuries in their past fights? Thanks.😇

  25. Hey Dana you need to make Dr. Appointment check your ears, when you have so much money you don't want to hear the word borrow so stop playing that game 🤔

  26. Always about ticket sales and gates with Dana. Money, money, money!!! Nevermind the health and well-being of fighters given the promotor failed to provide a climate controlled venue as promised. Complete bull crap!!

  27. Khabib is only champion in the little skinny devsion.guys in the heavyweight UFC will smash khabib khabib is not the champion of all the UFC khabib is only winning in the little skinny guy devsion lol lol

  28. guys in the heavyweight UFC will smash khabib. khabib is only champion in the skinny devsion he is not number 1 in heavyweight UFC lol

  29. 32:30 Funny I never knew he was getting ready to come to enemy trotory territory…. Who else feels the rest of the world is their enemy?

  30. Khabib is a very honorable man. He can't express himself like he wants to in English due to language barrier but when je speaks in russian, he explains everything and it makes sense.

  31. Khabib give 100 thousands dollars to Dustin, did Dana also give what he said to give double then khabib to his charity?

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