UFO VPN Review, Tutorial, and Download Speed Test

Released in October 2018, UFO VPN is one of
the new VPN apps. It currently has over 500k downloads and has the potential to reach to
millions of users. Anyway, after testing and reviewing I thought
lets let everyone know about UFO VPN. The video will explain UFO VPN review, tutorial,
and download speed. So let’s roll. A unique feature I found in UFO VPN is it
finds the fastest and closest server for you. If you want just to hide your location, then
you can tap on Smart Location. If you want to choose your location, then
you can tap on choose location. A list with countries names will come up, and then you
can select the country you want and then tap the server which is best for you. Another cool feature of UFO VPN is if you’re
not sure which country to select tap on the button on the top right corner. This will
find the optimal server for you. When you tap OK, it will find the closest server to
you. The close the server is the speed you get. The free version comes with limited servers.
If you want more servers than you can buy the premium one. The premium plan comes in
three different plans. If you want to try it for one week, then it’s $3. If you’re going
to enjoy for one month, then it’s $8. If you want to enjoy UFO VPN for six months then
it’s $30 and for one year $36. Let’s try to connect and see if it works.
I will tap on choose location and tap on the United States. In the list, I will find an
optimal location. Let’s go with New York at the moment. Once connected I will go to my
favourite website. You can see my location is disabled. If I go back to the website you
can see my current location is “New Jersey”. The location might be a bit different but
we selected the United States and the country it is showing in the US. Anyway, let’s disconnect and see what my actual
location is. You can see that my current location is in South Australia. UFO VPN does a good
job of hiding your location. In the left panel, we can see options including sign in, sign
up, premium, language which only supports English and Farsi at the moment, help centre,
feedback invite friends, rate UFO VPN, about, and follow us. One of the main reasons to test VPN clients
is whether it can support torrenting. I will tap on Smart Location and connect to the best
server possible. I will open Popcorn Time and see if it can download at high speed.
The download should begin as soon as possible because I will be downloading one of the most
downloaded videos in recent days. After trying three times using different servers,
only once Popcorn Time could start the downloading. You will have to play with the app to find
the best location possible. A message, which is essential for you to know that in coming
weeks the company will remove the premium version and increase the ads frequency. You
can read the message by tapping on the button on the top right corner.
Anyway, I hope the video UFO VPN review, tutorial and download speed helped. Like the video
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